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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ddezul, Apr 4, 2024.

  1. IheartEQ Elder

    I hope that you make it through whatever you are dealing with and enjoy another decade in Norrath.
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  2. Magneress Augur

    Hope not, especially if u want to keep playin more EQ and doin other cool things.
  3. Intercept Augur

    After reading the news today Tormax loots good, can't wait for the 22nd : )
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  4. Chikkin Augur

    randomly today cause my gamer focus is shifting more towards EQ for all this, I looked to see what I had wrote in 2024, it's been like 10-15 posts. I clicked on one I just read, and I said you were probably right, but I'm not gonna say you're 100% cause they're not dumb, they gotta do something.

    I just want to come back like 2 weeks later and say. .... I think I was (unfortunately) 100% wrong, and (unfortunately) you were 100% right. Sometimes they do last minute things to avoid your word "shitfest" but I don't think so this time.

    just spending extra time on the forum today, so ya.
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  5. Jamesly New Member

    we need relaxed trubox from the start or its a BUST
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  6. Chikkin Augur

    I want to agree to spread the hype and force change.

    But I guess truly (and this is me guessing, not me trying to act like I know from Mischief/Throneblade launch) it really only be a bust the first week right? After that I guess some Fri or Sat. --- and we have low expectations with DBG/DPG as it is, so I mean, I'm not all rattled about it.

    I'm in my 40's like a large portion of our audience, and I guess I'm just a sheep or well trained or desperate, cause I'll be one of the hundreds (thousands) with a screen saying "x amount of time until you login: 2 hours 35 mins"

    etc, meanwhile, my wife is like "what do you mean you just started gaming and you need to commit at least an hour to the group, you been like in here "gaming" for 2 1/2 hours, nearly 3 hours already!"
  7. Sheila Elder

    The truth is, it's all a guess. They could have done some backend miracle and can handle the queue. Or we could be overhyping Teek and the numbers are managable. If the numbers are anywhere near Aradune/Rizlona launch, then it's important to understand that Tormax does not have a desirable ruleset if your intention is to roll on Teek. You won't see a small segment of the population just opt for Teek instead like they did for Mischief/Thornblade or Aradune/Rizlona.

    Aradune's queue was still ~2.5 hours two weeks in and the queue to play at all for weeks if memory serves. That would be my expectation here for Teek.
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  8. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    I agree - I have no expectations that the queue / zone lag will be improved at all.

    Why? Based on how they're phoning in their 25th anniversary TLP shows me they wouldn't spend time to fix the queue that is only an issue for a few days. So buckle up everyone - I hope I'm wrong I will literally come back here and quote myself and say nope the launch was great if I'm wrong :)
  9. Tamagotchi Apprentice

    Looking forward to Tormax but I do think that it should start in classic since it is a 25th anniversary thing.
    A classic start with corpse runs would be very appropriate !
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  10. Liberated New Member

    Re-visiting this since it's been a month now.

    To sum up a response to several different folks on here.

    Look, I am not advocating to just having a straight up non-truebox server and being done. What I am saying is; launch 2 servers. Both servers, same ruleset. However, 1 server with no boxing restrictions at all, other server with whatever truebox BS they want to put. If the truebox server will relax later on, then they can merge the 2 servers once truebox is completely relaxed later on, or they can keep the truebox throughout the servers lifetime.

    The point is, find common ground for both player types. There is 0 reason why DBG, DPG or whatever the company is these days, to not launch a second server without boxing restrictions.

    That being said - it appears they are not considering launching a server without boxing restrictions, so personally I will not be coming back. I'll continue to play on "unofficial" servers free of charge. Maybe one day they'll get it right and not just appeal to the truebox crowd who seem to cry the loudest and continue to get a truebox server every single year a new TLP is launched.