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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hane, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. ECrack Augur

    I remember when this used to say 1-2 EQ PVPers.

    Yikes, acknowledged PvP. Angered getting old in his old age.
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  2. Angered Augur


    I mean does 2 + 2 equal 4? Sigh I guess everyone didn't play on Phinny or knows me! If you must know I am with out a shadow of a doubt the most AUTISTIC EQ TLPer (in a good way) you can ask #IVAS / #WT / #Amtrak! When it comes to Special this ogre shm has everyone beat and i say this with great pride! I RACE CHANGED MY OGRE WARRIOR TO A DRAKKIN IN TSS! <--------- WOW
  3. That0neguy Augur

    So short answer, Yes.
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  4. Raytheon Augur

    The only single valid reason to MAYBE support a pvp TLP is the inevitable Fansy fanfic. All other reasons are garbage.
  5. Stagentti Augur

    Can you share the contents of the article stating that so we all know in case we're interested?

    The non-photoshopped version that is.
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  6. Kittany Augur

    I'm confident that what I said doesn't fall under any forum guideline violations. That and if you re- read what I did say, I didnt accuse you of anything beyond stating that you have in the past supported and defended those who are nefarious for third party RMT and botting. Guilt by association.

    There is so much I could comment on, the very least is the vehement disapproval of a person's forum avatar. That one I find hilarious by the way. Ironically, I was gonna change it, but since it bothers you so much, I've grown to like it. (Truth be told, I'm disappointed that there is not a female half elf avatar).
  7. That0neguy Augur

    Can I have what you are on?
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  8. Dulu Augur

    It wasn't an article, it was in conversation with one of the project leads.

    Check darkageofcamelot.com in the next few weeks, they will be posting about it soon.

    Until that launches, I'll be playing Everquest for free over at riseofzek.com



  9. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    Do the metrics support even the continuation of the Zek server?
  10. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

  11. Skuz Augur

    I think that is a good thing.

    1. DAoC is a game built from the ground up around RvRvR style PvP.
    2. It still has an active playerbase, and the likliehood of a classic server may bring a lot more former DAoC players back to the game for a classic server.
    3. You would be very welcome there.
    4. The EverQuest PvP ers should definitely consider playing DAoC classic if they have not tried that game before.

    I'm not worried here about "taking money out of EQ devs pockets" by advocating former EQ PvP players go to another game I am thinking it will help you all rebuild a community & old connections & that's more important than which game gets your cash.

    EQ PvP is dead, long live DAoC RvRvR

    I will say though, that when EQ 3 is being built I hope that in the back of the developer's minds they keep several PvP styles including RvRvR in mind as they build zones and the world & the lore - games like this should be designed with multiple types of gamestyle & I do not believe it is impossible to design & build a game with FFA PvP, Squad-Based PvP, RvRvR & BattleRoyale capabilities into a fantasy themed MMORPG so that your game has the flexibility to offer multiple play experiences and flexibility in server types based off those even with a PvE centric game as its core user base in mind.
  12. mark Augur

    i am more then happy for pvp to be included in eq 3 but balance its an issue if you have good versus evil and neutral,had friends who gave up pvp in another game because they outnumber the other side 3 to 1 and it was not balanced so they got bored of it and other issues, now battle grounds his awsome but beware about 3 or more shammies in there.
  13. Bobbybick Augur

    Be nice if DAoC can actually get something official off the ground again with some real substance, AFAIK the majority of active players are on 3rd party servers like Phoenix and Uthgard these days. I'm not really familiar with Broadsword as a company but I assume it's some offshoot/rebranding of Mythic?
  14. Skuz Augur

    Balance concerns are something far easier to build into the game from the ground up if you are planning on having multiple kinds of PvP & PvE in the game from the outset as opposed to clumsily trying to crowbar it in later on, so that's why I would recommend the designers "having multiple playstyles in mind" when they start building the game, its a fairly broad remit but without it your game design & the world you build to house it - things that are far harder to change once established won't be able to adapt to a broader set of game styles, they may even find this approach would open up unique playstyle opportunities that nobody has thought of yet & cannot envision until that foundation allows them to, as much as "Emergent Gameplay" exists, so does "Emergent Design" given the right environment.
  15. Meridian Augur

    It does, as do some others. They're just answers you don't like.
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  16. Meridian Augur

    The inevitable ragequit threads due to warp hacking would be awesome.
  17. Rotlust Augur

    I really, really hope they make a PvP TLP just to watch it hit low within a weekend.
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  18. johncritons New Member

    PVP is in your souls
  19. mark Augur

    yes in planetside 2.hz1,ashes of creation,fortnight everquest 2 but not everquest.
  20. ECrack Augur

    If you're scared now you'll be scared then.

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