Defiant dropping, level 51 players on Lockjaw

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Drathus, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. wumu New Member

    Pure BS. Came back to game Saturday made a character got to level 16 today. Now I am back to level 5 and lost my gear and money I made. Time to go back to finding better game or somthing to spend my money on. 2 full days lost and You gonna do dble exp on a weekday What a FREAKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Chanur Lorekeeper

    This is unacceptable. At least roll us back to some time today.
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  3. RainbowTest Augur

    I'm an off and on dabbler with the progression servers and I must say I am completely disheartened. I have absolutely no desire to give you anymore of my money because I just lost a weekends worth of work loot and platwise and quest wise and all you can say is oops and heres some double exp to go with your level 50 maxed character. This is just so wrong. The only thing I saw during the hour the loot changed was loot an animal poison. I was semi afk killing 1 mob every 6 minutes that didn't drop anything other than that and its usual loot. I'm just dumbfounded. I literally cannot click the eq exe to play the game anymore I just have no desire to touch this game now. I'd much rather some people be walking around with some defiant than have lost everything that I did.
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  4. Kobra Augur

    7800 plat + a krono down the drain.

    This is ridiculous. I am not going to quit, but this is pure incompetence on your part, we should get much higher compensation than 2 days of double exp. Means nothing to me, I am level 50. I want my plat and krono back.
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  5. Caradoc New Member

    Why the hell did they roll it back so far?
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  6. fazool Augur

    F that

    You screwed up and made a bug

    A$$h4ts exploited it, Your solution was to roll us all back inconsistently? I lost two F-ing days of my real life time. Oh and thats what my real life money used to pay for.

    I lost two levels and all my stuff.

    F- your dbl xp

    Where's my stuff?

    WTF do *I* have to get boned ?!?!?!?!
    I've never once exploited or cheated and I bust my spending lots of time playing and you screw me over royally
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  7. Srslynotimpressed Journeyman

    This is an absolutely ridiculous measure. A rollback was anticipated, but essentially screwing everyone over for something that was caused on the DBG side of things is absurd. 1-3 hours before hand, would have been a more acceptable response.
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  8. Rhiyannon Augur

    welcome to the beta, we never really left it...
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  9. Progress Augur

    Make sure you check to make sure people didn't delete stuff and then use a token to reclaim it later! This happened many times on Vulak when stuff was added at the wrong time.
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  10. Numiko Augur

    how do you loose a Krono? they are not tied to the sever at all, log into DC universe and all your Krono will be there.
  11. Hobie Journeyman

    2 levels gone. Not happy. Give us a week of double exp plz so we can make this up.
  12. Cajun Caret New Member

    I am one of the people who lost a krono, we made a trade b/w the time of now and our roll back. Krono is not in our account and the gear/plat we traded it for is also gone.
  13. McDougal Augur

    This stuff is comedy gold. I knew I should have started a character on these TLP servers.
  14. Drexll Augur

    I have a guildie who consumed a krono today... he says the krono is gone and he's sitting at 1 day game time left.
  15. Caradoc New Member

    Stuff is missing from Parcel too. I parceled a FBSS from one toon to another, now it is just gone, neither one has it and it's not in the parcel system. I had owned the item for weeks. Lotsa people reporting the same issue.
  16. Zenori New Member

    I submitted a ticket. If the server isn't fixed and rollback undone to a reasonable time, like Monday noon, I'm cancelling my 3 accounts and saying goodbye to EQ forever. Yeah. Rage quit. No you can't have my stuff, it got rolled back.

    The bug didn't start till past 3pm PST. No rollback should go back to Friday, that is unreasonable.
  17. Kobra Augur

    Hell if I know. I had 9 kronos on an account yesterday and now I have 8 on that account after the roll back.

    Petition was placed, I am sure it will be reimbursed. More upset about losing 7800 plat which I farmed over the weekend.

    I don't even know what the hell DC universe is and don't really care.
  18. Rhiyannon Augur

    what has me really curious, and i really can see why people are so pissed(till only just recently rage was having multiple daily crashes/rollbacks, i get your pain... ffunny how weeks and weeks of that and we never got any double xp at all), is what on earth were they doing? what were they messing with that broke everything so badly?
  19. Necromonious Augur

    Good luck with wearing that defiant. Soon as someone spots that on you and reports it you could be penalized for exploiting. Not worth it imo
  20. RainbowTest Augur

    The server was down once today already why couldn't they have reverted to that downage instead they reverted to sometime yesterday morning??
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