DBG has suspended Overrated guild members for not complying with a player-made rotation

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Voide, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Croak Augur

    Yeah and Yawgmoth claims he didn't even know the possible outcome

    Do you really believe there were really no other possible options?

    It only took me a few minutes to come up with 10 other angles to take
  2. Flec New Member


    Gent bent Croak and the rest of the people creating spam threads every single day about plane of sky.

    Mediation != negotiations.

    You are not re-upping your union contract. We're not talking about your wages. You have no leverage here. Well, actually you do. You could vote with your feet and close your accounts and stop posting, which I hope you do. Stage a walkout. Link arms at the commonlands Druid ring and have a sit-in. I hope you bring a bunch of bards to sing you 60s songs about the evil government.
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  3. Zhutuak Augur

    Honestly, the judgement of dbg should be totally suspect at this point, which I am sure will get me bounced. At the end of the day, I do not think common sense is going to prevail.
  4. Necromonious Augur

    I think that the few people arguing this are hoping that with enough arguing and trolling and with enough new threads, it will result in either:

    A. Their suspensions being lifted on their alts or guildies

    B. The rotation rule being changed

    It's like when you know you are screwed and have no case to make in your murder trial, you take the long-shot insanity defense. I understand why you are trying for it, but it probably isn't going to work with all the evidence against you.

    Once your trolling gets a bit more out of hand you'll have a forum ban on top of the temp ban. Until then it's good reading
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  5. Makelite Augur

    It's all absurd and according to the "rules" you aren't a guild unless you have 36 people and a website so the rules themselves tell every small guild to get bent and DBG backs it. They are the bad guys in all of this and have totally ruined what a TLP should be and have probably killed their chances of using these as a temporary cash cow in the near future.

    I'm sure some of the guilds see it as dumb but why ruin their piece of the pie ya know? We just have to depend on the majority of the guilds involved to decide reasonably and if that means rotating every mob from day one, oh the hell well I guess. They put it in the player's hands to decide, if we don't like it, I guess we can all just quit, which by my friends list, is happening anyway, much quicker than the last.
  6. Necromonious Augur

    Based on the character displayed by the members of Overrated and how they responded to everything, privately in mediation and publicly on the forums, I'd say no one would miss you guys
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  7. taliefer Augur

    of course its absurd. you cant have this many people jammed onto a server with open world content and expect there not to be some level of absurdity. its absurd they havent instanced content.

    but the rotation is far better than any other form of absurdity we'd have without it
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  8. squidgod Augur

    I think they're just overwhelmed. They've got a skeleton crew just trying to keep the game viable, but they got way more people playing these TLP servers than they expected and now they can't keep up. That's why we've got this mess of written and unwritten rules without a big enough CS team to properly enforce them. "Police yourselves" didn't work, so now it's "don't bother us."
  9. Croak Augur

    You know you have to fall back on reasonable expectation
    People have played this game for 15 years... content that isn't subject to keys or flagging that can be killed by a single group has never been blocked like this afaik.

    When there is a huge exception to reasonable acceptable norms, say when martial law is declared, governments make damn sure people are all aware of it, continuously. Radio, TV, Newspapers, Megaphones in the street etc.

    • Look at the first page of the rotation agreement thread... no mention of how it is enforced
    • Look at the spreadsheet - no mention of how enforcement works
    • Look at the first post - no mention of how unguilded players should be able to seek mediation under the rules when the rotation guild members all break them. I still have such an issue, where they all broke the rotation, and it is impossible to mediate.
    • There was a brief mention of the rotation on logging in for a very short time, but it needs to be every time you zone into an affected zone.
    • Look at every guild website - no guild conduct page (other than DHS ) that I have been able to find, and no mention of their own member's required conduct in relation to the rotation.

    Mediation itself I covered a little here
    I am confident I could have personally stopped any infraction within 10 minutes for both this week's cases - I might even have been online for the second one, but I am also sure taking some of the approaches listed there, and similar angles, anyone with the will to mediate, could get those people to talk rather than continue killing.

    The stage of mediation where you just want the person to stop, doesn't have to be totally impartial, it has to be someone the offender will be willing to listen to.
  10. squidgod Augur

    Without the rotation we'd have a single megaguild (FI) that monopolized all the mobs. It'd be the only raid guild and instead of people complaining about not getting on the rotation, they'd complain about not getting accepted to FI.
  11. Croak Augur

    Easy solution - 50% of the votes to non-rotation members ;)
  12. PlaceholderName_01 New Member

    I will never allow a guild that I am not a member of dictate any of my activities in-game.

    DBG's actual game rules, which are linked to by DBG staff in a stickied thread in this forum, says that DBG will never intervene in situations that involve raids or camps. If you think I'm going to search though 75 pages of the rotation thread, which was started by a player(and not staff) for Roshen's Arbitrary Ruling Of The Day, you're crazy.
  13. Darth Augur

    I agree this rotation we have with people getting suspended, is much better than the rotation we had prior, where no one was getting suspended.

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  14. Hendar2 Augur

    I'm not sure who appointed Croak as spokeman for the unguilded, but I am certainly not impressed with the critical thinking ability displayed.

    A lot of people are not in the rotation because they don't care to do raid content, or aren't high enough. But let's give them votes? Of course nothing to prevent the other side from creating a bunch of characters to vote also.

    Bottom line: People broke the rotation and were contacted. They had the chance to stop what they were doing and honor the rotation, but choose to (despite being informed of the rotation rules) continue. There is absolutely no issue here with "I didn't know". They were informed at the time of infraction.

    Let's examine it from a different viewpoint:

    Scenario A: I am driving 40mph through a school zone, and am pulled over.
    Officer: I pulled you over because you were exceeding the speed limit in a school zone
    Me: Gee I didn't realize this was a school zone. Not sure why; I must have missed the sign. It won't happen again officer
    Officer: See that it doesn't. I'm giving you a warning today...

    Scenario B:
    Officer: I pulled you over because you were exceeding the speed limit in a school zone
    Me: I don't think this should be a school zone. Nobody asked me, and I certainly didn't agree to abide by any such regulations.
    Officer: That isn't how things work...
    Me: I pay taxes that built this road, and I pay your salary. I'll drive whereever I want, when I want.
    Officer: Well I'll be keeping this license. Do you have someone who you can call to drive this car away, or shall I have it towed?
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  15. taliefer Augur

    oh, the irony
  16. squidgod Augur

    Then you'll just have to accept DBG dictating your activities (or lack thereof) in their game.
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  17. Orienn Augur

    I love when Darth posts stuff so we can all point and laugh. You only agree with it now that you are on the otherside of the fence, as soon as you slip up and become the one who might get banned you'll be all over these boards crying.
  18. Shimm Lorekeeper

    [Fri Sep 04 15:11:34 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Elward <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:11:34 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Aalween <Ascended Darkness>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:11:34 2015] AFK [ANONYMOUS] Jeffnado <Magicus Imperialis Magus>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:11:34 2015] AFK [ANONYMOUS] Telebolt <Magicus Imperialis Magus>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:11:34 2015] AFK [ANONYMOUS] Shimm <Magicus Imperialis Magus>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:11:34 2015] There are 5 players in EverQuest. [Fri Sep 04 15:12:58 2015] You say, 'why hello'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:13:03 2015] You say, 'whatcha guys up to?'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:15:44 2015] You told xaphan, 'hey man, it's mim's day tonight'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:15:55 2015] Xaphan tells you, 'I don't know what that means'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:16:32 2015] You told Xaphan, 'currently sky is on a guild rotation'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:16:43 2015] You told Xaphan, 'with a few days available for guilds not on rotation'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:16:45 2015] Xaphan tells you, 'we're not part of that'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:18:27 2015] You told Xaphan, 'ill have to ask you to stop :('
    [Fri Sep 04 15:19:06 2015] Xaphan tells you, 'stop what?'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:19:21 2015] You told Xaphan, 'clearing the islands'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:19:42 2015] You told Xaphan, 'we have a raid coming up here in a few minutes that has been looking forward to clearing sky for like a week and a half now'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:19:57 2015] Xaphan tells you, 'ok, you can clear sky'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:21:20 2015] Xaphan has taken 12 damage from A thunder spirit princess by Choking.
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:09 2015] You told xaphan, 'calling in another guild to mediate'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Steeve <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Citizen <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Voide <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Chipjiggins <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Lamissa <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Xaphan <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Dralek <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Elward <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] AFK [ANONYMOUS] Jeffnado <Magicus Imperialis Magus>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] AFK [ANONYMOUS] Telebolt <Magicus Imperialis Magus>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Shimm <Magicus Imperialis Magus>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:26:25 2015] There are 11 players in EverQuest.
    [Fri Sep 04 15:27:25 2015] You told xaphan, 'you should be getting a tell from DHS shortly'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:27:45 2015] Xaphan tells you, 'ok, I have the technology to receive tells and reply to tells'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:27:45 2015] An azarack has taken 20 damage from Xaphan by Dooming Darkness.
    [Fri Sep 04 15:28:12 2015] You say, 'i have to request that you guys stop killing these please'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:28:20 2015] Xaphan says, 'noted'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:28:38 2015] Lamissa says, 'I Shall Take Note Of This In My Little Notebook'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:29:21 2015] You say, 'is that a "no i won't stop pulling?"'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:29:48 2015] You say, 'your about to make us have to buy a lot of coffins o.0'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:31:15 2015] You say, 'Alright well your still pulling'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:31:18 2015] You say, 'I asked you to stop'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:31:24 2015] You say, 'a third party guild asked you to stop'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Steeve <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Citizen <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Voide <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Chipjiggins <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Lamissa <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Xaphan <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Dralek <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Elward <Overrated>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] AFK [ANONYMOUS] Jeffnado <Magicus Imperialis Magus>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] AFK [ANONYMOUS] Telebolt <Magicus Imperialis Magus>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] [ANONYMOUS] Shimm <Magicus Imperialis Magus>
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:05 2015] There are 11 players in EverQuest.
    [Fri Sep 04 15:32:39 2015] You say, 'there are days you can schedule to come up here'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:33:23 2015] You say, 'well'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:33:35 2015] You say, 'last group got a seven day suspention'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:34:43 2015] You say, 'your guild leader has ignored mediation'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:34:49 2015] You say, 'do you guys know what that means?'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:38:42 2015] Xaphan has taken 200 damage from An azarack by Whirl Bolt.
    [Fri Sep 04 15:48:14 2015] You say, 'guys like screwing over an entire guild worth of people?'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:48:29 2015] Xaphan says, 'isn't that, essentially, what you're trying to do?'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:48:46 2015] You say, 'we wait 14 days or so to do this'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:48:57 2015] Xaphan says, 'why would you do that to yourself?'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:49:36 2015] You say, 'you have days you can come up on just the same as us'
    [Fri Sep 04 15:50:02 2015] You say, 'instead you come up on our only time to do this'

    [Fri Sep 04 15:55:36 2015] Protector of Sky is burned by Xaphan's flames for 15 points of non-melee damage.
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  19. Steampunk Augur

    The rules are not secret. The rules are posted all over the place in the forums and in other locations as well. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. If all the "he said, we said" stuff is correct, then he can't even claim ignorance. He broke the posted rules. He needs to just take his punishment like an adult or cry like a little baby.
  20. Hendar2 Augur

    /sign, rules are optional.

    I wonder if the rule about not repeated training the hell out of a rogue guild is also optional.

    DBG says "Stop that! The rules prohibit training." (we are assuming a good day)
    I say "I'm not part of that"
    DBG says "Oh sorry, I wasn't aware of that. Carry on then"
    I say "While you are here, would you mind rebinding these guys right about *here*? They have an awful long run to their corpses"
    DBG says "We aren't supposed to do that."
    I say "I don't think anyone would mind. It is the least we can do to minimize their inconvenience"
    DBG says "Well when you put it that way, I guess there is no problem"
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