DBG has suspended Overrated guild members for not complying with a player-made rotation

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Voide, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Darth Augur

    This is a non-issue, my guild doesn't break the rotation.
  2. Imdead Augur

    And how would you have mediated this to a success resolution where others were unsuccessful? What would that look like to you in this situation?
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  3. Porygon Augur

    They were up there on MMs day as well, but we were just about finished when they started.

    So it clearly wasn't the first time they did such a thing.
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  4. Iila Augur

    I'm looking forward to the upcoming mass forums bans.
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  5. Warrior007 Augur

    What about the times you guys killed Azaracks on our Sky days? You think that wasn't a breach, yeah? Did you see us plastering the incident all over, or petitioning you about it?

    Or your failure of following the mediation rules?

    You're no white knights - don't masquerade as ones.

    Fact of the matter is, each case is unique. It's up to the leaders and the community to determine good faith.
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  6. Orienn Augur

    But your guild does lie to gm's to try to get their competition banned, classy darth. Can I have your autograph?
  7. Darth Augur

    No lies were told. Ask Roshen. His Senior Guide did the suspensions, Roshen and Holly didn't even know it happened ;)
  8. Orienn Augur

    A lie based on a lie is still a lie, like you saying you use a neutral 3rd party mediator..
  9. Warrior007 Augur

    I'm not sure what information you've been fed, but Senior Guides don't have the authority to issue suspensions. You wanted to involve DBG, and you put insinuating information in those petitions, which you still refuse to release in their entirety (all of them), to prove that they were indeed as innocent as you claim them to be.

    In regards to "lies" being told, lol, okay. I'll leave you with this one again. You've been proven as a liar.

  10. Darth Augur

    You have outdated Senior Guide info friend. Look into it.
  11. Orienn Augur

    The results are in!!!
  12. Warrior007 Augur

    I'm not looking into your information Darth, you've proven you cannot be trusted. If you're trying to blame this on the Guide program, that's very sad that you would stoop to that.

    I'll pay attention to what DBG has stated on that matter, and they specifically stated Faceless filed multiple, insinuating petitions that effectively lead them to believe that the Lockjaw council met and decided to sanction Modest Man.
  13. Weregild New Member

    I'm not part of your 'rules', said the Freeman-on-the-land.
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  14. sleka Lorekeeper

    completely disagree with Croak on the definition of 3rd party. In this case the third party attempted to intervene and begin a conversation. There were plenty of chances for this to work out for everyone.

    The offending party were explicitly told the rotation guild was going to have to summon, you COULD have paid for their coffins or simply asked, it's not like your going to get past KoS with a 6-man.

    I know AD has allowed other guilds to take lower islands and eaten the cost for summoning unkeyed members to the higher isles. It isn't unreasonable and in my experience none of the guild leadership I've been in contact with have been unreasonable. Sure leadership bargain for the benefit of their perspectives but every single one of them have a vested interest in the health of the server as a whole and act accordingly when there is an issue that might change it.

    Why do you think the guild leaders implemented a rotation to begin with? It wasn't so they could have a guaranteed time in Sky. The bosses at the time were cake to blow through, training was an annoyance at best and 99.9% of the raid guild players ethically wouldn't have considered training anyway.

    There's something to be said for communicating what you want and exhibiting the ability to do it. I really like this experiment DBG is doing. Croak's argument that there isn't a third party in the rotation that does not have the ability to be impartial is ridiculous on it's face. The third party comes from a pool that is not directly involved with the incident but also has proven they will adhere to the rotation agreement. That's like asking for Charles Manson as a judge because he's the only person I trust and he is outside the legal structure that benefits those who adhere to the law.
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  15. Croak Augur


    You did a much better job than Gremin, and it does show they could be communicated with.

    I just quoted a few lines that I thought were worth highlighting

    If they don't meet the requirements, they don't have days in Sky, and it seems they were aware of that with the "we're not part of that" but that could potentially mean they are not aware that the rules apply to them, or how the enforcement could go.

    When he said :eek:k, you can clear sky" it seems like you almost had it in the bag...

    Why was there that 6 minute delay?

    The first mention of everyone potentially being suspended/banned was after Gremin left - it is now falling on deaf ears.

    He has the opportunity to ask someone else to come up other days, or pick up keys
    You have that same opportunity as well, and take advantage of it

    Is your "Day in Sky" really about keying for islands 1 & 2? - some of your members have been doing Sky since before the forced rotations and even before buffed mobs.

    Is the actual specific harm of you needing to summon and rez a few people equivalent to a guild being suspended? That is if you even needed to, as the first key can be bought, and there might have been something left up on 2nd island.

    You also have an "Ace up your sleeve" in that you can gain empathy by saying that you were the one who proposed an emergency meeting for last weekend to discuss the Sky situation. It sadly didn't happen, but credit where credit due, and people appreciate the effort.

    I also noticed in that log that at least 2 people spoke, I am not sure how many different players there were in Sky, and noone has mentioned it so far in the thread.
    I am not sure people collectively decide like that to all break the rotation together. It wasn't a lone actor, and maybe some genuine misunderstanding, especially on the consequences of calling in a GM by way of petition, who rotation guilds know is an executioner, not some further layer of mediation.

    Again this isn't criticisms - I want mediated solutions to work
  16. taliefer Augur

    this also isnt criticism, but you sound like you want full on negotiations everytime someone violates the rotation. thats not what mediation is.
  17. Pellucid New Member

    Darth can not be trusted, i remember him ninja looting a bow on a yael raid when there were rangers in the raid that could have used it lol...
  18. Auraphex New Member

    I call you out for making something up and you come back with a meme gif? Get dunked.
  19. Shimm Lorekeeper

    At this point they where actively preparing to pull the princess after clearing trash.

    It took them that long to kill princess.

    If we don't protect all of our designated rotation targets than what's going to stop another group from coming in and thinking about taking all of our other targets?

    It appears not everyone appreciated the effort :(
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  20. Malifer New Member

    can I have your stuff?

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