Classic/Kunark Hunter Achieve Thread

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  1. Orbital101 Augur


    and im at 33/49 for Old World Hunter so my labels are pretty accurate to me. I only got the wide open zones with roaming nameds left and it blow big time. :mad:

    Labels with name*HighSun are roaming named that as been high sunned to spawn. So technically if you clear the area once and plant a mage on top the label you will eventually get it to spawn on top of you if you are KoS or a bard with ae dot song. That does not always apply in open wide zones.
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  2. Bobbybick Augur

    Heard you guys over on Xegony were having fun with Dunedigger tonight.

    All I know for certain is: He can spawn in North Ro prior to Planes of Power unlocking (revamped North Ro still). I was sent a link of the Armadillo Hide during Luclin on the Phinigel server when someone saw my Alla post asking for any leads on his spawn mechanic, apparantly he was just sitting up when someone zoned in. At least he probably isn't KOS to the other wildlife (guards will still probably kill him).

    Maybe something breaks in his spawn script when either the LDoN or Prophecy of Ro NPCs are added into the zone at a later point?

    Or maybe he just has some stupid low % spawn that has a single cycle NPC on a long respawn. He could even behave similar to live/undead Lord Grimrot and can only spawn during certain hours of the day when his cycle mob respawns. Or both! So many possibilities.
  3. Bobbybick Augur

    Got the dumb werewolf bandit after 3 days. Got fed up on day 3 and started slaughtering every single bandit in West Karana from sunup to sundown ingame. Eventually spawned for me at -649, -13825 which is on top of a hill on the eastern side of the zone. I believe based on Goodurdens reported spawn location as well as my own finding that the spawn is likely possible from any of the roaming bandits located throughout the zone, but perhaps could be a static nonroamer.

    The time of spawn was 7pm gametime and the other 2 "a werewolf"(s) located in the zone also only spawn at night (11pm gametime) so the bandit werwolf might also follow the same nighttime restriction.

    Happy hunting!
  4. Orbital101 Augur

    We are still looking for:


    +Lavastorm (Tisella/ a lesser nightmare) which we dint really focused on yet.

    Everything else is done for the exception of a potameid matriarch from Jaggedpine.

    Even so i have seen King Xorbb and Brahhm on a server up in the past we were unable to pop them. If anyone got any info on those were missing let me know... some might be broken or not in game as we spent days trying to spawn them.
  5. Ishtass Augur

    Do you have locations on your map for Cazic-Thule? I downloaded your stuff but only found 3 of the 40+ on there. Takes awhile to just mass-kill the zone (plus a lot more effort), so was hoping you had something.
  6. Horyuken Journeyman

    We got dunedigger, a very skilled rogue managed to spawn him some how, 8 am game time. I spent over 15 Hours camping him..she got him in 15 min go figure.

    The lesser nightmare and Tisella ever are very tricky, they have some odd mechanic and I don't even know where to start.
  7. Horyuken Journeyman

    The Timm Deep ach will be changed next patch, those only spawned on the legends server and you wont see them on the live servers today.
  8. Gidono Augur

    I figured the Timorous Deep NPC's had to be from an event because none of those NPC's existed on Allakhazam. I had to add them when I saw the achievement on test.

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