Fixed Internally Changing Characters/Servers - Someone logged into your account error

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Troutfest, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. Laurana Augur

    I've been doing tradeskills and swapping characters often. I'm noticing a trend that the longer you are logged in, the issue pops up. If I'm logged in 1, or 2 hours, I don't have this issue. But later in the day, say after 6 hours, it's guaranteed. I'm generally logged in 12 hours a day. It is incredibly frustrating swapping characters multiple times a day and having to constantly re-patch multiple accounts. This is happening on slow, 30-second camp, too. Even in PoK which is not an instanced zone like Guild Halls are.
  2. Malbro Augur

    The last couple of times, I was in and out. Doing overseere on an alt then switching to another and bam, to the server select and the message of another player and then when I click ok, I get the old login screen and my account could not be validated.

    So for me, it doesn't matter how long.
  3. Dropfast Augur

    It's still going on and it's still incredibly annoying! Thier is no one way to reproduce that's 100% from what I've seen. A lot of randomness to it. However, their is a fairly common pattern for me at least.

    I always log in my main account first then all the Alts. While it can happen to any account, at any time you camp to switch toons, about 90% the time it always happens to my main account that I logged in first and after a good amount of time has passed. It almost never happens when I first log everyone in as I'm quite often swapping around toons to buff. But once I start logging out for the night, aka switching to bazaar bots, it's almost guaranteed to happen to at least one account, 98% the time the first / main account logged in.

    It's such a major pain in the butt though when it happens early... I spend a bunch of time logging in all my accounts then one account does this crap. Then I have to log out ALL my accounts and log them all back on in order. I have to have them in a certain order to Alt+tab box. Please for the love Tunare, fix this already. It's been like what, a year or more now ?
  4. Strumph Augur

    I didn't see it in the test patch notes, but they do ninja add "features". Logged into the Test Server and camped 15 times total in PoK, Lobby, UP and no issues. And yes I've had issues with my main on Live, Test and Beta, so hoping it may be fixed!
  5. Brickhaus Augur

    I've only noticed the issue when an account has been logged on for at least 18+ hours (at least at character select if not in game).

    If you can, I'd keep an account on Test for a day and try the camping again and see if you still report issues.
  6. Thunderkiks Augur

    Keeping an eye on this myself as I have this issue every time I play. I true box 4 accts and it happens on every PC, every acct. I have had it happen right after logging in and also after several hours. I could never find away to repeat the behavior or stop it. It's extremely frustrating on nights we are raiding and I have to swap from my main to an alt for loot. I want to swap as fast as possible and this bug makes the swapping process that much longer. Camp main, end up at sever select, hit log in to last server, nope says someone logged into my acct, then kicks me to log in page, enter password, your log in cannot be validated...... finally enter password second time and it let's me back in. Log in alt, loot item, swap back to main and it starts all over again. Has been happening 2 years now. Very frustrating.
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  7. Khorden Journeyman

    I see this a lot, more often than not, but only on on character/account. I have noticed it happens all the time on my main account who has a LOT of items. Keyrings, bags, bank full of TS items in almost every slot, a house, trophies, dragons horde, etc.

    On other characters on that account with far fewer items I almost never see the issue. On alt accounts that don't have near as many items I never see it. I don't know if this helps at all but hopefully this helps point dev/QA to a solution.
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  8. Malbro Augur

    Lately it's the same with me, but only one character on my account, my main (Malbro). 4 times this morning. My alts do not seem to have it happen infrequently and yes I have a lot of stuff in my bank and on character bags.
  9. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    time logged in doesn't seem to matter really.. I had this happen 4x on Ely's account Sunday morning as I was tradeskill bouncing between toons, and twice to Kat's account. within like 4 hours. and, it just happened again when I camped out my shaman on Ely's account after doing overseer, before I could even log in Ely.
  10. Soulbanshee Augur

    This feels like a character data issue. My alts mostly have not started Overseer (2 are maxed out), have no housing, most are in the GH quest guild so there's no guild housing (2 are in a guild but only have anchor placed), have a few big bags but not maxed out, and are manly TS mules. I always use /camp character or /camp desktop and wait the full 30 seconds, have never been kicked to server select/login from them.

    My main has maxed Overseer with all the agents, is maxed out in inventory and bank with 40+ slot bags stuffed to the gills with items,, has a house that is almost full, a few items placed in GH. I always use /camp character or /camp desktop and wait the full 30 seconds, I don't always get kicked to login but I do a lot. It does not matter how long I've been logged in, I have forgotten I was going to bring another character on first and immediately camp after loading main and will get kicked to login.
  11. cadres Augur

    I certainly get kicked to server/get the dodgy message much more often on my main (ie everything maxed/full) account.
    BUT I also have alts who've never left Pok doing Overseer (and have very little in their bags) who have been affected, albeit rarely. And a bunch of 'in between' alts (none of whom have housing) who also occasionally experience this.
    It's rather like a bunch of other errors over the years, I think I see a pattern, and then it promptly happens outside that pattern
    The only consistent things are that it happens most often by far with the main account and it happens most often Sat/Sun/Mon

    (time logged in, no effect, camp immediately or wait 30 secs no effect)
  12. Soulbanshee Augur

    Its only one character on my main account, no other mule on that account, and not my other 2 alt accounts. I either keep alts as mules or buffers, but I do have 2 main alts that are for DPS, but I don't put any effort or progression into them. If this is a character data corruption issue, its way more likely to be on my main than the alts as my main is the completionist and the alts are just for fluff I don't really do anything on them and keep them F2P (sub sometimes during bonus to work AA). As far as achievements and progression, how are the alts compared to the main?
  13. cadres Augur

    The main has pretty much everything maxed. There are other chars on the acc, this happens mostly with the main, but has also happened with others
    The alts mostly have very little achievements, ie only very occasional TAs, and class specific TS, but a good number of AAs
    (all are paid for accs)
    But this has happened on the chars who have never left Pok - ie have only the autogranted AAs and zero achievements - not often, but enough to be noticeable (they get logged in at least twice a day for overseer)
  14. Diani Augur

    And once again this happend.
    3 times in a row.
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  15. Strumph Augur

    Was hoping to see what I saw on test last week after this patch, but camped 3 times and 2 times got the usual server select somebody logged in....
  16. Malbro Augur

    I, too, thought they finally got it but just now main character, always him not alts, got dumped to server select and somebody logged in also. So, it's still an ongoing issue with me.
  17. Gio-Cefalu Augur

    This just started happening to me today. So, only after yesterday's patch has this started to occur on my accounts. I have 3 accounts, and so far it's happened on account #2. I generally leave my accounts logged in for extended periods of time, but I don't have enough data to identify a pattern yet.
  18. Ndaara New Member

    possibly a new piece of information.

    From character select:
    Hit ENTER once to load character, nothing happens.
    Hit enter a second time (assuming I just didn't push hard enough?) and character acts like it's loading
    Result = "Server is not responding..." etc
    Get sent back to server select, "...change your password blah blah..." and the old style login screen.

    Normal behavior is just hitting enter one time and character loads into game.

    Still desperate to fix this problem.
  19. cadres Augur

    This is getting worse for me
    Every. Single. Time I log out from my main it happens (but not from other toons on the same account).
    As I often do this multiple times a day, it's getting very annoying
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  20. Malbro Augur

    - Logging into the same world after disconnecting from a zone and landing at the server selection screen, rather than the character selection screen, will now automatically kick the link dead PC rather than prompting you to do so.

    Still getting another player blah blah
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