Fixed Internally Changing Characters/Servers - Someone logged into your account error

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Troutfest, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. Troutfest Augur

    This seems to have started in the last day or so. I can log off an account in POK quickly or regularly after 30 secs out in the world. Move from that machine to another machine and log in and get the message that I still have a character in the world, do I want to remove it? I say yes and after a short time it lets me log on with new machine. It never used to do this for me. Used to be if I logged out I was out, could move to another machine and log right back in. Something is bugged with logging out recently or else lag has begun to affect even logging off.
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  2. Raytan Augur

    This has been happening to me on the same machine, same account. I'll camp out to server select, though have not always gotten that far, and log on to another server. Get the message my account already has a character logged in and can not have another on a different server. It seems though I can get to character select, if I try to log out past that, it thinks I'm still logged in somewhere. Been occurring for me since the patch, but not always, very random.

    Never seem to have a problem going into offline trader, but you're really not trying to camp out in those cases.
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  3. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    In the old days you could log out, and log in on an alt (same account), and buff your logged out toon. I forgot how, I think you /ex and the toon was logged out but still in game for a short period of time.
  4. Raytan Augur

    I hadn't seen any other posts on this, so figured it was on my end, internet provider has been acting up the last couple of days. I'll log out of a character, try to switch servers with the same account, and either go to the old login screen or to the server select. Seems to be 50/50. Then when I go to the other server, I get the message that the account already has a character logged in.

    I figured my ISP was just having delay issues, so problem was on my end, until I saw Troutfest's message and thought they sounded similar. Problem could still be on my end though, but after a patch and other server issues, you never know :)
  5. niente Developer

    This is a crash when cleaning up your character's UI (is why it says the character is still online on the previous server). You are actually crashing when you finish camping out.
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  6. Raytan Augur

    Thank you for the reply niente. I didn't realize that. If I'm crashing when camping out, which is a new problem, does that mean I'm not saving properly as I should. Nothing new to my computer, but the ISP has been acting unusual the last few days, so could be on my end. Especially since it does not happen every time. Thanks for the info.
  7. Troutfest Augur

    If makes any difference I am swapping to a character on same server. Use three boxes on three machines and change groups up depending on characters I use. This happens logging off all three machines I believe but I will pay more attention from now on.
  8. Whoops Augur

    It's definitely not just you two, nor does it require changing computers or even characters. It's happening pretty consistently to different accounts for me, on two different servers, whether they're logged in together or individually. I haven't been playing on more than one machine lately, so all my relogging has been on the same PC. The first time it happened, I logged out of a character, realized I'd forgotten to do something, and went to get right back on the same character and she was still in the world. Had to say yes to kicking her to get back on her. It's *much* quicker to remove the character than it has been in the past when I've had a normal sort of crash, though. It doesn't *always* happen, but has been pretty common since the patch. I'd chalked it up to whatever was causing the laggy-crashing server business.
  9. Numiko Augur

    I play on multiple servers and every time i log out on one and try and log in on another i get this message, on all 4 accounts, not a big annoyance just one more check box to tick it seems
  10. Snoogadooch Lorekeeper

    I have been experiencing this as well. Just in the last day or two. I run on 6 machines and swap characters around occasionally. When I swap, I have to kick a character thats still logged in. Never been a problem until recently.
  11. Raytan Augur

    Yes, this is my problem two. Not sure it's every time, but I'll camp out on one server, go to character select, go to server select, then log in on a different server and get the message I still have a character from that account logged in. Sometimes though, I log out from Character Select and goes to the old login window instead of Server Select.

    Been happening since patch, but I have had several random disconnects from my ISP, so thought it may have just been me. Not that I'm wishing bad stuff on others, but nice to know it may have not just been on my end :).
  12. MiataDriver Augur

    It happens to me quite regularly, where instead of going to character select, it will go to server select, mostly seems to happen with the fast camp.
  13. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This started for me when they added the fast camp in the guild hall.

    Camping to char select to switch chars it boots me all the way to server select and then wants to boot the char I was camping!

    on top of that when I get to char select I cannot select any char at all, mouse doesn't work and nor do the arrow keys to change char and return doesn't allow me to enter the game on the char which is already showing. :rolleyes: Meaning I have to close EQ manually and restart the launchpad.
  14. Whoops Augur

    Ok, I have a new wrinkle for you. I loaded up one account this morning, did not properly pay attention to server select (thought I'd clicked a different server in the list, but my mouse is flaky and I didn't actually press the mouse button enough), and pressed "Play EverQuest!" Got to character select (not on the server I'd meant to), so instead of clicking a character, I clicked "Quit." This dropped me back to server select, where I actually clicked the other server, pressed Play EverQuest again, and it told me I still have a character in the world. I hadn't actually loaded a character into the world at all yet. (From my perspective; I don't know what the server's opinion of that is!)

    5/5 accounts I'd logged in last night all camped properly last night (in that they didn't prompt the "your login could not be validated" message after logging out/crashing out), and this one I hopped on first this morning didn't actually load a character into the world between server selections. Is it still UI cleanup? Like some half-loaded state for all my chars on that server that it needs to clear off before server switching? Or a partially-loaded UI for whichever character is displayed in character select (ie: the last one I'd logged out of) even though I hadn't yet chosen to actually load that character?

    Also, out of curiosity from the above, I logged the same account back in, chose a server, and just left the character select screen open while typing this. Did not choose a character or otherwise interact with the screen. I hit the quit button (before this paragraph), which brought me to server select. I pressed "Play EverQuest!" without changing servers, so same character list. It told me I still had a character in the world.
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  15. Raytan Augur

    I tried this also, went to character select, excited server select, then back to character select. When I entered with a character, got the message that I already had a character on that account logged into a server.
  16. Paladin Augur

    I have this same issue.

    When swapping characters and camping out, the game tends to either go to the server select or the log in screen, rather than the character select screen.

    When logging back in, it often asks me to remove the character that is all ready logged in.

    This is particularly an issue with fast camp as well.

    It appears the game is not fully logging out a character when you camp?
  17. Numiko Augur

    Just wanted to note that the last patch did not fix this problem, I still get the crash conditions every time I log out to the server select screen. I can click through the error message and get onto a second server but if I try to then log out again to sever select (from the second server) the game crashes to the old Log in screen that I have to close and start the log in process all over.
  18. Rondor Augur

    A workaround for this I have found is to use the command:

    /camp server

    so that the character-select screen is bypassed when camping out a character.

    This seems to always cleanly logout my character and I can swap to another server without any complaints about a character already logged in. If I just camp to character-select and quit from there back to server select, I get the "a character is already logged in" issue mentioned here.

    Another recent thread mentions a similar issue:
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  19. Tegila Augur

    im having the same thing but havetn seen it as a problem personally. figured its jstu related to teh fast camp option, i say yes kick char and im loading in faster than i wouldve if id waited the full 30 sec camp anyway. no harm no foul. is this causing an actual issue for someone?
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  20. Jhinx Whimsical Chinchilla

    Please forgive me if this has been posted already. I thought it might just be me, but I am hearing other people are having the same issue.

    I change toons and get the "you already have a character logged in ya goober, wanna log them out?" message, which I sort of expect now (really, I don't get it. I camped out, I didn't /q out or go LD or something. I have prepared the server for changing characters, but whatever).

    Then I get another message about someone logged into my account, which makes no sense, and how I should change my password. Then when I click "sounds good friend 'puter" message it crashed out of the game...every time.

    I have to close the game and start again every time I want to log on a character from any other server.

    Is there an easy fix? Is this being looked into? Is this a known issue? How many chucks can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck...