Cases where game masters will not intervene

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  1. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    There are Tokens of Reclamation for this; put them on the Loyalty vendor for like 2k crowns and we can call it good imo.
    If the prices didn't change so drastically between what we get paid for something and what the vendors resell it for then buying it back would not be as big of an issue. But the real reason why this is insulting, is because for years upon years, we have been asking for the vendors to stop holding onto items which are only vendor fodder. In today's world where all TS useable items are flagged as such, all Quest items are tagged as such, all equip able items are easily identified, and all non-equip able clicky items are; the NPC vendors should only sell those items; they should not be wasting their limited item slots on selling any items whose only use is for PCs to sell for plat. If this was the case then not being able to buy an accidentally sold item back would simply be a matter of plat.
    Add a pop-up that warns players if an item they are buying is either No Drop or otherwise will not be bought back by NPC vendors before they buy it outright. Also add a way to skip the warning if the player wishes, either a keypress while buying or check a box in the options window.
    This one has been discussed before when it was originally added. Generally, when the first one happens it is not actually done accidentally, but the second one happens it should be addressed even if it is the players own stupidity at fault. For the first one, however I would say add a container on the Loyalty vendor for 5k crowns which allows you to trade 1 non-attuneable no drop item to another player when the item is placed inside the aforementioned container.
    Both of these are easily rectified using ingame options, I see no problem with GMs not doing them, at most maybe add the change name and gender potions to be added to the Loyalty vendors for 2k crowns each.
    This is the stupidest thing on this list, make another guild or join another guild, that just goes to show a complete and utter lack of understanding of everything that makes EQ great.

    Extreme example here, but say Joe is the leader of Joe's Knights; well Joe passes away. So now because he was the only leader everyone in his guild either needs to find another guild or create another guild and all of the players involved could quite possibly lose access to anything they contributed to the guild such as writs and guild halls that were bought with RL, when the time comes that the guild must have the GL perform an action or assign someone to do something.

    The GMs only have to look at the guild leader's last activity and if it is past a certain period of time make the most recently active senior officer or officer (if there are no senior officers) the guild leader. Since we know that we can have up to 3 guild leaders in a guild, an alternative would be to create a method for senior officers to be promoted to guild leader either by another guild leader or by a vote of officers and senior officers over the course of a month. Additionally, the officers, senior officers, and guild leaders could vote to demote a guild leader if they have not logged in for an extended period of time.
    Blanket statements on this are not a good thing; as others have stated it is common practice for those miscreants who hack others accounts to strip and delete characters. There is no reason why those characters should not be restored. An automated method of restoring deleted characters would be the best option; have a restore deleted character dropdown menu which has the names of the last 5-10 characters deleted and when you choose one it will either restore it or ask you if you want to either replace a character or buy more character slots if you are full on characters.
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  2. Iila Augur

    Please stay away from energy drinks.
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  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Of course you are not talking about a partial reverse of the exp nerf to old content because that is not unreasonable. Unreasonable would be leaving it as it is currently. Not sure what your hard drive woes have to do with the topic but I have noticed you add a lot of non pertinent stuff to your posts lately. Any reason why?
  4. Axxius Augur

    Maybe it's just me, but this sounds like whoever wrote that hates EQ players and takes pleasure in mocking them. Maybe all the nice people in CS got laid off, and the only remaining GM is a gigantic ? :rolleyes:
  5. beryon Augur

    I was thinking along these lines too. After reading the list of everything they're NOT doing, I can't figure out what it is they ARE doing. Or have all the GMs been fired, and the Knowledge Base article was written by Catbert?
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  6. Milfurd Augur

    How about entering your password when deleting a character? That should make you think first.
  7. Brohg Augur

    Is this real? Not even a news post to announce changing Customer Service to the "Get Fvcked Noob LOL Thx 4 Paying"-office?
  8. Brohg Augur

    Yep, correct statement.

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  9. Melanippe Augur

    Well, so much for those "we love the game" comments from management.
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  10. Aghinem Augur

    With the lack of moderation on the forums lately, I think several SOE-MODs have been punted also.
  11. Iila Augur

  12. Brohg Augur

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  13. silku Augur

    I had high hopes for the transition. It almost seemed like the developers had been under a draconian rule and had been given freedom to get back to really coding and doing what they love. They made it seem all happy, cheerful, and positive going forward. I haven't seen any of that in the changes. All I am seeing is more cutting, more removal, and people who want things done their way regardless of what players want or enjoy.

    Yeah we know the bottom line is money now. In a way it always has been. For the first time in along time I'm starting to think the 'sky is falling' people may be on to something.
  14. Tharzak Elder

    I have to think it is.
    I petitioned a stupid mistake I made in creating armor in the wrong classes attuner and was essentially told to screw myself "due to new policies".

    They're really trying hard to keep this game going aren't they!?
  15. Warpeace Augur

    Umm this.............

    At the rate they are going you would have between 15-20 days before the petition is answered to pick your new class and re gear.
  16. Riou Augur

    They deleted that re-roll line long ago, probably after it was being picked up on the mmo news sites
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  17. Yara_AB Augur

    Unfortunately experience (not mine - luckily - I got a keyfob so my accounts are pretty much safe *hope*) tells: No. Makes me wonder that they left out one specific comment folks get these days: "the game is free to play - so just create a new account" (not considering that one has been and still is paying for a sub).

    I do see situations where they simply have no chance to restore a character due to how the system is built (anybody remember that there was a problem if someone deleted a character, created another with the exact same name and you couldn't get it restored then?) - but there still should be some consideration in the process.

    At least until we have a chance to see for that on our own like with deleted items.

    Maybe it is just me - one can say many bad things about customer service here (and some are correct for sure) - but at the end of the day (sometimes weeks) I always could get a solution for problems that I was content with even if it wasn't the most-wanted solution.
    They always tried to make us silly players who broke something unintentionally for ourselves feel taken care of and assisted which made the EQ franchise stand out from others on the market.

    Yes - customer service is a factor that usually only shows "expenses" on the spreadsheets and no real income - but it generates such indirectly because players who think they get that "special treatment" compared to other companies will be more loyal to a company (and are more likely to accept less-popular decisions).

    So I can only hope that GMs will have a chance to see if an exception from the rule might be warranted. (Like they always could.)
  18. Silentchaos Augur

    "I'm sorry that you're so stupid and you did the wrong thing, feel free to try again ya stupid idiot"
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  19. Yinnie the Pink Elder

    Playing in level 100 content at level 101 is appropriate! If it isn't then the nerf should be applied to all of CotF + the first 2 zones of TDS.
  20. Bigz_Zupdarty Augur

    Interesting that they didn't say they will no longer be fielding petitions based off the PnP. I guess there is a chance they are clearing up CS to be able to assist more with the up coming TLP.
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