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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lilura, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Rosesong New Member

    Well 2 of my 5 accounts got banned tonight! I normally pay 3-4 accounts a month. Not worth the hassle so cancelled ones not banned. There way to many other games out there that I can invest money and play. I been playing for 10 yrs here so I'll take my money elsewhere, this game has been slow death for years anyway.
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  2. unbanaccount New Member

    I just lost all 4 of my accounts from TBM keys i bought ingame for plat and they worked for a over a week. If this isnt resolved soon, I am probably done with daybreak games. Daybreak needs me playing EQ more then I need to play EQ. There are other games out there.
  3. Way_to_go New Member

    some of my accounts got randomly banned? been playing this game for 16 years. Loyal customer. and your gonna throw that all away for a up on your end? Daybreak You are killing the hand that feeds you. EQ is your cash cow. what you gonna try and live off h1z1? HAHA wheres the DDoSer when you need em...
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  4. adept2 New Member

    all across the server people started saying they all received emails saying their accounts were banned. I figured it was the people who cheat and use illegal stuff, then more and more people said it. I got nervous went and checked my own email and i have an email saying Your account has been banned for chargebacks? i dont even know what that is. i had to look it up. I have been playing since approx 2002 have done it the hard way, am in a raiding guild, and always pay, I have never bought anything from anywhere but SOE or DB. I did nothing wrong. I want answers now and cust service on the phone. Please Help!!!!To some of us... this is very sentimental..our charachters our hard work.........Alot of hard work!!!! and many many years and MONEY have gone into this. I am in shock please Fix this mess!
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  5. adept2 New Member

    we remove players who cheat! i have never cheated or bought anything or used key codes from wierd places idk what to think im at a loss for words. people told me about those websites and i said no way! i dont know how to box or use programs i can barely play the game!! please fix this DB
  6. adept2 New Member

    some of my accounts got randomly banned? been playing this game for 16 years. Loyal customer. and your gonna throw that all away for a **** up on your end? Daybreak You are killing the hand that feeds you. EQ is your cash cow.
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  7. adept2 New Member

    I read all this and that on the website. This doesnt apply to me! none of this applies to me and my acct. i am really pissed off!!!!!!!!
  8. adept2 New Member

    bahdah is my hero ) :)
    Bahdah Augur

    Toxn said:
    “do not buy cd key on third party websites”
    Ayvan tells roirogues:1, 'i've been assassinating bunnies n ****'
  9. adept2 New Member

    this will pretty much end my experience losing another 15 year customer that has minded her own business. Way to go DB Way to go DB you have just ended EQ as we know it forever.
  10. rageroff New Member

    i bought 6 for krono in game and 3 from G2a games, all the accounts got banned :)

    I would rather them use there brains and say ok these keys are no good, we will delete your expansion and you will have to re buy it. They should also make sure they are the only company that sell it as the ones i bought for krono where steam ones gifted to me.
  11. rageroff New Member

    you can do a chargeback and get most of your money back if they dont sort it out :)
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  12. adept2 New Member

    DB has bannned those of us who have never cheated in this game. after 14 years. this better be a hacker attack or something. Please DB Help!:(
  13. adept2 New Member

    i want my char back now!!!!!!! :( ... why do this to the honest players?
  14. Jindaru New Member

    Lost several new accounts I made to keep myself entertained. If I can't get them back I'll be canceling all of my open accounts.
  15. rageroff New Member

    read on another forum someone got a reply saying they had to pay in full for anything they had bought.

    So for some $39.99 for TBM, for other the heros forge warrior bundle thing at $99 or both!
  16. Lilura Augur

    What forum?
  17. rageroff New Member

    was on the **obugs forum
  18. Xlkib New Member

    Also lost 2 accounts. Purchased with pp, gifted from steam... is that even against the rules? I didn't think so? Whats the point of the keys otherwise?
  19. RabbleBabble New Member

    If this is left to stand then DBG needs to make all Kronos 'No Trade" take them from the Bazaar and remove the ability to trade gift keys!

    If you as a company cannot go after the REAL culprits then it is not the normal user's fault. If I cannot even buy a Krono in the Bazaar without FEAR of being banned then your game is doomed!

    If I accept a GIFT key from a friend or in trade for plat or Kronos and it turns out to be stolen then that is in NO way my fault! If you cannot deal with that then by all means stop selling GIFT keys!

    This is a mess that looks like it has hit thousands of accounts, I am sure the people at DBG know how many were banned, can your 17 year old game survive that kind of hit?

    I know for me all 6 of my accounts were lost to this, that's 6 gold accounts that I was more then happy to keep paying for yearly and yes I traded plat and kronos for keys in game, I was under the impression this was something that was within the EULA. Now I ask you as a company to fix this problem. Reinstate the accounts that used the keys, it is not the fault of the end user for trading in good faith!

    I mean if you are saying I was involved in a chargeback then please by all means let us get a lawyer involved as that is punishable by the court system. But please be prepared to show at least my ip address buying the original product and my name on the credit card that did the chargeback.
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  20. Way_to_go New Member

    yep, my lawyers officer does not open until 9am. as kevin hart once said " down."
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