Can't log in, says access denied

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lilura, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Reht The Dude abides...

    Offices probably haven't opened yet, being located in California and all.......
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  2. Yimin Augur

    You can say good old Yi Min all you like, my accounts all of them are payed for , none is banned and none will be banned ....I guess in your eyes it is a bad thing to be honest ?

    Yi Min
  3. Blart Lorekeeper

    Great job, I bet your folks are so proud.
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  4. Reht The Dude abides...

    No being honest is one thing, but calling everyone who was banned a cheater is something totally different. It's too bad your are so opinionated and close-minded that you refuse to see or accept that there could be a difference.
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  5. Vdidar Augur

    Why do you even try to reason with Yimin? Its well documented that they are rarely if ever right but always talking lol.
  6. Arvins Lorekeeper

    moron, I played, invested my time, sold items in the bazaar, traded for krono. Why are you so butt hurt? You have no reason to be mad, yet you're here being an @$$. Carry on looser.
  7. Gilad Journeyman

    ... Every item ever generated in game is assigned an item ID as well as a unique value for internal tracking. That's how they're able to refund items, etc... So yes, it is entirely possible to track a krono's progress from when it is generated in the game to when it is used and every single trade along the way. Considering how dense you are with this, you'll probably just continue to dig your heels in on a stance you know nothing about.

    Now for the steps:
    Krono is generated, assigned unique value of 1. Krono is then traded to player X who then trades it to player Y who then trades it to player Z who then redeems it. Player X issues a chargeback on the Krono, now players XYZ are all banned for the game tracking the progress the Krono has made throughout the game.

    As far as your logic that everyone is a cheater who did this and deserves it:
    People who paid full price on steam are also getting hit by this. Steam has removed EQ from the store as a result. There is proof for you on the legitiment players who are getting hit by this. It looks like someone at DB triggered a ban wave that banned anything that has any 3rd party affiliation with it including its own resellers. Apparently it also included anything code based at all since codes bought directly from Daybreak are also getting banned.

    But yes, continue to post about how all the "cheats and theifs" are the only ones effected. You're obviously clueless on how this is actually happening, let alone how basic code works. This isn't even a best practices kind of deal, it's literally how code functions.
  8. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Banning the accounts send a clear and stark warning to players. giving them a pass only encourages more such activity. It's like paying ransom in a kidnapping.. It olnly creates more kidnappings in the future.

    This stuff has all happened before.

    Some people never learn.

    Anyone with a legitimate DBG purchase has a receipt and recourse.

    Those who do not, do not.

    The last time the banhammer was swung there were a bazillion cries of "I'm innocent!" yet, oddly, most never returned.


    What always strikes me when this happens is how many "power players", the ones who own everything and act like the ultimate authorities on l337 in raidguilds <do> get caught up in these things and how many "Noobs" never do.

    Martin Madrazzo is a "legitimate businessman..."
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  9. Sintay New Member

    We need to make a stink about this. Forum posts are easy to ignore.

    Tweet to:


    Post to:

    Let them know what they'll be losing. You were gifted a TBM key, you bought one for a Krono, whatever. Is it worth the end loss in membership revenue to punish the end users who attempted to utilize the system that DBG implemented in good faith?

    If you blog or write for a website, post a write up. If DBG is going to proceed with blanket actions for what seems to be the end result of illegitimate activity by a few, then let's make sure the rest of the gaming world knows what kind of entity DBG is and spare them the hassle.

    Oh, and for you holier-than-thou people who can't seem to wrap you head around the bigger picture - enjoy your EQ with half or less of its current population. Keep paying and playing, and let us know how good the groups are and how long the game lasts.
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  10. rageroff New Member


    What about if I have 30 krono and buy the expansion code for around 4 krono as I value them at $10 each. is that ok?

    So somebody goes to steam buys a code for $40 then after I pass them 4 krono in game they gift me the game car from steam.

    would this be ok?

    surely it would, I farmed items in game to trade for krono in game to purchase an expansion for 40$ using my krono. nothing wrong there that I can see?

    The guy who bought the expansion for $40 then does a chargeback and my account is banned. does he get to keep the krono also or does he get banned?

    What about the other in game character I traded my BoC with on ragefire for 5 krono does he get banned as well? he would be linked to the krono after all...
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  11. Yimin Augur

    What do you mean they are ? Guess I am right here since all my account are still very playable ...

    Yi Min
  12. Yimin Augur

    Let this be a lesson , do not buy Expansion from no place but DBG website end of story ...I hope none in my guild did this , I will be ashamed ..

    Yi Min
  13. Vdidar Augur

    It means exactly what it says. I used "they" because I do not know what gender you are or what you identify as so rather than being wrong i used something more general. None of that changes the fact that you very rarely have any idea what the heck your talking about.
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  14. Gilad Journeyman

    It's fairy irritating having to get all of my information on the banning from various 3rd party sites and not seeing anything from you guys at all. Also fun how my two accounts that were banned went from being banned for cheating (literally just activated the codes I was gifted for heroic characters + TBM) with no email and then an email several hours later stating chargeback. Obviously it's both via automated systems so I won't hold you to blame there. If you guys have any decency reverse the bans that are currently in place while you work this out or at the bare minimum issue a statement and keep us updated on what is going on. Keeping people in the dark after issuing such a huge ban wave just pisses people off and ultimately hurts your bottom line. And if this was just an error by an automated system or someone on your team, issuing an apology and explaining what happened while unbanning the accounts will go a very long way towards not losing a large chunk of paying customers. Even if you're understaffed I know from working in the IT industry there is a good chance that you have at least one person around who noticed the issue and got ahold of the people who needed to be reached and some decision would have been made on how to deal with it 9ish hours ago when the fuss started to go out. Even if the decision was: we'll deal with it in the morning LETTING US KNOW would have done wonders for your community who does still keep you afloat. This isn't 1999 anymore. You have the tools to keep in contact with your customers with a bare minimum of effort. I'd recommend using them so when something like this happens again you will greatly reduce your damage.
  15. Gromph Elder

    LMAO, all i did was point out your hypocrisy, you get upset and rage. You playing and investing your time has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL to do with spending actual money on items.
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  16. Yimin Augur

    I am very right here ,looks like I know what I am talking about like most times , like I have said , my accounts are very playable right now , are yours ?

    Yi Min
  17. Gromph Elder

    Completely inaccurate
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  18. Reht The Dude abides...

    There, i fixed it for you. My accounts aren't banned so by using your silly logic, i am right!
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  19. Kravitz Augur

    I am conflicted about this f' up.....:(

    The good side of me wishes they just revert the change, and the customers win.

    The evil part of me wants to see the whole company go down in financial turmoil cause of this mess up. At least Daybreak Gaming Company would learn a lesson the hard way.
  20. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    It is 7:30 Pacific.

    They're not on the clock yet.

    I doubt the devs here work 24/7

    Most companies..

    People can't just loose cannon twitter just cos some custy has gripes

    They meet with management and discuss how to handle 1st.

    Patience grasshopper.

    If you have a legitimate leg to stand on, things will sort out.
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