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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lilura, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Donutsz12 Elder

    This is uncalled for. I woke up this morning and 2 accounts I traded a krono for 2 keys for some alts and now they are banned.

    I can understand the money hit for DBG but they should be protecting their users not that reseller. They should be contacting that bank and finding out who did it and go after them not actual customers.

    Wrong move DBG very wrong. If you can't have the business sense to understand what you did was wrong, then your game will never strife for future. Great timing to ruin your release of quarm server.
  2. RabbleBabble New Member

    wait is Quarm code for Omega.... the last server? Cause this mess may send everquest the way of Star Wars and Next....
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  3. Donutsz12 Elder

    LOL ohh wait. I guess DBG ran out of money for development and now holding accounts hostage until we pay for it
  4. RabbleBabble New Member

    I already paid, I traded hard earned plat in game for someone elses hard earned GIFT code!
  5. Brock Landers Journeyman

    just picture the scene from braveheart where the guy is like 'archers fire' and the one guy is like 'but sir, wont they hit our own men' and the other guy was like 'yes, but they'll hit theirs too'

    thats pretty much the train of thought going. It definitely seems like 9 outta 10 people bought scammed keys and trying to play it off as 'well uhhh, i got it on steam' but i'm sure a good handful of honest people have gotten screwed.

    think that other thread had something about being able to submit a ticket to get them to charge you for the TBM expansion and they'll unban your account. So if you did buy a bunk key you can pay to get your account back. And if you bought it legit through steam or daybreak, well, then, looks like you're gonna have to pay for the expansion again cause they sure as heck aren't going to do their due diligence to find out if they messed up hehe.
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  6. Gromph Elder

    Weird, none of my accounts got banned, probably because I didnt buy anything from 3rd party vendors or other players. Sucks to be cheap i guess.
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  7. chickendog New Member

    I realize people are upset, but what's really so difficult to understand about this? The person using the stolen/hacked/whatever codes gets left holding the bag. Even if you bought them in good faith, you are 100% guilty of using stolen codes and basically stealing money out of Daybreak's pocket.

    I've been hearing about people who bought codes for the latest expansion for $6. Seriously? It didn't once cross your mind that the deal might be too good to be true and that you were risking your account(s) on a very suspicious transaction? You either had a strong suspicion that you were doing something wrong or you're not the sharpest tool in the shed. Either way I have no sympathy.

    Feel free to reroll.
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  8. Aghinem Augur

    I have guild mates who were banned that bought their code directly from DBG who have their confirmation & email receipt codes. The holier than thou attitude really doesn't fly. Especially being there were people banned through a simple Krono purchase in game from another player using plat ( a common transaction ). How is a player to know where a Krono came from?
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  9. Riou EQResource

    Well the codes afaik weren't region locked and someone buying it from Russia legit on Steam would have only costed them like 8$ USD due to the conversion (lowest of any region, this was the price from like 5 months ago).
  10. Aaluvian New Member

    I am pretty sure then that they are region locked which would cause the issue for sure considering otherwise everyone would buy from a region that was far cheaper then their actual location
  11. gotwar Gotcharms

    And what about people who bought their keys with platinum? Or for Krono? Or were given them as gifts?

    Had a friend who was given an activation code for Father's day.. I have guildies who have never purchased anything outside of Daybreak, activated any gifted codes, or used anything but legitimate means to play, and are still banned.

    Given how widespread this issue is, and given how much money in all-access accounts is on the table, Daybreak's options boil down to:

    1) Roll back the expansion from accounts with chargebacks, then unlock them.
    2) Hold the accounts hostage until the expansion is purchased from the Daybreak store (this will likely result in just as many people leaving the game as option three...)
    3) Leave all the accounts banned and pray those people re-roll (yeah, right).
    4) Call it a wash and unlock all the accounts, leave all codes enabled (yeah, right)

    You can go ahead and say you don't have any sympathy for people who got banned, but if Daybreak takes the same stance, kiss EQ goodbye. Sounds like 25-50% of Daybreaks all-access accounts are on the chopping block. That's too much revenue to survive losing.

    Just my two copper pieces.
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  12. chickendog New Member

    In cases like those -- which I imagine are the exceptions to the rule -- I have no doubt that it will (eventually) get straightened out. Seems like there are always a few innocents who unfortunately get caught by the swing of the ban hammer.

    For the people who went to a 3rd-party website and bought codes for around 15% of what DBG is selling them for and are pretending like they didn't know something was wrong with that transaction? Nope. No sympathy. Good riddance.
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  13. Vdidar Augur

    I'm still upset I paid for TBM once. If i got screwed no way I'd pay for junk like that 2 times lol.
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  14. Yimin Augur

    I have zero mercy for cheats or those that steal , hope they bane them for good ....

    Yi Min
  15. Eniner Augur

    Sooo with these mass ban waves. I bought 12 keys in general chat for krono trade. No where did i break any rules by doing this. A lot of my friends have met the same fate. Now i do understand someone selling stollen keys on a 3rd party program is one thing but when those of us who are legit and bought them in game for plat / krono trade this is not fair. You issue out thousand upon thousands of ban waves even to those who legitly bought the codes from STEAM and YOU. How do you justify the guy banning everyone to ban everyone who has bought the code period nearly. Steam has now dropped yalls games due to liability issues of your carelessness. Fix this now or lose every member you banned for no reason at all. You guys know me i been here for ages i do not complain about much if anything at all this needs fixed for those who legitly bought the codes. I say fire the guy banning for not doing his job correctly this has caused mass issues for the company. Not speaking for the rule breakers but those who did indeed follow rules and purchased from steam and or daybreak are even being banned surely yall have way of tracking which codes you release to players and those should not have even been banned in first place.
  16. Moege Augur

    Was all ill-gotten Kronos removed ? I don't know Have not seen anything from Daybreak about it

    So using a Krono has now becomes a gamble, click it and maybe get banned. Don't click it and be f2p.
    How should I know where the Krono came from ? Have 3 on my account that I may just as well destroy and never buy a Krono in bazaar again.

    The risk in Krono use far outweighs its benefits, if the idea was to absolutely destroy the value then this would be a resounding success.

    As for eventually straightened out. Will people be compensated for the time they were incorrectly banned ? Doubtful that they would get added playtime on the account if this is ever resolved.
  17. Vdidar Augur

    It won't ever get resolved. They don't have the resources to deem what was legit or not and that's probably why it's a blanket ban.
  18. Yimin Augur

    No got banned using Krono , It was those buying Expansions .....

    Yi Min
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  19. RabbleBabble New Member

    I want to know did the guy I gave my Kronos to for the keycodes get banned too?

    I mean he IS part of the chain?

    And if he sold the Krono to anyone in the Bazaar then that person should also be banned!

    And if the person who bought the Krono killed Frogluks to get the plat to buy the kroon, then are Frogluks going to be removed from the game as well?

    I mean they are just as guilty as me in this horrible chain!
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  20. Moege Augur

    Really ? give me a quote from Daybreak that says this. All it is is speculation at this time.
    You do know keycodes and kronos were being sold at 3rd party.

    Read up a bit in this page, there are claims of bans for kronos also.
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