Can't log in, says access denied

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lilura, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Nizou New Member

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  2. Mecco New Member

    How does a Chargeback work?
    1. The credit card is charged.
    2. The card holder or the bank acting on their behalf detects the charge and disputes it.
    3. The bank reverses the charges (this results in additional fees to the merchant.)
    4. Once the chargeback is reported to us, the account is banned/suspended.
    5. Any linked accounts may be banned/suspended as well until the dispute has been resolved.

    BTW. I don't ever remember doing this.
  3. Kobrah Augur

    Possible fraudulent purchasing of keys being remarketed ? CC company charged back when farud found ? All people who bought em getting hit with bans ? Cross referencing keys vs CC on your accounts ? Dunno
  4. Jibb New Member

    3 banned one of them my 16 year old account I had a guildie give me tbm codes so I could play with them ?
  5. Lilura Augur

  6. Nizou New Member

  7. Lilura Augur

    There is nothing in that link that allows you to open a ticket.
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  8. Funagok New Member

    My main is also getting the banned message. All of my other accounts are not having this problem what so ever .
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  9. Mecco New Member

    Contact Support is on the right hand side
  10. Nizou New Member

    Big orange "Contact Support" button on the right side.
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  11. rageroff New Member

    I got 9 accounts banned. whats the chances of getting them unbanned? will try and contact DBG after work.

    I purchased steam cd keys through a third party and guessing they have charged back.

    If not Ill do a proper chargeback of the 9 accounts, 15 years old but doubt id get it all back would i?
  12. Arvins Lorekeeper

    screw this company, they are folding anyways, time for them to get real jobs. Daybreak you suck, i do hope you all get laid off. you wanna mess with my characters i have had since 1999, you wanna mess with my money? esad!
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  13. pers New Member

    4 gone for me and I got the codes as gifts for my birthday waited to turn them in and bam banned
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  14. pers New Member

    this will pretty much end my experience losing another 15 year customer that has minded her own business. Way to go DB
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  15. Bahdah Augur

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  16. Arvins Lorekeeper

    Nowhere have I read you cannot purchase VALID cd keys or Kronos from any 3rd party, I traded my krono in game from someone trading these keys. So give me a fing break. In my mind Daybreak has just stolen money from me in the form of the Krono I had on these accounts. Time for a class action lawsuit.
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  17. Bahdah Augur

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  18. raywong New Member

    Anyone got reply from customer service yet , i got same issues and sent my request , all of my lovely toons banned ..... i was shocked once i found i couldn't login , and now found a bunch player got same issues ...... holycrap
  19. Aghinem Augur

    The problem is some of those 'cheap' keys are acquired through unscrupulous means, such as key generators. Not suggesting you used a keygen, but what is a common practice is you have people who do and then sell them on these 3rd party websites. Its been a bit of a problem for a long time. The key works for a short period of time, so no claim can be filed against the seller - and then boom, you're caught with a stolen or generated key and end up taking the hit.
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  20. Devilsinthedetail New Member

    Someone made a bad business decision. I had a number of accounts banned for using stream keys on them? Really?!?! First, there was not any charge back on any of them - Secondly, you offered that as a sales outlet. So now your going to BAN those people who purchased an after market product you allowed - some on accounts which have been around for years?!?! Thus cutting off a constant flow of cash from those accounts to maintain status - further reducing the online population further frustrating others who are no way involved??!?! and finally pushing more people out instead of looking for ways to correct the situation? Honestly your fools.. It's festival season around here and the people who run those businesses understand without customers no sales are made - so although it normally costs $30 to get in almost everyone gets less expensive or free tickets. Why? Because holding out for $30 at the gate means loosing thousands in inside sales. Wise up and fix this before another of your holdings is gone.
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