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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jadenpain, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Jadenpain Scholar

    check out the new mission its delightful.....
  2. Sheex Augur

  3. Horyuken Augur

    Back and better than ever!
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  4. Tucoh Augur

    Spill the details bro.

    Are we talking

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  5. Adroxia Elder

    Just measured 37k dps on the tank :eek: I was unable to keep him alive as a single healer!

    It's basically a mini version of the raid for a single group now with the mobs not toned down much :confused:
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  6. Yinla Augur

    This is group content - not raid content

    Is in desperate need of a retune - next time make sure whoever tests this are in group gear not raid gear
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  7. Adroxia Elder

    Did much better when tank used all defensive discs and I used some cleric heal boost tricks, but still second wipe on it. Something very odd on this mission now, it's extremely out of line in difficulty compared to every other task going on!

    And this as a full raid EOK and starting to be raid ROS geared group. o_O
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  8. Horyuken Augur

    Hum, add another ranger?! Maybe some Beastlords triggering alliance?! More Zerkers?
  9. fransisco Augur

    So why did they significantly increase the difficulty with the patch?
  10. Monkman Augur

    Glad I got all my type 5's while this was a joke.
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  11. Horyuken Augur

    Are you basing the increased difficulty off your observations fransisco, or the OP's comments?
  12. tnot Elder

    Spent weeks getting to lvl 110 to do this, and practicing it.
    Hit lvl 110 last night and go in to give it a go this morning.

    He's apparently invulnerable while any adds are up.
    I put about 10 million damage into him in 10 seconds, and did 1% damage.
    It doesn't emote, either, to tell you he's invulnerable, he's just invulnerable from the start.
    The first add now comes as soon as you engage him. Not after 15-20 seconds like before. & unlike before this single add makes him invulnerable.

    His Warp also starts instantly now.

    He hits like a god damn truck, too. Wasted my 110 Earth pet in about 5 seconds w/ THREE reactive merc healers.

    Thanks Daybreak.

    This wasn't an 'easy' mission for most people, so I don't see why they did this.

    Everyone capable of farming this to death has already done so, now they're just penalizing everyone else, mostly the more casual players who are just now getting to 110, have geared, & are starting in on progression.

    If you werent able to beat this before, but were getting close or working toward it, you never will now.
  13. pallypallypal New Member

    I felt the same way when I read that they decided to make this harder. Why? Who benefits from making these missions so ridiculously difficult? I enjoy a challenge, and though I couldn't guarantee a win every time I attempted this mission, it was still doable. I don't raid anymore, so I'm just wearing full t2 RoS group gear and everything I've read about the other missions basically imply that you've got to be raid geared to do group missions now...

    I don't want things to be "easy" or handed to me, but I also don't want to have to get raid gear just to enjoy group content. That just doesn't make sense to me...
  14. Sheex Augur

    Did you ever actually run it prior to today? It was really, really simple as long as you had a little dps or a few bodies. Not everything’s intended to be moloable.

    The changes sound a bit excessive, but it was a borderline joke prior and took ~5m to run, so “easy” was a pretty solid adjective.
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  15. Xegrogue New Member

    yea no thanks.. tried a few times will never be doing that again in current form
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  16. Snowman00 New Member

    Having recently returned for some occasional play, this is pretty much par for the course. Daybreak has tuned everything "exp related" to require full raid gear and 20,000 AA's. I agree with the fact that the only benefit to tuning this event was to ensure free to play and casual players have no means to complete these missions. I'm watching non-raid geared players fail miserably on basic ROS progression and the VP key, increasing frustration and simply making game play miserable. Type 5 Mercs are better equipped than most players these days, and certainly more skilled.
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  17. tnot Elder

    'A little dps' lol...

    I'm boxxing 3 110 Mages, and doing a 6-firebound alliance rotation that's really button intensive, Yes, I've tried it recently and died everytime when hes around 15% health.

    Only because I box 3 mages and can set off that 2.4m proc repeatedly that's typically only used in raid rotations would my 3 box group even stand a chance at completing a DPS check like this, boxxed chars just dont do great DPS compared to player chars, mine can nearly equal 3 real players, but at the cost of having No crowd control, no pulling ability, no healing, no player tank, no feign death, etc etc. & it's even very distracting & gets me killed to have a Pet pick up 1 add while doing this encounter, you really have to pour on the dps without distraction.

    I had just hit 110 yesterday and got new pets and larger nukes, which probably would have allowed me to box this, barely.

    Now there's no way in hell. With the Warp mechanic kicking in instantly I wouldn't even want to attempt this with a full group of players, & a good mix of classes in good group gear. This is now a mission no one will want to do more than once. Just like the other 2.

    If they're going to Tune missions this way, they need to make more of them of various difficulties and corresponding rewards, because these are tuned to be so annoying that no one wants to do them.

    3 missions no one wants to do, and Zero HAs... this expansion sucks.

    Oh, yeah, and you have to do the entire previous expansion just to progress in this one...
  18. Goodn Augur

    Ditto with tnot...

    Tried the mission after patch.

    First cactus normal. Cactiikii spawns along with normal add. Less than 10 sec in, I get an Cactiikii has gone invulnerable because an add is up and all heck breaks loose. Hit harder. The little cacti seem to have about half the hit points of the old main Cactiikii before patch...and kept spawning at the same rate as before. What little damage I did to the Cactiikii before invulnerable seemed like he had more hps. But he went invulnerable so fast, I cannot say for certain. I did like the various death poses my group had as DI firings wore off...

    It would be nice if the Devs who thought this was a good retune could be chained to computers and forced to do this mission over and over again with only at most t1 RoS group gear (really should be in t2 group EoK) (and none of the tradeskill stuff), rank 1 spells (and buffs), and only 500 aas in RoS 7th either. And they cannot leave until they win...

    It's just hard to figure out why the Devs have a joyful glee of screwing over your middle to higher end groupers. Top raiders will still blow through this like a candy store (probably...I'm not one so I don't know if the changes are actually difficult for them) so they haven't stopped that aspect. Low end groupers were probably never going to get here unless they got piggybacked by...your mid to high end groupers...who can't now complete the mission. I'm close enough to max aas and in t2/ts RoS gear and augs with a number of rank 2 spells that there isn't a big power boost coming my way from my current point.

    Maybe there is a new strategy, new way of specifically stacking buffs/defensives...probably something with pets... or just standing in RL while doing the mission...but if that is the case, then it's a poor design. There are many different group makeups. It was already pigeonholed into max burn it's max burn plus max survivability plus whatever else.

    It's a game...a very fun game. It can be challenging...but not every single thing has to be the greatest challenge in the world. Especially the FIRST MISSION IN AN EXPANSION.
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  19. bigpapa Augur

    hate YOU , DB :mad:

    do we need all uber groups now to be able to do hero tasks?

    what about the boxers who pay a good amount of $$ for our accounts and can't do this one anymore?
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  20. Feznik Elder

    Typical Daybreak, nothing else to say:p
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