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  1. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Meh... i had to look up the word "disparaged" - and i have to say i did no such thing, least of all for the whole system and certainly not by intention. sry if you got that impression, but i cannot relate HOW.

    Once more:
    On release, i have looked at what we get (and when). Yes, i have Artisan's prize and yes, i can make my own TS stuff and yes i keep TS mats i gather, so i have an overview on what's how rare (certainly, somewhat based on where and how i spend my time in RoS, but still - i know what i have and i know what i can do with it).
    I have - at release - categorized slots/items into "must have" and "nice to have".
    I have - at release - also looked at prices from the raid vendor, and correlated with how much currency we get etc...
    That information, along with the spreadsheet/before/after comparisons i mentioned, have left me with n diamonds to get, for certain slots. For the other slots i simply go directly from EoK raid to RoS raid.
    And it happens that MY "n diamonds" seem to me (much) lower than the next guy's, so when i see someone "in need" more than me, i pass, since i can live well without the half-upgrade - instead i probably get my full-upgrade sooner, it's a give+take and perhaps comparable to political economy vs. business administration - what's good for one isn't necessarily also good for the other and which takes precedence in your decisions depends on you alone.

    We have 21 slots, most of which can be "upgraded" the TS-route to 0.5 (or 0.75 as was said above).
    If, for ease of math, we just assume that every of the 50 raiders (again, ease of math) would want his upgrades through TS first (as it seems to be the consensus here that everyone should do that, which i contest) for 10 of his slots only, that'd mean 50raiders times 10slots times 2diamonds per slot for a total of 1000diamonds. With 6diamonds dropping per event, that's an awful lot of clears, even if you clear everything (which, as mentioned, we do not yet so that only draws it out more into the fall).
    So, on the 167th event, the first diamond would go an ALT (or app since full members always take precedence).
    167 events... each dropping "real" loot and giving currency too... hmmm...
    Doesn't make YOU think? Well, it sure did make ME think, and plan my upgrade strat accordingly.
    And that's why i said what i said above.

    So yes, i have also set myself a DKP limit on the diamonds, depending on the slot and it's "must" or "nice to have" category. And even though technically i could outbid people for an "upgrade" for the few weeks i need to get the "real" upgrade, i (that's me alone, no need for anyone to come to the same consclusions) deem it to be "not worth it".
    Because in MY little world, i prefer the TS to go to an app that joins us in group gear (while we come in full EoK raid) or even an ALT that helps us when we are short on classes. Or, of course, on some other main that thinks he needs it more than i do.
    The goal - well MY goal - is to "up" the raidforce as a whole, not to have a few persons max equipped that drag the others along but if they aren't there, the rest is "lost". So yes, i regard a higher AVERAGE in gear among the force as much more valuable than my own "top spot" on Magelo, if i'd have one.
    If that is "thinking of myself first" as you claim, then i were guilty as charged. i just don't think it is, so i plead innocent, your honor.
  2. Fohpo Augur

    To be fair, depending on the stat and item you're looking at, the value when compared to other raid drops varies (in reference to the .5-.75 claim). I think the best way to look at it, diamonds add 2-3 additional "drops" worth of loot to the boss. They're more than viable when it comes to upgrading from EoK (and even they are significant upgrades to EoK) until you get your total "BiS" drop, and they also offer alts/recruits another path to get decently geared rather quickly.

    And as Sancus said earlier, some of your hesitation to bid on them largely stems from the fact that DKP as a system doesn't always promote people on taking minor upgrades.
  3. DruidCT Augur

    I disagree. All the hero missions are hard for group-geared players and only because you have to actually build a somewhat balanced group without really having an extra slot to "carry" someone. They nerfed a number of classes which cut down on some of the DPS check flexability. And mercs didn't get any decent improvement to help fill in a healer or a DPS slot. I'm mostly ok with this, its been like this for some time its the price I pay for my regular group being low DPS but I play to be with friends not to min/max.

    Making the hero missions required for VP access is what annoys me. Should have just been the medallion collection. And the EoK essense of dragon reward should have lost (some/all) its pre-requisites so new toons don't have to do full EoK progression to get it. The tradeskill conflagrant items are too powerful and too easy to get, they should have been T1 level (and T1 be the current TS level) and not had some of the better effects (anger mask, spell damage bonus, slow, cripple) and the drop rate for T2 visibles is criminally low. Other than that I really enjoyed the expansion as a group player (oh drakes are annoying too, but you learn to cope).
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  4. Qbert Augur

    With the advent of TBL and the post-release settling out of the way . . . please reconsider the combination of overly restrictive mechanics that make this mission seriously difficult. I cannot get the darned boss under 50%ish no matter what approach I try, and there are not more people on my server to draw on to attempt to make this doable (Brekt).

    The invulnerable mechanic is the main culprit. I can tank the boss plus 4-5, sometimes 6 adds, but I cannot supply sufficient dps to get the boss dead (and by the time I have more than 2 adds, I'll never have less than 2 . . . so he'll never become vulnerable again, thus a never-ending cycle).
  5. Brohg Augur

    If you're not absolutely flattening the boss in 50s, then the burn strat is just not the strat for you, and attempting it guarantees failure. That doesn't remotely mean that the mission is hard.

    Tank the boss. Kill the adds. Target and kill the sprouts before they spawn into real mobs, only dps the boss with one caster character or when all the adds are clear. Walk in your win np np
  6. Dewey Augur

    When I think of fun this mission does not come to mind. Instead what comes to mind is what we will see on Wednesday when they nerf some TBL mission and make them impossible.

    The rule is get in and get it done early. Those that do content early have an easier time; they then get to farm the end zone all expansion. Those that wait have to do the content after it gets nerfed and made extremely difficult. No dev can say without lying that "that's how the mission is intended to be" if that was true when they nerfed it they would strip all the flags from the people who did it early. After it is difficult it will stay that way until another expansion comes out, the other expansion will make it obsolete and easier. It won't get easier by the dev's fixing it.

    Since you waited to do this mission you do not get to do it on easy street. I am sorry, but that is how the dev's code this game. Move past this, make conflagrant gear, and farm TBL. Maybe after you get farming in the end zone of TBL you can then go back and do Tier 1 ROS.
  7. Astral64 Augur

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  8. Bigstomp Augur

    If you can tank 4-5 or sometimes 6 adds you can help on the dps check, by tanking with a 2h and using your burn buttons too.
  9. Qbert Augur

    Fighting this mission alone makes for a very difficult time spinning in all directions looking for sprouts. If I get lucky enough to actually see one, I attack it . . . but it doesn't die before it births a cactus.
  10. Qbert Augur

    I'm in full T3 with 40 luck atm, so not much TBL farming to go.
  11. Qbert Augur

    Ya that doesn't work, that's how I get it down to 50ish. Paladins don't get a whole lot of things after the initial push.
  12. Brohg Augur

    hold up - "no matter what approach you try" means no matter what approach you try -- to solo it? Mission was released last year, but RoS is content for level 110 and this is a group progression mission
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  13. bigpapa Augur

    well I did many ( past tyrant of fire ) TBL tasks boxing , but I doub't I could do any mission in ROS done , cactus , skyfire ect. ~~ no is_B_oxer, ( one trial done,, trial of three ).

    I might try again cactus once more to see .

    I did it many time s with a real group and it was easy enough tho.
  14. Fohpo Augur

    It's definitely possible without software to do with a 6 box group depending on your setup, social macros, and APM - certainly not easy though.
  15. Tucoh Augur

    Balance of Power is trivial for a TBL-capable group to do. End of Empire will still be really tough, but will be a bit easier with the 20k extra HP everyone will have from TBL group gear.

    Now that I have TBL group gear I want to give Talendor a shot. I never bothered trying it with my boxed group before.
  16. Fohpo Augur

    There's a few ways to make EoE a lot easier, especially while boxing - like stacking and rotating clicks
  17. Dewey Augur

    So like it seems your talking about boxing it.

    What is your group make up/composition? It's a DPS check; since the nerf to some dots there are some classes that you don't stack together when doing dps checks. So how many healers, how many etc...

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