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    Legion of the Dead Three is a casual, yet serious, east coast raiding guild that is looking for members for this May 27th launch. We are currently seeking all different play styles and have officer positions available for those who go above and beyond. We are family and spouse friendly, but please be aware of our mature chat status. As you will see below, this isn't our first rodeo and we are very open about our policies. This is our current recruitment status:

    Level requirement to join the guild: None

    Bard: Very High (Always)
    Cleric: Very High (Always)
    Druid: High
    Enchanter: Medium
    Magician: Medium
    Monk: Very High
    Necromancer: High
    Paladin: High
    Ranger: High
    Rogue: Very High
    Shadow Knight: Medium
    Shaman: Medium
    Warrior: Very High (Always)
    Wizard: Very High
    *This will be updated regularly*

    Check out this Pre-Launch class list <<(Link) *Subject to change*
    *Updated May 14th 2020*
    *Those selflessly fulfilling roles for Static groups will be allowed to main change at a later date with no D.K.P. repercussions.

    Raid Information

    Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (Make what you can make)

    Times: 8pm - Midnight Est (Coming late and leaving early due to real life issues happens, no grief about it)

    Disclaimer: I seriously doubt we will need this many days with this many hours during the Classic era, but it is better to establish our end game schedule now so people aren't blindsided at a later date.

    Loot: Open DKP bidding system - No council, Favorites, Insider bidding or RMT Guild Leaders

    Communication: Discord https://discord.gg/dZmpAtE <<(Link) / Mumble <<(Link)

    *When raids are done, they are done. No extra BS just because we have time left.

    Raid Requirements
    • The ability to listen in on Discord / Mumble
    • GINA installed https://eq.gimasoft.com/gina/ <<(Link)
    • Level 46+ (This will start a few weeks after launch)
    • Class appropriate consumables such as shrink, mana, resist, cure pots etc.
    • Tanks are required to get Jboots and melee are encouraged to do the same
    • Player's must care about their gear level and consumables.
    *Click this "Guild Policy" <<(Link) for detailed information. (Seriously, this link will answer a lot of questions)

    Application Information

    Applicants may apply via our website: https://bhaalsdeep.enjin.com/ <<(Link) using the "Apply Here" <<(Link) tab on the website's main menu. Our Guild Policy information can be found on the same menu bar. Our tier based loot system removes the need to use recruit status for applicants, make sure you read about that on the Guild Policy page.

    Website: https://bhaalsdeep.enjin.com/ <<(Link)
    Discord: https://discord.gg/dZmpAtE <<(Link)

    Check out our namesake's mythos:

    Attila: Guild Leader / Raid 1 lead
    Corvo: Raid 2 lead
    Brunlin: Co-Leader
    Actonup: Raid 1 Organization
    Safeside: Raid 2 Organization
    Glasyra: Raid 1 Loot Master
    Court: Raid 2 Loot Master
    Cyrr: Raid 1 Tank Leader
    Venid: Raid 2 Tank leader
    Hodwarf: Raid 2 Cleric lead
    Eumyeni: DKP Admin 1
    Treble: Sky/Bank Officer 1
    Omegon: Sky/Bank Officer 2
    Lemmi: Recruitment Officer 1
    Crabman: Recruitment Officer 2

    {Raid-1 Heal lead is open)

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    j boots are going to be a highly contested chain of drops and a must have gotten 5 sets of jboots in the past the oot camp was nightmare so maybe put optional and the lvl 46plus mean your a hardcore guild because you cant join the guild till lvl 46 if i read the post correctly,day 1 i always do 12 to 18 hours sessions and being in a formed guild when someone drops from group you can usually get a replacement from within the guild etc.
  5. Attila Augur

    I don't really understand the entirety of what you are trying to say here, but you are not required to be 46+ to join the guild. That number is simply the level requirement to get into the planes, so in Classic you won't be able to attend almost 1/2 of the raids without achieving level 46. Also, Jboots are not that hard to get, but if you aren't having much success there are substitutes such as the tinkered spyglass. We simply want people to know that we expect them to care about their gear level. Our "Guild Policy" page, located on the website's main menu bar, has more information about this topic.


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    Added a few direct links.
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    The orange text in the original post are direct links.
  10. Yosemite New Member

    Yo, is DPG going out of business already?
  11. Attila Augur

    They seem to be missing the boat, but there is probably just some confusion after the move. I'm sure the management changes aren't helping the problem either. I think that they reported increased profits for three years in a row, so I am not sure why they would try and fix something that clearly wasn't broken in the first place. Hopefully this long delay isn't a game killer.
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    Looks like Prathun is on it. At least there isn't a reason to give notice for time off now.
  14. Attila Augur

    OCD Bump
  15. Attila Augur

    Decided on keeping open bids for armor drops also, min bid reduced for that and timer shortened.
  16. Attila Augur

    You have just skilled up in patience (16/365)!
  17. Attila Augur

    Went on a Steam spending spree yesterday. What are you guys doing to pass the time?
  18. Attila Augur

    By popular demand we are changing raid tics to every 1/2 hr instead of a full hour.
  19. Attila Augur

    Is tomorrow the day?
  20. Attila Augur

    AMA was mostly fluff, but what I got out of it is that they are focused on server merges and dot changes. I was hoping they would address bringing back focus effects for TLPs, but that didn't happen. Are people really spending that much money on Krono leveling that they can ignore the large influx of money that new TLPs bring?

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