<Aradune TLP> Legion of the Dead Three (East Coast Raid Guild)

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Attila, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Attila Augur

  2. Attila Augur

  3. FlareX New Member

    Hello returning to start up Aradune. Looking for a good group to call home. Will be playing an Ogre Warrior.

    What is the discord? Is there room still?
  4. Attila Augur

    Getting pretty busy in Discord.
  5. Trakksem Journeyman

    Cant have you shamelessly bumping your own thread boss! So I will throw mine in there as well. Seems to be a great group we having coming together. I look forward to running my first TLP with you guys!
  6. scungie New Member

    LETS GO! Bump...
  7. Attila Augur

    May 27th launch date
    2 boxes max
    Pop/Ldon locked
    Go legion!
  8. Attila Augur

    I am super happy with this! 2 characters per person, live GM's, PoP locked and they fixed charm too! Rawrrr!
  9. Attila Augur

    Coming up on 100 Discord members. I expect about a 1/3 to be lurkers, which is totally fine since the channel is open to anyone. Minus the casuals and part timers, we are about 1/2 way to our goal of a full time "Hardcore" raid force. As always, we will welcome anyone that want's to join us no matter what their play style is. So, stop on by when you get the chance and check us out.
  10. Attila Augur

  11. Starshape Elder

    Free bump because Attila is classy.
  12. Attila Augur

    Next guy that joins us is our 100th Discord member
  13. Attila Augur

    Aradune is no longer PoP locked.

    Baby come back, any kind of fool could see
    There was somethin' in everything about you
    Baby come back, you can blame it all on me
    I was wrong and I just can't live without you
  14. Attila Augur

    So many bat-phone guilds
  15. Attila Augur

    I'm amazed at how fast our static groups are forming. Come check us out.
  16. Attila Augur

  17. Attila Augur

    Still bumping
  18. Trakksem Journeyman

    28 Days away..... and the anticipation is building....... Tell my squire to get my gear ready!....... Wait... wheres my squire?????
  19. Attila Augur

    4 hardcore statics filled, check out our website and get involved. Discord is super active.
  20. Attila Augur

    We have quite a few vets in our house. Perfect for a Memorial Day launch!

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