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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vicus, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Vicus Augur
    Afternoon everyone,

    With the announcement of the two new servers coming in May/June timeframe (estimate) I have created an unofficial discord channel for us to use pre-launch and after launch. Based off the launch of Miragul and their unofficial discord server, having a server for everyone was extremely helpful for guild recruitment, information, and helped to pass the time while everyone waited who didn't want to start on another server in the meantime.

    I made the server to accommodated both TLP's to increase participation and because I know that a lot of people are still on the fence on which server to join. The full rulesets aren't out and ninja additions like PVP or FV will have many people changing their minds on their server choice if implemented. Also many people have unique schedules so having all guilds (EST/PST/EU/AUS/Asia) time zone guilds in one location will make it easier for players to find a guild and guilds to find players. If you plan to make a guild or are a recruiting officer for a guild please message me on the discord to allow you to access special rooms to advertise your guild. Most guilds will use their own discords/chat programs to run their guilds for current members but this discord will always be available to help with recruiting over the lifespan of the servers.

    For all other players there are LFG, Auction/Taxi, and general discussion channels to assist you during the grind to max level. I will also add channels in the future for guild progression/server crafters/ect when needed. Please message me if have any questions and hope the time passes fast for everyone.
  2. Swish New Member

    This will be a good place to chat with people about the upcoming servers. Feel free to join and await the server rules with others!
  3. Volas New Member

    .... so you wanna chat about the weather while you wait 3 or 4 months for 2 servers that havent even been fully revealed yet.

    That seems super awesome! lemme run right over and sign up!

    *goes off to continue playing on ACTUAL servers.*
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  4. Vicus Augur

    The weather is a fun thing to talk about. The weather channel is a very profitable channel on cable! People can use the server how they want but my intentions is to give a place for guilds and players to start to organize, communicate, and make basic plans. May/June is considered early summer and that is only 35 days away. But you could be right it could be 3-4 months. Then for 2 extra months the discord server will be there to complain that DPG are taking their sweet time. But I think even DPG knows that the TLP servers would make more money while everyone is at home with avoiding the virus.
  5. Vicus Augur

    So I don't think this is against the ToS but if it is I will delete me post.I am doing this to promote the servers and just have a little fun while we wait for the TLP servers to be announced. (No bad intentions with this Dev's, thanks for making the servers).

    I have created a new channel on the discord that will only be active while we wait. Win a Krono if you can guess the EXACT server rules for each server (only in the discord not on this post). Everyone only gets one guess. The first person to guess correct will be the ONLY winner (not having a 5 way tie...sorry not that much of a baller). You must get everything correct. This will be like winning the lotto, can't get just there half-way. But if no one guesses it correct, then it will be who got the closest, so there will be at least two winners. (you can't win both krono, want to share the love). Once the server ruleset is announced I will start to review the log for a winner. Here is an example: Aradune - Start at classic, AOC, Mangler xp rate, Truebox, 3 months release for level cap increase, 2 months with no level cap, PVP, FV loot rules, mercs useable at level 1! (just threw in some random unique server option). Rizlona - Start at classic, AOC, Mangler xp rate, Non-Truebox, 3 months release for level cap increase, 2 months with no level cap, PVP, FV loot rules I will be fair and ensure that if I make any mistakes during this to correct it. Shlooter (buddy of mine) will help me judge to ensure we pick the correct winner. At the end of the day it's 1 krono but will be a bonus perk for waiting out the server ruleset and joining the discord. Once it's been verified who wins I will make a level 1 character on whatever server you want and make the transfer. Those who join earlier will have the advantage because I am basing the winner of the first correct guess. Good Luck everyone.
  6. Brunlin Augur

  7. Swish New Member

    People have been coming in steadily up to about 45 people so far. Come hang chat with people as we wait.
  8. Arclyte Augur

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  9. Anduven New Member

    Where did you learn your seasons. Go back to school dude.
  10. Swish New Member

    They do not really have anything for the new servers on the official EQ discord. Every time servers are being being launched there is some new discord people go to. The discord Vicus put together happens to be that one.
  11. Maneuvre Elder

    We could use this same argument to discredit FOH EQ boards in favor of official EQ boards no? But we don't. So maybe don't discredit this unofficial Discord either.

    Spot on. The official Discord is great and all but right now there isn't anywhere to consolidate ideas or efforts. Even when DPG creates a channel for the new servers? It'll still be one channel... so there may too much scrolling to find anything of value in there. The unofficial servers provide a bit more depth... and... I don't have to verify my phone o_O

    I'll also use this time for a shameless plug too. AFTER you join Vicus' unofficial discord and get settled in, go ahead and join the unofficial Mangler Discord as well. Use the The Mangy Mangler to find resources while you practice for the new servers.

    Good luck Vicus.
  12. Gashedeagle Journeyman

    Does anyone know by chance if another Auction channel recording website will be active for the new TLPs?

    I remember using a website to look at the going prices people had used in /auction in commonlands tunnel
  13. mark Augur

    what ever happened to lvl up in a good group and joining their guild or forming one with those good players?
  14. Vicus Augur

    Those days are gone like mail being delivered by a horse or making phone calls on phones with cords. Guilds that are organized from the start have a better chance of survival. Trying to get 40+ people from grouping in a game that allows VM boxing (see the thread with 18+ characters in a picture posted today) is pretty hard.
  15. Gashedeagle Journeyman

    You're asking what happened? Social networking happened, technology advanced, and there are many different platforms of communication now.
  16. Foaming Augur

    Join in on the confusion and complaining over the rulesets!
  17. Vicus Augur

    The discord server is much happier now and active with the new info. Guilds are posting so jump in and post your guilds info (message me or shlooter for permissions). 30 days till launch, can get organized and have two vibrant servers.
  18. pinco Journeyman

    everyone seems to worry about micromanaging the game the fun of eq his bumping into players randomly in groups and then deciding they are good or a fun players, i want to be in their guild instead of joining a guild and been told do these and that or dont be part of these guild and realising the guild leader his the head of the G e s t a p o,so il be unguilded until i meet people i want to group and raid with.
  19. Vicus Augur

    Hmm, so I take it you aren't interested in joining the Discord? Might meet some old friends you once knew or the head of ISIS, never know!
  20. pinco Journeyman

    new tlp new expiriences.

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