Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Vorshayla75 New Member

    Please please rethink this PoP lock thing on Aradune.. Agnarr is dead.. the 2 box enforced is perfect.. but don't make it locked after PoP.. the server is almost perfect for a lot of us without the lock
  2. Xanathol Augur

    LDoN locked on both? LMAO!

    Plus, the truebox server is not only truebox, but a 2 box limit? LOL!

    Anyone worried these servers would hurt other TLPs can now put that worry aside...
  3. modsiw Augur

    I'm disappointed in the warning before ban on automated play. I can maybe see it in minor cases where the automation is borderline (eg swimming into a corner for skill ups), but as stated, this seems like it's a golden ticket for people to see just how far they can push it.

    Given that DBG has been working on the ability to merge servers, I assume that the goal here is to leave the door open to periodically releasing PoP/LDoN servers and eventually folding those players into a single server. The hardware can then be recycled for a new TLP. I can't imagine leaving many low population TLP servers alive is viable long term.
  4. HicksSelos New Member

    well at least Manglers pop should stay healthy!
  5. Jibeker Lorekeeper

    I think y'all mean "Unattended" gameplay instead of "Unintended."

    Suspending/banning players for stuff they didn't intend to happen would mean a ban for the entire game populace :)
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  6. krisys Elder

    Best decision yall ever made was to announce the first boxing, aoc enabled server, causing a lot of hype and hope for people to come back. Now all that is gone with this POP locked crap.
  7. Religious Elder

    This is an extreme disappointment, and I'm nothing short of sorry to see that this is the direction DPG has chosen to go. It's clear that Agnaar by itself wasn't enough to demonstrate what happens to an expansion locked server. Another DOA server set much like their anniversary server.
  8. mark Augur

    hi dreamweaver will there be new tlps ready to go when these 2 servers are locked so that people dont stop playing eq and wait for the next set of tlp?,also will isoboxer be allowed a program that requires you to be at the keyboard all the time on ritlona?.
  9. Nags69 New Member

    Why not lock it at Prophecy of Ro ? Thats the last expansion with lev 70 - so much content to do and to quest.

    Everyone left Agnarr because PoP/LDoN lock is only fun for 1 year before you reaaaallly get bored. The only active zone is Bazaar there.

    People have been asking for FV ruleset and non-truebox for soo long - i really dont understand these decisions :)
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  10. Madroc New Member

    Not to be brash, however, do you listen to your community?
    PoP lock is not what we want, this is coming from someone who has and still raids on Agnarr since its release. Everyone is looking for different, merge, extension of expansions, not copy paste and slight changes.
  11. Raneorn New Member

    Why lock at all? Do everything you said - FV ruleset, no truebox, start at Velious or Luclin and then release every 3 months (hell, 6 weeks would be better). They'd make a killing and people would be occupied.
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  12. AtabishiWoW Second best guild leader you'll ever have

    The Aradune 2 box limit is exactly what I've been wanting, but I can't for the life of me understand why you would PoP lock it and also decided to still stick with 3 month unlocks instead of 2. My TLP discord of over 150 people has had only 1 person so far say they were happy about PoP lock and the other 99.9% outraged. Is there any way you could be transparent on this and at least explain the thought process behind the decision to do PoP locked and 3 months instead of the 2 that everyone has been asking for forever?
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  13. krisys Elder

    how to kill hype? google EQ decision making
  14. Froogle of Veeshan New Member

    I want to offer an alternative perspective to everyone who is in such angst over this announcement by extending an invitation to the Phinigel server.

    Use this energy towards taking advantage of the heroic character opportunities available to you and catching up on an extremely alive and forward moving server. There seems to be a gathering of returning players utilizing the heroic program and catching up, it is a great time to join and do the same while seeing the game that you may have not yet seen in a progressive setting - it is truly worth it!
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  15. Kutsuu Augur

    Yeah it was about 4 months of PoP when we started seeing serious decline in attendance numbers, after that people were dropping like flies. Most other TLPs keep a healthier population even through the dark and sad expansions around DoDH era and pick back up in a big way around TSS.
  16. Kutsuu Augur

    Ok Froogle I'll take you up on that.
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  17. Dilligaf New Member

    This is beyond disappointing.
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  18. Machen New Member

    Thanks for the invite but no, they will not be getting any more of my money.
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  19. Vindaven Elder

    Will there be focus effects from start or only luclin onwards?
  20. ManglerDruid34 New Member

    Interesting that they are allowing boxing of 2 characters on Aradune, but no more than two characters..