Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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    Hello Everyone,

    After discussing with the team, we wanted to announce a change to the upcoming Progression Servers and also make something a little clearer. Due to the feedback we've received, we're going to be removing the PoP locking from both servers, allowing them to unlock expansions at the established rate (the same cadence as Mangler). The second point is, the dedicated GM status of these two servers is an experiment. We hope that it will prove to be viable, but it does have a time limit associated with it. We are targeting at least 6 months, post server launch, after which we will review the results and move forward from there.


    Hail, Norrathians! It is almost time to begin a fantastic new adventure. The Time-Locked Progression servers Aradune and Rizlona are launching on May 27! It's time to begin new adventures and forge new alliances.

    An EverQuest Progression Server is a way to experience EverQuest as it grew over time, starting during the earlier eras of the game. The Aradune Truebox Dedicated Progression and Rizlona Boxed Dedicated Progression servers begin with access to the original zones that were available at launch and will gradually add expansions every 3 months until Planes of Power/Lost Dungeons of Norrath at which point it will be locked.

    Need to know what to expect on Aradune and Rizlona?

    Dedicated GM - Rizlona and Aradune are GM dedicated servers, this means they will be more visible on your server and petition queues will go direct to them. It is possible that there will be instances where other GMs may assist when available but most will go to your specific GMs. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more about your server's GMs!

    Aradune Ruleset -
    Mangler Ruleset for XP Progression
    Agents of Change Enabled
    Pick Zones Enabled

    By playing on Aradune you agree to:

    Absolutely No Automated/Unintended Game-play, any incident of automated gameplay is immediate suspension, second offence is a ban including Aradune associated accounts.

    Boxing any more than 2 characters will result in the following actions taken against your account. First Offence: A written warning from the GM. Second Offence: A 7 day suspension of account privileges on all Aradune related accounts. Third Offence: Permanent ban on all Aradune associated accounts.

    Rizlona Ruleset -
    Mangler Ruleset for XP Progression
    Agents of Change Enabled
    Pick Zones Enabled

    By playing on Rizlona you agree to:

    Absolutely No Automated/Unintended Game-play, any incident of automated gameplay is immediate suspension, second offence is a ban including all Rizlona associated accounts.

    To play on Aradune or Rizlona server when they launch, all you'll need is an All Access Membership. You can discover all of the perks of being an All Access Member and sign up here!
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  5. Warrior007 53 61 74 6f 73 68 69

    Oooh man LDoN locked servers, we will pray for agnarr
  6. Kaelz New Member

    Sooo these stop at pop/ldon like agnarr......and u can play 2 toons on the truebox server and infinite on the non truebox? did i read that right?
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  7. dreamweaver Community Manager

    If you can play infinite toons I'd be impressed but more or less. Yes.
  8. Trakksem Journeyman

    It doesnt say locked. It just lists 3 months releases up till PoP
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  9. Trakksem Journeyman

    @dreamweaver is this a PoP/LDoN locked server?
  10. Kaelz New Member

    then what?
  11. dreamweaver Community Manager

    It is locked, that is what the "Until" is meant to convey but I will make it more specific.
  12. Finchy Augur

    so 3 PoP locked servers? lol...cmon now. can you cancel one of these and move Mangler to that server cluster so we can stop having crashes every 3-4 days and losing 100s of hours of loot lockouts?
  13. Raneorn New Member

    3 months in classic has shown to be a drag after ~4 weeks and no progression after PoP means the server in the end will die. Terrible way to remember Aradune.
  14. Trakksem Journeyman

    DUH... sorry, reading is fundamental
  15. Kutsuu Augur

    Big F for all the players who were hoping for a non truebox progression server with AoCs to play through all the expansions.

    Why another Agnarr? A lot of us were even hoping you would start the servers out around Kunark or Velious to avoid the classic crunch, much less leave them expansion locked to die out like Agnarr has.
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  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    PoP locked on both?

    Either way, it's nice to see something unique. Kudos. These will be the best newbie experiences in a long time.
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  17. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Pop Locked on both.
  18. ThenaEQ Augur

    congrats, you guys are killing your game even more than you already have. I had no idea it was even possible but you never fail to exceed my expectations.
  19. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I definitely agree that the classic is overdone if you've been around for a while... but if the boxing server goes past POP then it's the first boxing+AOC server ever... so it should be a good option down the road when EQ really needs boxing to stay afloat.
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  20. Boze TLP complaint factory

    The progression lock has these as dead within a year, unless y'all have some data showing Agnarr being big money. Good rule sets otherwise.
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