Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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  1. birisu Elder

    Locking the non-truebox server at PoP is a stupid idea.
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  2. Basak Augur

    If Mangler drops trubox then yeah I'll stay, rizlona was my way to avoid trubox and still get the aoc and such I enjoyed with Mangler.
  3. gunchou New Member


    please do not make aradune 3 months lockout make it 2 months lockout on expansion with level increase and 1 month lockout on expansions with no level increase with double loot, normal lockout timers and remove pop lock for expansions for the server to live on. thank you!

    7th time leveling in classic 3 months and kunark and velious, becomes very dull
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  4. Lateryn Augur

    You say that, yet servers have shown the biggest drops are luclin then pop. And then all those that quit in that timeframe happily reroll to do it all over again.

    These 2 servers are setup to almost exactly mirror the behavior of the vast majority of players.
  5. Kaelz New Member

    you wrote that any more than 2 will get you banned, not 2 or more....which is it? Thanks :)
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  6. Donncuan New Member

    Woot, Aradune server :)
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  7. Faidaen Lorekeeper

    Also, I wanted to know besides revenue stream, why another Agnarr 2.0 and 3.0?
  8. Lateryn Augur

    And this why is these servers are setup like this. The majority quit at pop. This server will end about 1 year from now just in time for all the players to reroll and do it again. Which sound silly but players have been doing it for years already and seem to have no problem doing classic > pop on a endless loop.
  9. Fooleryx New Member

    how about 1 pop/ldon server and you will have to merge that into the other one in like a year year and a half but what about a timelock that will go thru all the expansions
  10. Lateryn Augur

    Seems kind of obvious. Majority of players play from classic > pop, then quit. They then happily reroll on a new tlp to do it all over again. These 2 new servers match player behavior almost perfectly and line up to open new TLPs in a year just when these servers are finishing up.
  11. Kahna Augur

    Except that, without the ability to lie to themselves and say "this time it will be different" my friends all just decided to skip these servers, because why bother if it is all going to lock at PoP.
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  12. Lateryn Augur

    Players have shown they dont want to go through all the expansions. And the small % that do are playing on servers already doing that(phinny/selo). Otherwise players have shown they just want classic > pop over and over again.
  13. GugokSkulkraker Journeyman

    I don't understand why anyone would want to set up more Agnarr clones when that server is just barely limping along. I think it's painfully clear why this information wasn't released sooner. Very disappointed if this is the best the team could come up with.
  14. Jibeker Lorekeeper

    Just saw the clarification that Aradune is truebox, meaning that it is still locked to 1 toon per machine, up to a maximum of 2 toons. That's a bit lame. I don't care about the PoP lock stuff as I never progress beyond that, but I was looking forward to playing 2 characters like I used to do. Looks like the original post was poorly worded and this is probably gonne be a "nope" from this random player.
  15. Qbert Gallifreyan

    I hope these are successful. I won't play on them because of the expansion locks, but perhaps if enough people are in favor of these servers, the powers-that-be they will extend the otherwise enhanced enforcement to other servers. Without the expansion lock, Rizlona would have been the first new server I would like to try.
  16. Lateryn Augur

    I mean if your friends refuse to play on something that would give them exactly what they really want anyway, they are a lost cause.
  17. Gana Augur

    Ok, disappointed, sure. But given they are going to be closely* monitored by GMs, maybe that is as far as they are willing to watch? Maybe that is the extent that it (whatever "it" is) really holds an advantage? Maybe that is as much of the game that they know? Maybe they feel that the automated software detection they are building into the software can be monitored for this year...then based on performance (with live GM intervention to gauge it), release it to all servers? It's strange. *adjusts tin foil hat* Maybe it's a tip of the hat to Aradune since he left in 2002 and PoP was released in 2002? Hell, I got nothing. But this is certainly not what I was expecting...or wanting.
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  18. Eetra Journeyman

    How are you people this stupid? How are you this bad at managing EQ? This is a honest question, I am seriously wondering how you guys manage to put your pants on in the morning.
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  19. Darro New Member

    This!! So many good expansions once the levels start to go up again. Not to mention that DoDH and OOW have some great content.
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  20. Riddish Lorekeeper

    So what are your plans for Agnarr? Do we transfer off or are servers merged? This will prevent anyone new from coming onto Agnarr

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