Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. eaglehart New Member

    I understand you wanted to give people a server to box on but aren't there already so many servers you can box on? what I don't understand is the fact that you have to TLP servers going live and all of a sudden 1 takes like 3 hours in que to try and get in and that don't even happen. the other you can box on and I can log right onto that server. sorry I don't box and being on a server that is set up for boxing sucks
  2. Arog Augur

    163 minutes wait according the the queue when I tried to log in tonight after work. :(
  3. Redone913 New Member

    @Dreamweaver How about addressing the issue of all the players stuck in que's for the past 30 odd hours, Twitters say everything is fixed yet we continue to experience massive wait times and still never get in the game. Kind of funny how all the twitch and you tubers managed to connect immediately after each server crashed. Tonnes of players are not logging out so they can maintain a spot on there while afk all night. Boxers have multiple accounts online while others are still left without access. my Que time started at 1 min right when server opened and it has not gone down or even let me into the game. This morning it was at 5 minutes and it has not gone down it currently sits at 168 minutes
  4. Thygrym Elder

    One less paying account. Not a peep from DPG is just bad customer service.
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  5. zevel New Member

    I've been a eq player since the beginning, this is the worst I've seen it. I have no idea why the "pick" zones are not jumping to servers, so there shouldn't be any limit. For new things like this, the "buzz" is important to get new players. To have these kind of issues when the buzz is high is horrible.
  6. Derd Augur

    How are you seeing your que time, once you log in your spot is reserved, if you hit it again it shows current que NOT your current que time. If your quitting and relogging your moving yourself to the end of the line.
  7. Arog Augur

    Day three and after work today I tried to log in and got the 143 minute wait on the queue. So far its been 160 minutes and still not in.
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  8. Thygrym Elder

    For me the biggest issue is the lack of transparency and communication from DPG. Their Discord hasn't had a peep for almost 36 hours. Twitter not updated for nearly as long. Nothing on the forums at all by anyone for at least that long.

    A few messages about what's going on, how far over capacity they are seeing demand... what they plan to do about it... whether there will be any refunds or bonuses for all those who signed up just to play on Aradune etc etc. Heck, even a simple acknowledgement that they know people are frustrated and that they're working on plans/ideas would be better than complete silence. This is very, very poor customer service and as such I have cancelled my sub and won't be coming back to any Daybreak game ever again once that paid time is over. There are many other things I can do with my time and places I can spend my money.
  9. Dumpling25 New Member

    I don't think your opinion on whether or not I am "neglected" means very much to me. Thanks for the response, though.
  10. Lyrical Augur

    Its funny how many people share an opinion on how you shouldnt get to have an opinion. The opinion that money was wasted and will not be spent again means nothing to the person who is happy with the status quo.........even though losing paying customers is a detriment to anyone who still plays.

    We got some rocket scientists here.
  11. Herf Augur

    Day 4, still can't login to Aradune due to long queues.
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  12. Zee_Rex Journeyman

    What an absolute clown show.
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  13. ReturningPlayer New Member

    This is a rather unpleasant experience. To be polite.

    Some active players including myself were quite interested in the Aradune TLP and planned to start an alt guild there with many old friends we convinced to come back and play again.
    A fresh server, easy grouping at low level, no bot armies (in theory at least), dedicated GMs (allegedly - but then I imagine they cannot log in either), many players in newbie zones, economy not yet burdened by hundreds of millions of pp ... lot of good arguments to get old players back.

    And we got them ! Many players not seen in Norrath for over 15 years !

    Okay, launch was disastrous. S*** happen, nobody planned to do anything on the first night anyway.

    But since then the [censored] logging queue is a nightmare, and most peoples we convinced to come back already left, likely never to return.
    Wait for 1 to 2 hour on average (sometimes over 10+ hours ! - right now it has been over 4 hours for me) without even an accurate countdown, play half an hour, crash to desktop, repeat. For 2 days now, and running in a 3-day weekend on top?
    Forget about guild grouping, or any concerted activities ... two-third of our players are unable to connect at any given time.

    Sure, we can (and maybe will) wait a couple week and start again then ... we planned a big 3 day week-end of fun to start, that plan is trash now, but we hope to be there for a long time.
    Those that don't switch to some lesser but playable game in the meantime.
    Still, it is an incredibly badly managed launch.

    And the worse ... not a single word of apology from Daybreakgames.
    Or even a single communication since they got the server up and (sort of) running again.
    Would it hurt to take 30 seconds to log in and post "We apologize for the bad experience, we are working on solving the problems but don't have a solution yet."
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  14. Suzy New Member

    I just started a three-month subscription, and I can't play the game that I paid to pay ... ok, if this was launch day, that's understandable. But multiple days after, there's still an hour+ wait (which seems to keep growing)?? That must be the lowest I've yet seen from EQ - I think everyone ought to press for recompense in some fashion, expecially since we paid for a special service, and have gotten nada thusfar. It's gotta be illegal.
  15. Sheil New Member

    Fair point Suzy. But what makes it even worse is that it is so time consuming to get logged in that once you get in you stay in. If I want to take a break for a while I used to log off and then log back in later... now I won't log off and just leave my toon logged in. I'm sure many do the same now leaving less spots for anyone else to login. This makes the issue much worse for all, but what choice are we left with? It is not reasonable to log off for 45 minutes and then have to wait for more than an hour to login again. Just stupid that DB was not anywhere near prepared for this.
  16. Justanothermage1 New Member

    That que time you are talking about is the login server not the world server. If your in game your in game once everyone is in game there isnt a que into other zones.
    Que is there so people dont hammer the login server and stopping others from logging into other servers.
  17. Beardsy Lorekeeper

    I've only been able to play Aradune past midnight EST. I'm done trying. GG daybreak.
  18. Givathot New Member


    1. It would be nice to know if there is a max server population that is causing these issues.
    2. Know there are ways to simulate simultaneous logins to login server for testing. As well as users on server.
    3. Sure you would not be giving up any proprietary secrets by stating to community that the code for the game has limitations and if you would state those limitations it would put many players minds not so much at rest but at least understanding.
  19. Sa Da Tay New Member

    cool 170 minute queue today. Daybreak Games, y'all are doing a terrible job and you should feel bad
  20. Givathot New Member


    That all being said could you make an Aradune2 server obviously you have plenty of players that could support it. Then offer open window to transfer to other. Also since you know there is a limit of how many can play at a time try sending out a sign up list for servers to find out how many are interested then can prepare ahead of time to see if you need more of 1 kind of server such as 2 or 3 Aradune.

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