Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Yinla Augur

    Will we be able to create our char before launch day? So the servers don't get hammered at launch, we did this on some of the early TLPs.
  2. Rekreant New Member

    You dont need any of the backflags, you just go with your raid to the elemental bosses / time for backflag, and voila! You are keyed to all the zones that matter.

  3. Barton Augur

    Good question.
    It would be nice if we could
  4. Lurka New Member

    Since its max 2 characters you know most people will be buying a second hand pc or laptop to box on.

    If you are happy for people to two box why not make it doable on one machine?

    Does daybreak not care about the environment or future of the planet?

    All these extra laptops / pcs, the power to run them. The heat generated into the house causing extra use of aircon. Surely the company has some responsibility to help reduce these external factors?

    I'm sure it would do us all a favour in regards to making our desks look cleaner only needing one pc etc.
  5. Pawtato Augur

    There’s only like 10 of you.
  6. #NoCheating New Member

    To make sure ppl are not playing more than 2 characters, pretending a family member is playing another set, can you remove the auto follow on Aradune. It certainly should be challenging to have 6 toons running with 2 hands lol.
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  7. Alakshak Journeyman

    That would work if it weren't for the fact the most commonly used boxing software does not use normal /follow. All that does is hurt normal people AFKing and trueboxers going over the limit.
  8. #NoCheating New Member

    Well if you see some toons following, you’d know they’re cheating.

    It’s doable to move 2 toons by hand if you use 2 computers.

    It would be less costly on DPG for GM’s presence.

    So many players left this game because of bots, hopefully, this server will be, and stay clean.

    If not, I´ll be gone again.
  9. Corpsewake New Member

    Can someone who's been around the block clarify if they consider manned/attended conventional key broadcasting as "Automated/Unintended Game-play" or if they're referencing literally botting and not boxing?

    I've boxed on ragefire and live without problems so I'm speculating this will follow those rules on multiboxing. Sounds like Aradune is how all the other truebox ones have been and Rizlona is like live/older non truebox TLPs, yea?
  10. Lurka New Member

    Any news on this @dreamweaver

  11. Talimat Elder

    How does this not make sense? You want to box multiple accounts, go to Rizlona. The entire point of Aradune is some of us do not want to play on a server where everyone is boxing a ton of accounts and do not want to group with the rest of the server. The entire point of Rizlona is for you to be able to go box there. It's a win win.
  12. #NoCheating New Member

    Yeah, why so many ppl complaining when there’s a server for boxing multiples toons ?

  13. Sithil Elder

    Yeah because liking the 2 toon limit but wanting to be able to play both on 1 machine is exactly the same as wanting to 6, 12, 18 box. #getoffyourhighhorse.
  14. Risiko Augur

    I don't see how this will be enforceable because everybody knows someone that plays Everquest with their family living in the same house.

    Husband/wife duos are very common in Everquest. If booth of them 2 box, it's not going to be uncommon to see four characters following each other around in a group. You know there are going to be people out there reporting every group of more than two characters following each other around, so pretty much every family that plays together is going to get petitioned for "cheating" over and over.
  15. CasuallyHardcore New Member

    Has a start time been posted anywhere? If so I've missed it. Trying to take time off of work and I don't now if I need to leave early or take Wednesday the 27th off.
  16. #NoCheating New Member

    The most fun I had in EQ is at launch when hardly anyone was boxing.

    We used to group with ppl.
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  17. MattThePhat New Member

    I don't believe it's been posted. Someone mentioned that Mangler/Selo launched at 2pm PST. As for taking the 27th off, I'm taking the 28th off. There was several hours of crashes and instability with the launch of Mangler.
  18. Jenarie Elder

    Please advise server open time even if approximate.
    People who may want to plan time off from work are running out of time to be able to do it.
  19. Zapford Elder

    This is something I'd love to know. It would be nice to make a few characters up, and not have to just hope my names are available when I get home from work on launch day.
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  20. Kulaking New Member

    Hi, the last time I played Everquest was in 2001 (I played on Karana and than Ayonae Ro).

    I'm coming back to the game very excited to play on the new servers.
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