Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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  1. Nollo New Member

    Ah I love you DBG~ I cant decide if I want to go with a casual 2 box with a server full of more social and classic styled, I always capped my boxing at 3 so that I atleast grouped with 1 other 3 boxer or 3 other players.

    Tho the All boxing on 1 PC is nice as I enjoy that ease of playing the squad, I usually cap out at 3 boxing and with that server I would go to 4 or 5 or 6 haha and I remember so many times on countless servers we had the 6 boxer or 3 or 4 or 5 6 boxers in guild and it kinda changes certain dynamics in terms of grouping with guild members after raids. I never liked when a 6 boxers made up 90% of the guild's main tanks, Cause then whenever the rest of guild needed to get things done, no tanks available, because all guild raid geared tanks are off doing content to build up the 5 boxes! and then the rest of players who Main DPS/Healers/Utility, all box half geared tanks for off raid hour content, it turns into massive extra gear needs haha.... and with that...

    ill decide on the 2 boxing server and group with human beings in a MMORPG!!!!
  2. Basak Augur

    Why this post though? You answered your own indecision so there would be no need for this post. I'll probably be on the multiboxing server to group with human beings myself. Have fun fine sir!
  3. Smallhands Elder

    You can change the distance.
  4. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

    Maybe i should just give up and leave the game, I am too old and not rich enough to sit here and spend money on 2 computers and try to run 2 characters at a time. I have enough just trying to run 1 character at a time. And I dont have uber characters now.
  5. TimeBreak Elder

    Limiting people to 2 characters - Cool, ok
    Enforcing TrueBox so those 2 characters have to be on seperate machines - Stupid

    I've got a 3 screen gaming computer that could probably handle a 24 man army in EQ and not blink an eye, but I'm required to break out a dusty laptop just to have a 2nd instance running?
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  6. Yinla Augur

    You don't have to play more than one character, I'm sure there will be lots of grouping opertunities on Aradune :)
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  7. Sokanist Journeyman

    as I understand it "True Box" was intended to reduce the amount of boxing, however...

    it looks like boxers either know how to cheat that system or simple buy lost of laptops as there looks to be as many boxers as ever before.

    so True Box doesn't apear to have had the intended effect, but instead ruining it for not normally boxing players who might box 1 or 2 more charecters.

    some pleople would describe me as a "box hater" but even I see no point in sticking with True Box on the Aradune server..... the True Box system will not magically remove all the box armies, why would it when it didn't for the other servers that has it.

    if Aradune is to be successfull with the max 2 charecter limit than the GMs has to perform nothing short of a miracle ! caurse True Box is NOT gonna do it

    so IMO you might aswell remove True Box from Aradune and let everyone box 2 charecter from same PC so its not just the ones with money for laptops or those who knowhow/willing to cheat.

    P.S. again thanks for removing PoP Lock :O) thumbs up
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  8. Vlahkmaak Journeyman

    EQ1 will run just fine on a total crapper lap top. Go to your nearest land fill and rummage through the electronic junk and you will probably be gtg. Set it up on a TV dinner stand right next to you so you can reach over with your off hand and hit your 1,2,3 hot key macros real fast for heal target, Assist and dps target, follow target, accept invite etc. Ok; Don't go to the land fill but seriously - cheap crapper lap tops are not hard to come by. Check any buy/sell/trade page for your local community. Boxing is pretty fun when you are not in a real group and want to accomplish more with less med time. Just think of all that extra free (minus subscription) bag and bank space just for you :)

    Seriously though Dark Paw - multiple screens are going to waste :(
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  9. delenia New Member

    So I got a question about aradune. how is 2 boxing going to be handed in houses that have 2-3 people playing that all box?
  10. delenia New Member

    where does it state you have to run2
  11. Vlahkmaak Journeyman

    Right in the description of the server. Truebox rules = 1 active toon per "box." That they do not seem to enforce it on other servers is not my problem. Perhaps the active GM on Aradune will enforce it. Either way you are free to box or not in what ever fashion you choose. I will choose to run two machines.
  12. elrox New Member

    USB numpad ftw.
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  13. Vlahkmaak Journeyman

    That is a whole nuther $10.00 though :)
  14. Tucoh Augur

    My opinion is that GMs should patrol Aradune and if they have a strong reason to believe they're 3+ boxing, move them to Rizlona. Lots of these mythical boxing families would get this and frankly that's OK.
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  15. EQ_Addict New Member

    Ok, so Aradune you can only play one character per computer....and Rizlona you can play any number of characters (one per account)??

    So, if I wanted to play 2 characters from the same computer with 2 accounts I could only do that on Rizlona??
  16. Arctodus New Member

    I am currently on Mangler and have enjoyed my time here so far. With anticipation for Aradune I was looking forward to a TLP that had never been done before, something new. What I would like see done is all race/class combos unlock starting at Classic, meaning Gnome SK, Beastlords, Beserkers, etc.are open from the start. Also, if they are going to lock the server lock it at OoW. What I would find neat is only 2 characters per account and I thought they said they were going to allow 2 accounts to be boxed?
    My last request would be remove the ability to awaken the Sleeper and stop the removal of items from the game or changed to their nerf versions. Anywho, that is what I would like to see.
  17. Thalliius Augur

    Reason people leave for new TLP at Classic is, I would bet, heavily influenced by krono farmers who just have a script they follow with every new release to make money and pay their rent. I feel for those people when this is no longer a viable means of income for them, wtf are they going to do? Put on their resume they played video games every day for the last 5+ years?
  18. Thalliius Augur

    You'd probably get less people to quit at PoP if you removed some of the flagging bottlenecks.. The flagging system in PoP is atrocious, and really burns you out. One mistake, or 1 missed raid and you're behind the rest of your guild.. and you need that progression in order to make it to the elemental planes, which are really the only zones worth hunting in
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  19. Tucoh Augur

    re: the post you made here:
    In case Dreamweaver clarifies that it's Aradune: 1 person, 1 computer, 2 characters and not 2 computers, I just got my laptop today to box on Aradune, anyone interested in a used laptop? :|
  20. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Nope it's still 1 character per computer, 2 characters max.
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