Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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  1. Whydidtheydoit New Member

    First off, great job DPG on taking action based on the input, big thumbs up! I'm with Jenarie on this one, maybe I just don't understand, but the way I see it, why would DPG or anyone care if you play two accounts on one computer or one account on two different computers. Unless I'm missing something, the revenue stream will be the same.
  2. Captain Video Augur

    I find some of this very confusing. I only have one subscribed account. Am I going to be able to 1-box on Aradune? Will I be allowed to ask other players to join me?
  3. Herf Augur

    Or you can come to Agnarr, where you will be welcomed.
  4. Herf Augur

    They won't be able to, reliably, as long as you're all trueboxing.
  5. xmPradah Augur

    TLP = Time Locked Progression. Subscribe to this mindset, and you will not be disappointed.
  6. Azurefrost Elder

    A GM could ask someone claiming their multiple boxes are family members or actual people to preform simultaneous actions on characters that are supposedly being played by actual people. Have one character run zig zags while jumping at the same time have the other person in say count to 20 pressing a number and then enter each time. One person onky has so many hands so having them do actions that require multiple button presses and take up both hands is hard to do simultaneously on multiple accounts, but is totally doable if each person is controlling an account. At least to my knowledge this would be very hard to do if someone is 6 boxing and then needs to control different actions on 3 characters at same time to prove they are 3 different people :p
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  7. Smallhands Elder

    Yeah and then have to do that everytime someone reports you for having a full group of real people.

    Sounds like fun, can't wait! \o/
  8. Cabbie New Member

    I do not understand the Truebox restriction on Aradune.
    If they implement a 2-box restriction per PLAYER, and will supervise it through GM presence. Then why make us all juggle with shabby laptops on the side and two mice & keyboards on the tabe and not just allow the two accounts to be logged from the same pc.
    Big QoL thing you know.
    And yes, leave Rizlona to the people who wish to go all out on the boxing thing.

    PS: 3months for Classic and Kunark (again!) is WAY too long. Make it 2 months or a direct Kunark launch which opens up pretty cool low level dungeons nobody ever used outside of PLing.
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  9. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

    So I have a couple of questions as a returning player that was a casual player, and never have had more than 1 account.

    Question 1 - with the new server, if you want to start out with a Kitty, you cant start playing until Luclin, so you have to wait for 9 - 12 months after the server launches? Or if I want an Lizard, I have to wait until August?

    Question 2 - How many toons will I be able to have on my 1 lonely account on that server? 2? 14? somewhere in between?

    Question 3 - What the hell is boxing? Is that playing multiple characters on multiple computers? Or multiple characters on multiple instances of the game on a single computer?

    Sorry for the dumb questions, but I fell away from the game for a long time, and I am getting back into it a little bit, and I am just curious. Might consider starting a toon or 2 on the new TLP, just as a trip down nostalgia lane.
  10. Sokanist Journeyman

    1: it looks that way yes,,, things could change before launch but very doubtfull.
    most likely yes meaning you have to wait or play another race until than.

    2: i think its 8 toon slots on an all access account. (only 1 playable at a time offcause)

    3: yes and yes... basicly its 1 person controlling more than 1 charecter at the same time,
    however some servers are "True Box" servers which means that you may only play 1 charecter per computer.
  11. nazgull2k1 Lorekeeper

    450+ Replies of "Ugh wtf this sucks."

    DPG - "We made the right decision!"

    ... I let all my accounts lapse a month ago. Mangler is currently drudging through PoP, and literally EVERYONE is fuggin bored of it at this point..

    So your answer.. to the MASSIVE Mangler population.. thats entirely sick of the bs of POP is...

    "Here.. have some more PoP!"

    I didnt think Trump ran DPG, but apparently, its someone with the same IQ Level.
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  12. Febb Augur

    Have you read the OP? Things have changed since the announcement.
  13. Dumpling25 New Member

    How about a server locked at Velious? Or SoL? I have found that as soon as PoP unlocks, I end up cancelling my subscription and wait until the next TLP server unlocks just so I can relive the old school content. To each their own, for sure, but I feel like a neglected customer. I can't think of any reason why DBG cannot allocate some of their resources to open a server or two like this. I'm so tired of PoP TLP servers. I can't get P99 to work properly on my PC, and I'd much rather just play through this client... Please open up an old school server of some sort. Kunark and Velious are really great and I'm simply not very interested in content after SoL.
  14. Ambee Elder

    Them not catering to your every whim doesn't make you "neglected".
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  15. Basalisk New Member


    Are we able to buy these now to be used on the new tlp server RIZLONA ???

    EverQuest Celebration Bundle

    EverQuest Celebration Pack

  16. Clueless Journeyman

    Is boxing on Aradune like it was back in 1999 where you need a 2nd computer?

    And boxing on Rizlona like the live servers where you can do so comfortable on 1 computer?

    Look I like how easy boxing is on the live servers so if Rizlona is like that Id be leaning towards that one.

    I do expect to drop off after a certain point I do like how bad the initial gear is.
  17. yepmetoo Augur

    FTP accounts = 2 characters
    Silver accounts = 4 characters (but I think any characters made before around april 2013 are playable no many how many you have made already)
    Gold accounts = 8 characters

    You can add 3 more slots from the loyalty vendor (can do this on any server, so if its an older account that has loyalty, can buy on a live server):

    FTP = 5 slots
    Silver = 7 slots
    Gold = 11 slots

    You can add 3 more slots from the marketplace (I believe you still can, not looked at that for years though). This is the limit most people face for playable character slots.

    FTP = 8 slots
    Silver = 10 slots
    Gold = 14 slots

    If you played on Stormhammer server for that brief period it was around, you also had 2 more slots, no FTP account will qualify since they didn't exist. So usable character slots on an account:

    Silver = 12 slots max
    Gold = 16 slots max
  18. Xanathol Augur

    Speaking of IQs, this is perfect. :D
  19. Kaneras Augur

    It's probably not as hard as you think. The box crews are all on auto-follow and stack on each other, it's easy to spot.

    I've been playing on Mangler and having a good time, but each passing just gets worse with box crews and power levelers. They are like leeches that just suck the life out of the game.
  20. KimchiGoddess Augur

    The stacking thing from my understanding is using a third party program and the sticky command, which works better than auto follow.

    I have 3 that I play sometimes and when I use auto follow they spread out, they're not all on top of each other. The stacking just makes it obvious they're using a program. I have very limited experience with that program from an I played around on for a month in like 2013 that allowed it. The sticky command did the stacking and everyone in complete sync.

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