Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

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  1. Idget Lorekeeper

    Despite what people say about Agnarr server its active enough, the guild I'm in there has 100 people online at any given time during peak US times. Why make another server we already have? How about at least a OoW or DoN locked server maybe.
  2. Trinost Journeyman

    I am a returning player with my girlfriend. Last time I played was in everquest live kunark just before velious was live due to being a child and not allowed to continue but everquest has always been my fondest childhood memory. I've been looking forward to this the last 3 months. I did not want to join an established server where they no longer raid previous content. I wanted to show my girlfriend my childhood love story about a boy meeting his first MMORPG. What helped create who I am today as a man. We are deeply disappointed that "Aradune" is a locked server. We do not care about a boxing server. We like it seems many others here on the forums deeply desire a classic to live server. The history being Aradune making this one very special and we would like to see it become a live server one day not locked in history but a reminder of our past and to let it grow with us. Maybe allow it to be a 2 month expansion release. Not as fast as what I've read selo's to be but maybe a little faster than its partner last year. That way one day it could be merged into Aradune if needed. Please reconsider locking this server. I will be making my plea heard here on the forums, in a game petition, and on the official discord to each developer in hopes my voice and request will be heard and Aradune is never made a locked server. I recommend the rest of the community here that wish this to do the same as it seems they are not listening to our voices here on the forums alone.
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  3. Vicus Augur

    Thats why they held a focus group...the group members told them to do the exact opposite of what they did and they still did what they wanted to anyways. That is also why Miragul was a DoA server on launch. Stop following people like a cult member and use your own head.
  4. Vicus Augur

    You arent the only one man. I started a discord server to get everyone into the TLP's together because the pre-announcements seemed awesome and very hopeful. Everyone was pretty excited because it seemed that they were at least playing on the same ball field as us now. Then yesterday happen and we are all deflated. I have zero intention of donating money to these two servers in their current form. 3 months of excitement to not playing.
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  5. Karango New Member

    When the servers were announced a month and a half ago.. I got super stoked and started playing live to fine tune my boxing setup in anticipation for Rizlona launch.. My enthusiasm waned and waned in the past "Coming weeks" and now, because of this garbage POP-Lock I will instead be unsubbing my 6 accounts and not playing on them.
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  6. Attila Augur

    So vicious! I like what they did also. Sure, the "Hardcore" guys need a server too and I hope that they get one, but I am good with whatever as long as we get to keep the 2 Character, GM enforced server they've announced. Another Selo with 2 month long release's should do the trick.
  7. Shagroth Journeyman

    Because this is the first server to have non truebox and AoC. This is a game changer, not just a reset. This brings a whole new excitement to the game for obviously a lot of people who want to box without running multiple machines at their desk.
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  8. Gnostalgia Gnome New Member

    Ex-Agnarr player here. I joined Agnarr because I had a track record of playing TLPs for a few months then getting bored and going off to other games. Turns out I joined a fun guild, met some great people, and decided I wanted to keep playing. But we all got to that point that people rightly pointed out here when Agnarr was announced - it's a dead end street. So we collectively liquidated our alts of gear, converted it to Krono, and moved to Coirnav.

    It turns out that Gates and Omens are pretty decent fun now after the re-tuning over the years, like many had said. The worst thing was that terrible attrition period where we were stuck doing Time for months and then stuck with LDoN for weeks after. That is an issue that should have been addressed for these new TLP servers. Release PoP, then LDoN maybe a month later, then after 8-10 weeks of PoP release Gates. That would do a LOT on helping stop that horrible attrition in that dead period.

    I don't post here often but lurk quite a bit. Out of all the dozens upon dozens of wish-list posts for these new TLP I can't recall a single one that asked for PoP-locked. We have that, and it's Agnarr and it has plenty of room for players because so many have left for other servers without the lock.

    And I can only guess the weeks of delay needed to "overcome technical hurdles" was in better anti-cheat systems and/or cheat detection tools? Because whatever it was, it sure as heck isn't apparent in this lackluster announcement. I mean I had thought of a lot of cool things that it might be that you were working on, such as:

    • Actual spell/melee/pet damage scaling instead of ham-fisted Mitigation of the Mighty
    • Novel ideas to alleviate popular gear-camp monopolization by krono farmers
    • Maybe all classes with appropriate race combos available at the start
    • A start in Kunark or Velious at the least. Even Luclin would be better than Classic alone.
    • Newbie armor quests available from the start
    • Unlocking mercs earlier
    • Making these keying quests something that could be done in half a day (VP, VT, Emp key, etc.)
    • Touching on the last point, generally taking away the time-sinks to try and keep people busy for a year or 6 months back in the day and making these much shorter to match the unlock schedule.
    And I could go on and on with ideas that are something different, most of which would make things less cut-throat and make people happier and able to enjoy playing with friends.

    But Mangler clones and PoP-lock is what you guys came up with? I mean if I was Dreamweaver I would have wanted to start a 2-week vacation as soon as I hit the Post button because I would have known that the next morning I'd wake up to page after page of forum rage.

    Kudos on the concept of actual GM presence and (maybe) enforcement of the rules? I mean the blatant hacks in this game have really hurt it in my opinion. That was the one thing in all this that seems intelligent. The rest just makes me wonder how you devs who seems so passionate about the game could be so oblivious and tone-deaf. Is this a case of Marketing calling the shots despite your protests?
  9. Basalisk New Member

    So even if you can true box more than 2 accounts you are not allowed on this server this option at all?
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  10. Grok Elder

    1. How are you going to enforce 2-boxing?
    This sounds neat if it's a real thing.. but it looks like just massive abuse potential. An IP restriction is not practical because so many people play with local family. VPN's are cheap and easy to use anyway. Going off people using /follow to move sounds sketchy at best... and trusting peoples /petitions even sketchier.. For all the people that say "I can tell, it's so obvious!" it's really not always that obvious. Also, what if someones is running a 2-box at camp, but a druid over vpn to teleport people for plat in the tunnel? How on earth will this be detected and resolved? There is not any way to prove someone is >2-boxing, and that screams abuse and favorites.....

    2. Is there a play nice policy?
    Are there any real rules? The current rules list 'griefing' and 'zone denial' as offenses, but not training or ks'ing. Are we going to be at the mercy of the GM interpretation of the rules at the time? Can we just get a CLEAR policy with CLEAR expectations so we don't have to have people taking our camps and saying tough luck, and so that we don't have to have people saying this is camped and report us when we steal their camp?
  11. Xanathol Augur

    I see a lot of comments that outside the PoP-lock, many were happy with the non-truebox TLP. Did you all not see the leaked conversation Holly & Dreamweaver had with their little "focus group" they choose? That Non-truebox server is going to be rife with MQusers, as the majority of their little pow-wow admitted to using it. The chat also stated that their GM enforcement would have to witness the acts themselves before doing anything. If you think that server wouldn't be cheat central, I have a great real estate deal for you!
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  12. Vicus Augur

    Well more like Vanguard, Pantheon is still going strong in production. Tomorrow is their bi-weekly live stream.
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  13. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Um... don't we agree to no automated gameplay on all servers regardless ?
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  14. phaeril Augur

    Gonna set up some kind of name reservation this go around?
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  15. Xanathol Augur

    Don't think you'll need to worry much about that... server will be empty.
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  16. Barton The Mischievous

    I am in the do not PoP Lock these servers or era lock them at all
    zero interest in coming back if they stay this way
    Please change the ruleset !
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  17. Eetra Journeyman

    I wonder what IceT thinks about all this?
  18. Vorshayla75 New Member

    Guys guys i got it. Next time around.. we ask for No FV Pop Lock and then in true DPG they'll give us FV no lock.

    IQ 300 right here. Big Brain all the way
  19. Eetra Journeyman

    My god we've been going about this wrong this entire time!
  20. jfrag New Member

    Utterly disappointing. I was really looking forward for the new TLP rulesets :*(
    - GM enforcing rules on the server: Sure, great, whatever
    - Pop locked: I'm out
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