Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Xanathol Augur

    Don't think you'll need to worry much about that... server will be empty.
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  2. Barton Augur

    I am in the do not PoP Lock these servers or era lock them at all
    zero interest in coming back if they stay this way
    Please change the ruleset !
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  3. Eetra Journeyman

    I wonder what IceT thinks about all this?
  4. Vorshayla75 New Member

    Guys guys i got it. Next time around.. we ask for No FV Pop Lock and then in true DPG they'll give us FV no lock.

    IQ 300 right here. Big Brain all the way
  5. Eetra Journeyman

    My god we've been going about this wrong this entire time!
  6. jfrag New Member

    Utterly disappointing. I was really looking forward for the new TLP rulesets :*(
    - GM enforcing rules on the server: Sure, great, whatever
    - Pop locked: I'm out
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  7. Tachyon Augur

    The raiding scene is good on Mangler. Usually 50-80 on most pick up PoP targets. Grouping is declining. 10-15 lfg daytime maybe 30 in the evenings on a regular basis.
  8. Tachyon Augur

    Agreed! But Mangler will be close to this when the new servers open so you can have both.
  9. Dexxeaa00 Elder

    What ever happened to in game polls ?

    I guess the new way to do business is to not give the customers what they want ?
    They order prime rib but its cheaper for you to bring them bologna.

  10. Raytheon Augur

    What everyone is missing when they say "DPG isn't listening to the community" is that DPG doesn't consider "The Community" to be the passionate people on these forums and in Discord and the like. They consider us "The Vocal Minority". They have said exactly that when explaining why Free Trade TLP won't happen. "The Community" to them is paying customers, and where people have spent their money in the past will drive where DPG dedicates their resources in the future. So, Rizlona and Aradune will likely be a huge hit with lots of cash flowing from krono and bags and subs, and this will drive them in that direction even more. The only way for this kind of crap to stop is if Rizlona and Aradune are utter failures. I hate these locking at PoP, but my money is on these two servers being cash cows. Again.
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  11. GamerGramps New Member

    Everyone tends to agree that a TLP population goes down after PoP/LDoN.

    Here's some food for thought...
    Could the population go down during this era not because of the popularity of the expansions, but the fact that players (box armies and krono farmers) are moving on to greener pastures when another TLP opens up?

    Ragefire - PoP unlocked on May 29th, 2017. Agnarr opened on May 24th, 2017.
    Agnarr - PoP unlocked on April 25th, 2018. Coirnav opened on March 16th, 2018.
    Coirnav - PoP unlocked on Feb 13th, 2019. Selos/Mangler opened on March 16th, 2019.

    Maybe the dates are just a coincidence, and players really do get bored after PoP. On Ragefire, I just notice a decrease in the armies and farmers when a new TLP launches.

    My other opinion... Don't PoP-Lock Rizlona!!!!!
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  12. Xanathol Augur

    A server with no players cannot be a cash cow.

    To be more precise on the 'community' they listen to, it is a handful of players they get along with, nothing more, nothing less. And you can see how well that has worked out.
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  13. Lumiens Augur

    They changed up Mangler and Selo last year after all the backlash they got after their initial ruleset announcements so there is hope that they can do it again this year.
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  14. Vorshayla75 New Member

    we had Holly last year.. we don't have said Holly this year
  15. modsiw Augur

    Maybe they are switching for boxing and GMs. Classic is just a temporary hurdle to jump.
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  16. dreamweaver Community Manager

    New staff.
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  17. tonponbo New Member

    You just squashed what hope i had for the non truebox, pop locked? wtf am i supposed to do with that?

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  18. Vicus Augur

    Aradune will have some players but nothing like Agnarr, that ship sailed. Rizlona will be empty. NO one wanted Rizlona like this. Can't make money like that. But good news, the CS team will have an easier time then they thought with the cheating stuff.
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  19. Whoops Augur

    Honest question. We can only speculate, but which do you think was the bigger cash cow? Agnarr, from its launch until shortly before new TLPs were announced, or the combination of Mangler and Selo (since they launched together, dividing where people spent money) until recently? The figures may not even be all that different, because I think a lot of the draw to do it all again-again, and throw money at it again, is that it's shiny and new.

    Sadly, part of what makes the shiny and new thing--whatever it is--seem more appealing is at least the illusion of choice. Sure, loads of people may play classic-PoP on a loop, but being told at the outset that you can't do anything other than that with either of the shiny new things scuffs up all the shine that makes them otherwise attractive. (On the other hand, I do appreciate that it's clearly stated up front. While it's nice to have choices, even if you keep making the same ones, it's vastly more infuriating to be misled.)
  20. Widget New Member

    No wonder they kept this info locked away until now, what a farse, I've not seen a single post from anyone saying either of these servers are a good idea.Why oh why do you think we'd need 3 PoP locked servers?
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