Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 28, 2020.

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  2. Magic Augur

    People will come to play on these servers only for KRONO FARM, no one seriously wants to play for a long time on these new POP-locked servers and most will wait until the launch of a new (maybe FV) TLP, but in this case, no one will spend serious money on developing character - why if it is a servers for just farm some kronos or a passing server while waiting for another. And this applies only to real EQ fans, others will just go to the other games until they see a NORMAL server on which they want stay for a long and and develop their character.
  3. Typucm Elder

    There is nothing to expect after you say them PoP locked.

    RIP all my hopes, but this was expected, someone here on the forum said that they will collect all the unpopular ideas from the forum for new servers, but he was wrong, they found unpopular ideas about which no one even asked! WOW! Its phenomenally! LOL.

    So, what rules will be on 3-d server?
    Hope it will be FV TLP with AoC, other rules not metter for me (but NOT POP LOCK PLS) :)
  4. Vicus Augur

  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    New members of staff? Or are all other servers being given less GM support as they are 2 staff down?
  6. Ghostv24 New Member

  7. Stormlight New Member

    This! and its not like the GMs will be dedicated to the servers once in PoP indefinitely!
  8. PathToEternity Augur

    My god, this is fuggen gold
  9. Faclez New Member

    Who cares about having Gm's on the server, like that is some perk that will bring people back to play! Gm's should be on the server anyways! Like a restraunt that serves water.......
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  10. PathToEternity Augur

    It would literally be more interesting if they started one of these servers with LDoN and disabled one expansion every couple of weeks until the server was just Classic only.

    Still stupid but at least innovative.
  11. Eetra Journeyman

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  12. Faclez New Member

    Think that we can all agree, we won't ever see anything "innovative" from the current people running EQ. Should see the discord im in, ALL negative comments, around 45 people talking about how dissapointing this announcement was.

    Someone from EQ Watch that video above! You're turning these progression servers into a joke, and this video nails it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hendar Augur

    Logged in just to say: This is the stupidest move possible.

    I don't have the time to play that I once did, but being able to box with an AoC would allow me to do stuff at my own pace. I was looking forward to something new. Right now I'm in shock.

    I'm tired of classic. I never created a character on Agnarr. Locking at PoP is what free-to-play should have been.
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  14. Fugly New Member

    I think it's hilarious that people who are on a server that is about to go to GoD are complaining that they can't switch to the new TLP because is doesn't go past PoP. Anyone else here think that is kind of moronic? I mean, besides the 12 pages of "New Member" alt accounts posting here, I am pretty sure most of the players are pretty happy with the new servers.
  15. Faclez New Member

    @Fugly, it list you as a new member, are you new? Doubt it. Ive been playing since classic with this account, and it list me as a new member......... Come to our discord and you can see the pages of people being unimpressed. All eq die hards!
  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Lol, "worked for coirnav"

    This video is dpg gold.
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  17. Mrjon3s Augur

    Man this sucks. I was so hyped for a new TLP. I was hoping maybe they would start in kunark or maybe start with beastlords and berserkers being playable. Nope just Agnarr 2.0.
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  18. Fugly New Member

    Is there something wrong with Mangler? I'm being serious as you seem to be. You want a server that goes past pop, but you have one right? So, if they said "Damn, our bad" and opened the new server up past PoP, what would you do? Would you leave your current server that is just about to go past PoP to join another that is starting in Classic? What kind of sense does that make? Most people are sheep and will take up the attitude of those around them. So I don't need to hear the Baaaa's of your Discord. I simply want to hear the reason you want to abandon a true progression server that is giving you what you want for another Classic launch.
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  19. Ajjantis Elder

    Not trying to be rude, but i just, for the love of everything, cant understand your decision making. Is it really a business move or why would you actually NOT listen for to your playerbase for ONCE?!

    A VERY small minority (<5%) is probably happy about a PoP locked server, everyone else really looked forward for a special server with the best rules possible, maybe even FV loot rules.

    But after the last exciting months this is all you could come up to?

    No way im gonna spend any money or time on a toon that will be stuck in PoP forever. We do have a server with those rules already and its BARELY alive.

    Couldnt you come up with something smarter, more exciting?

    You cant be possible serious with going forward with this two server. This is NOT what your player base has asked for the last months. It really just isnt.

    Please RETHINK this, everything was great till you came up with the PoP lock.

    Im really sad, really looked forward with my friends to start again.
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  20. Ecko Journeyman

    I've had this account since 2004, still shows me as a new member, mostly cos I don't usually get involved with Forumquest as it's honestly a little embarrassing seeing what people post here and the same names replying with their own agendas.

    I think what is happening is that people are so baffled by the PoP lock announcement they're engaging with this forum to try and dissuade DPG from going this route. Much like what happened last year with Mangler & Selo.

    So we have precedent they could change at least one of the servers, which is going to drive up engagement from people (like myself) that wouldn't usually post here.

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