Aradune & Rizlona Launch Date! - May 27

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Tachyon Augur

    Love it! All Aradune for me!!!
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  2. gladiatoreq Elder

    Why are either of the servers PoP locked? There's already a server for people that want that...

    Now we have three? Agnarr is dead, as will be the fate of both of these servers unless rulesets are changed.
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  3. Darro New Member

    Why do *both* have to be locked to PoP? I had some genuine excitement for this before hearing that. Rulsets even seem fine even if they're very standard. Why do you need *3* pop-locked servers? It's like trying to kill a server within a year or year and a half on purpose to shorten the hamster wheel.
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  4. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice


    *Except mangler/selo/phinny diehards
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  5. Attila Augur

    Great job DPG! 2 Characters per person, live Gm's, PoP locked and you even fixed charm. Great job! Looking forward to the Necro dot changes as well.
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  6. Pikles Journeyman

    If only they increased this limit to 3 characters per person! And unlocked the boxing server, this may be almost perfect! I don't think people would complain if the unlock rates on Aradune were a little faster. But this sounds fun!
  7. Vicus Augur

    Spent the last few weeks disagreeing with you on other subjects but I agree here. These servers seem selfish to what the devs want out of these servers and seem like they tried to give us some things we wanted just to appease us but ultimately the playerbase were not their main priority.

    I really hope the devs change course with this...listen to us players..and instead of fighting tooth and nail to get what we both want..we can work together from this point. Keep the players happy (the majority) and we will keep the money coming. Current state, the two servers will be quick buys, not long-term investment (Rizlona is Miragul 2.0).
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  8. Eetra Journeyman

  9. Tucoh Augur

    I'm guessing that was the thinking, and it's naive because players will jump to the new shiny whether their server is PoP locked or on track for a ToV release.
  10. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    POP lock needs to go.
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  11. davnegsep Journeyman

    So whats the point? Make some characters and work them up to PoP. Then what? Game Over. Delete your characters or let them rot. Why is that obsession with classic thorough pop expansions? Everquest has 26 expansions. Why is this obsession only with the first 6 expansions? What happen with the rest of the 20 expansions? Can anyone explain me why the 6 first expansions are more important than the other 20 expansions?
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  12. Faclez New Member

    Because this team has no vision and does not listen to the community! There are so many different ways a progression server can be done, and they are stuck in this linear way of thinking, refusing to take a risk, to the only thing keeping the EQ doors open. Take a chance, and the community will come!
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  13. Faclez New Member

    Why not do a Selos style server that stops at pop..... makes as much sense lol
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  14. The_Phoenix Journeyman

    Why not simply have both run towards live and promise to provide GM intervention until LDoN and see whether worth continuing after.

    Worst case the krono farming and bot armies will be far less of an issue GoD onward.

    Those servers sound pretty appealing to me.
  15. Tachyon Augur

    Every server declines after PoP. Even Mangler is getting there. The Classic to PoP run is where all the fun is!
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  16. Faclez New Member

    If you launched ldon with pop, and excellerated unlocks after pop, that would extend the server life. Oh look an idea.......
  17. Iove Lorekeeper

    On Discord Devs told us them want to keep people play PAST POP and make both new server POP LOCKED? Where is logic here? Or here some things we not know about, like them have 3-d hidden server what will be with FV loot and non-PoP locked? (I still sure FV-TLP will keep players play on this server to Live).
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  18. darth_void_ptr New Member

    Make Rizlona go past PoP.

    I want a no-truebox/aoc box progression server, but before PoP it's going to be a mess, there's just not enough room. Boxing stops being a social disease at around GoD, and especially at DoN and beyond.
  19. Raneorn New Member

    The server populations disagree with you.
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  20. davnegsep Journeyman

    What is fun for u doesn't mean is fun for others. Other players may disagree with you in what everquest expantions range is the fun. For example, I disagree with you. For me the run from OOW to ToV expansions is where all the fun is!
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