Antonius Bayle Server: Free Transfers to Vox Available

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Arraden Augur

    That's a good definition - personal encountering - so yes, experience of your personal encounter means you know what that means to you. But then pushing that as fact for all, or a majority, or as the status quo is an opinion based on experience; you know it to be true for you, so you form an opinion based on experience. It's not fact. ;)
  2. Arraden Augur

    With you 100000% on this.
    The common sense solution - my first post was in reference to the nonsense of seeing Vox moves as the actual fix and not putting trust in a short-term fix solution and saying that it was fact that everyone wanted a server merge.

    I'm hoping for a server fix. If it doesn't happen in a good time frame - ie before November, then deal as it comes. No point pushing for a server merge before a fix attempt has been exhausted.
  3. Pfaffe Journeyman

    I totally agree with Eliandra. After wednesdays patch the server is unplayable quite the same like sunday (13th Aug).

    And Eliandra also stated above that there has been an issue with AB unstability right before release of EOK.

    It is quite obvious that DB only tries misserably to solve problems with AB just to sell the next expansion even to AB players.

    If I count the old problems together with the current issues we are talking roughly 18 month of the server not acting like it should be. And there is still talk about having to be patient.

    It is very unlikely that daybreak will be capable to fix the current problems soonish, keeping in mind that they didn't care for us all the time of the year when a new expansion release wasn't imminent. Obviously they only attack problems when selling a new product is involved and even then they patch one problem and create 3 or 4 others. Like now the server is acting worse than ever.

    So remembering the past two years I question how people can still have faith in DB.

    It is naive to think that there is a different solution than a server merge. DB is certainly too incompetent to fix any problem. The ping on a server is overrated within a certain range. If you think you have issues on a server because of a ping below 200 then it's definetly caused by something else than that. Maybe logfile too big, antivirus tormenting your system or whatever else but the ping is the least of your problems.
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  4. Jumbur Augur

    At least we can assume that the problems we saw today is DBG's attempt to try things out.
    Things that are relevant to a fix...:)
    But yeah, today was extra bad. Like "hotfix needed asap"-bad!! :eek:
  5. Thancra Augur

    Well maybe you're one of the very few that are so skilled and talented it makes a difference in your actions because you're that fast at pressing keys, for most players though it doesn't make any though. Shame you're posting under a pseudo and not your toon's name, such talent shouldn't be kept secret.

    Well, I talk to people and they share their experience, I read forums too. Not everyone is centered about his personal experience only.
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  6. Mesil Journeyman

    After patch AB is even worse as before.
    You got a million reports that something is wrong, and with what problems we have to deal on a daily basis - that have been negatively impacting our gameplay experience for a very long time.

    This situation is not playable and tolerable _anymore_. It is enough.

    Why don't you buy a new server/hardware and ship it to Amsterdam?
    That can't be that expensive - as loosing accounts....

    And if that _is_ too expensive - merge AB with Rathe/BB. One less server to maintain! win-win....

    Btw, my yard/house vanished last week (you can still enter house with door to no where - it is invisible and yard+items are gone) - no answer on petition - surprise...
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  7. eliandra Elder

    same for me .... house item vanished last week ... a gm solver (partialy , some items not my house , even with the last layout sent in add )
    the day after yard and house vanished again .... not sure they are real programer ....
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  8. zhay Journeyman

    maybe there is no true will to solve the problem on AB - it is kind of hard to understand from an it-perspective why daybreak cant fix this.
    server is properly virtual in holland - so why not just restore a backup on a fresh server in US and fix infrastructure to talk to new server. - and work on euro soil server without messing ppl play up (as well as you have all the time in the world to fix things)
    as it is, AB was unplayable today - and u got disconnected - as well as huge zone and chat lag

    you really say you want a server in europe - maybe start to make the one you already have playable.

    and if not consider change your name to; "daybreak - we break games day and night"

  9. Roxxlyy Augur

    Hi folks,

    I've been keeping up with this thread for the past week and have read through all of the feedback we've gotten. I understand the frustrations that many of you have been facing for so long, and how passionate many of you are about your guilds and community.

    For now, though, we will be continuing with our current plan of action. Antonius Bayle will remain open for players as we continue to work to improve server conditions. Free transfers to Vox will still be available to players, and will remain an option for the foreseeable future. Should this change, we'll give a heads up before the free transfer period ends. We are not trying to force a split of the whole AB/EU playerbase, but are presenting the server transfer as an option for individuals who do feel that their gameplay experience is more enjoyable on Vox.

    As previously stated, we are actively continuing to work on fixes for the problems on AB, but as there is currently no time frame for when the work will be complete, we wanted players to have some sort of option in the meantime. I know that this option isn't ideal for everyone, but it is what we are best able to offer at the moment. Since we will not be shutting down the AB server, merging servers or otherwise transferring the entire playerbase does not make sense for us to do.

    I'm going to close this thread for now since this plan will not be changing any time soon. As we continue to work on the issues surrounding AB, I will absolutely be providing updates as they arise.
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