Antonius Bayle Server: Free Transfers to Vox Available

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Wish i had seen this post before i posted mine above!
    Well said, i can only agree!!!
    Especially on the underlined, emphasized parts.
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  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    We are expectant of any improvement.
    We are also kind of tired of being your unpaid testing population;
    we were under the impression that you ran a dedicated server for that purpose;
    one that offers free play and then some perks whereas WE pay for the service you offer or suffer a lot of limitations.

    As others have said, it's taken you 9months now to acknowledge that there is a problem and state that you are working on fixing them.
    It's high time for improvements, even if they're small improvements!
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  3. Cazmac Augur

    Vox is not a "dead" server but does have a relatively low population. I created a Beastlord there a few days ago, to see what I could see. There were 22 in the Tutorial and 288 in the general channel. I am still playing my Bst and just joined a guild, so will have parallel play there and on AB, mainly because of the awful lag.
  4. Cazmac Augur

    I never knew it was that simple! :) I have one new Beastlord on Vox since Sunday and noticed 22 in Tutorial and 288 in the general channel, so not dead but not high either.
  5. Zortex Journeyman

    The Majority of the Players are in favor of a Merge with The Rathe.

    Give us 5 Good reasons why we should NOT merge.

    tick-tok tick-tok, more and more people quitting AB day by day, hour by hour...

    I honestly believe if this issue is not fixed by new years AB will be dead, none would like to play on new expansion with this broken server...

    The ball is in your court DB, how many more people are going to quit the game due, to this issue that your pushed under the table for over a YEAR!
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  6. Makta Lorekeeper

    I played on Bertox (A US server) for YEARS in a Euro times raiding guild (Phantom Raiders) with dozens of Euros who all had 200+ ping...they never had lag issues. We raided 6 days a week, 4 hours a day. When that guild closed shop, in 2011, several of us transferred to AB (including several American players). All of us American players had pings from 170-300 and never had any lag issues. So while merging AB with a US server will increase the ping for the Euro based player, it doesn't mean it's going to create performance issues for those players. And lets face it, it can't get any worse than AB atm.

    Ping in the low to mid 3 digits makes a difference in twitch type games, first person shooters etc, but not really with EQ. It never translated into horrible chat, spell, zoning lag etc. Whatever has happened in the last 8 months to make it so ungodly bad is on you guys. This problem needed full and immediate attention when it started. Here we are, 8 months later and only a few months from the next expansion, with nothing fixed yet. I can only offer anecdotal evidence, but the attrition rate has to have increased. I am letting my 2 box accounts subs lapse, and many others I play with and read about here are doing the same. If its going to take several more months while we wait for a "fix" that may not even "fix" the problem, then AB is going to continue to bleed players. God forbid it runs into the next expansion without being fixed. I can't imagine trying to figure out new content raid strats while also fighting server performance issues. It's bad enough trying to raid content you have on lockdown while fighting these same performance issues.

    You guys are taking a large gamble on this fix, it's taking way too long and many players are at their wit's end as is. If this persists into the new expansion, AB is likely going to die.
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  7. Yinla Augur

    I'll agree with this.

    While I'm happy playing on Agnarr (Tuesday - Saturday) outside of raids on AB (Sunday & Monday), once the new expansion is here and unplayable on AB my subscription will be cancelled.

    3 months encounting.....

    I don't have any ping issues on Agnarr, despite it being the busiest server in EQ.
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  8. Arraden Augur

    People, be real...

    All this "majority want this" "just do this".. super presumptive - don't speak for the majority if you don't have the data to back it up. Call for a server vote if you really want some quantitative info.

    DGB have a plan; rightly or wrongly.
    You may or may not agree, but it's pretty clear.

    They've acknowledge a serious issue.
    One step at a time, it will get fixed. It would be nice to have a time frame but they're probably unsure, or worse, aren't going to give a milestone if they can't meet it.
    They're probably not sure as they're rolling out live fixes to a live server.

    AB as a server is here to stay for the long-term as noted in this thread.
    The short-term is, if you're really annoyed, go to Vox (or a progression server) and set-up on a growing community. That option really is for the super annoyed people who will just go and play the game with a new community. It's not a solution for everyone and it probably wasn't intended to be - DGB never said it was.

    The lag makes it an even greater challenge for raiding.
    It isn't fun, but it's not impossible.
    It isn't convenient, but it's not impossible.

    As a community, we're steadfast. We've put up with it this long, that's not a reason for DGB to be slow, but come on; we either enjoy playing the game anyway (think about the long-term), or we don't and it doesn't matter if it's fixed or what is offered.

    All this "they don't care" "they're not listening"; they are people who play they game too.
    Give them a reason to care - it's not a team if everyone is calling each other out.
    Support the game by supporting the staff and I'm sure the men and women working will be more invested.
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  9. Seldom Augur

    Other than the server instability issues, AB is one of the healthiest servers by large margin in terms of community, guilds and overall game-wide progression. I hope the folks who don't keep up with forums or other servers don't fall into the trap of venturing over to Vox thinking it'll be an even close to similar experience community wise. Personally, I think it'd be wise for the EQ team/management to reconsider how they've decided to handle this with the transfers to Vox. I see how it "could" theoretically seem good on paper, but for many of the reasons already stated above, it's simply not. I recommend giving one of your most loyal communities a respectful send off and at least merging them with a mediocre server like Rathe if a realistic time table can't be set to correct the issues on AB
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  10. Dannes New Member

    I think one problem is that we do not know what actually isn't working. We are only guessing what's wrong. All that has been said is that is has to do with the phyical location of the server. And even this is not much information to go on to speculate why this lag is happening on our AB server. DBG only alone knows/or may not know why that is.

    If it is only the chat server that has to go from europe to US get NSA filtered and back over the ocean again, then there is a simple solution for that: Get AB its own chat server and diconnect it from Global Chat. Frankly I don't care about corss-server tells. All I see via cross-server tells are WTS XYZ item for 40 Kronos and I am sick of that!
    Let the Log-In process go via US servers so that you can check with subcription and stuff. But once logged on keep it all EU-side.

    But this is also just a guess. No clue if this could be a solution.

    On a personal note: I want to stay on a server that is located in Europe. You can say what you want but the diffrence between 40ms ping and 250ms ping is HUGE. We do not play a shooter that is correct. But just add up the 210ms lost for every thing you do within a 20 min fight; moving, spells casting, song twisting, hit def discs, and so on. When I came from BB to AB the gaming experience was so much better. It was like seeing throu a pair of glasses that have been cleaned for the first time in years.

    Like what others have allready said: The best thing DBG can do now to win back our paying trust is that they respond with some actual information. I remember times back in Sony days when we got a free month subscription for a 3 day rollback due to problems with vendor prices.
    Over the passed 9 months we lost WAY more then 3 days of unplayable times. Just count numerours days a whole raid evening was canceled because the game was not playable.
    Or how many days you counld not use Tribute items because your house was gone again. We sometimes had an active petition and the house or guild lobby was gone again. I do not bother setting the anchor anymore.
    Or in my case I lost a charater. My lvl 105 twink on the second account (also paying account) was just gone. After 2 days someone found him on their F2P account. Took 2 weeks to get him back with an standart "sorry - there he is again" respond (k few more words and nicely written but that's the essence of the mail I got).
    Or, or, or, or,... you can fill some ors.

    I really urge you DBG be more transperant what is going on with our server. Tell us. Many of us play this game for years. We are not 12 year old WoW kiddies. After 9 months patiently waiting we earned the right to get more information on the problem. Hey perhaps there is some nerd who actually has a solution for the problem. Some things you did not think about. Who knows? "We are working on it" "Fixes will be implemented" is just not good enouth anymore. Those phrases can be used in the first month to calm the community but not after 9 months of problems.

    Also please think of something to make us like you again (by this I mean its for DBG to find something thats says "sorry - here is a bonus for all the trouble you had, thank you for staying with us"... so all you numbnuts trolls do not even bother to ask for free expension or cars or any other dumb things to spam the forum).
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  11. Jumbur Augur

    My suggestion: Give free transfers to AB from all other normal servers(including VOX).

    There might be former AB players on other servers that was originally driven away by all the chatlag, they should have a chance to get back home, when the fixes have taken effect.

    It would do the AB community good. :)
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  12. Thancra Augur

    No, that's a fact backed up by the many people posting here, from the 4 raiding guilds of the server and from others more family guilds.

    I guess you're not playing (or playing much) on the server, you have no idea what's going on there. You'd be crying all the tears in your body already if you were to endure the lag for 10 months+ but thank you for the advices of patience...

    There won't be any long term plans with AB if the server ends up with way less people than Vox or Trakanon because the issues were not fixed in time.
    The most annoyed people are the ones that all gather at a certain time for what is called in this game, a raid. That's when they all experience huge lag, crashes while zoning, delay in tells and horribly lagging raid tools at best. Those super annoyed people are in raid guilds and cannot move alone, or they'd end up with no guilds and would have no reason to play. If you're a group player only, what's the point in going to a server that will be active at night instead of evenings / afternoons? Then it's clear the solution fits noone.

    No, the lag makes it tedious to raid, which means attrition is even stronger than usual, which means the guilds can fold. We also don't have the possibility to replace the people that are gone with people from other servers as easily as US guilds. Once the guilds are gone, the people are gone and your "steadfast community" as you call it will be gone aswell. No we don't enjoy the game atm, we hope we will enjoy it with fast fixes, but we currently don't.
    Maybe they play the game but they don't understand much of what happens specifically on AB, given the replies we've been getting here. The reason is they can loose half a server in term of subscriptions, thought it was a good enough motivation instead of hugs and cookies.
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  13. Pfaffe Journeyman

    To give you an idea about the quality of the AB-guilds.

    Shadows of Doom has long been on 4th rank serverwide regarding Progression.
    D'Pikeys raced SoD and was very close within the top ten.
    Raging Fury in the top 20
    Ancient Dominion raced RF.

    And you honestly want to move those people to a Server (Vox) that doesn't even appear on progression lists???

    It's like driving a Ferrari and have to change to a Mule.

    Both SoD and Pikeys certainly lost ranks - meaning position on the leaderboards and very valuable players who couldn't be bothered to deal with the issues any more.

    So all this talk from Vox and other server players, you can't even imaging what we are going through. Reread the posts from 13th August, log in on the server and try to talk to people. Zone into lively zones etc. Until you haven't experienced what we are going through I doubt you are entitled to an opinion in this thread.

    And the promised improvement from yesterdays patch was jack ****. Apparantly it has changed nothing.
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  14. Sissruukk Augur

    Yeah, we may not be up there on the progression list. Doesn't mean we aren't working on it, either. Remember, we are low poplulation. We are a small town working to do big city stuff. You'd be (or with the attitude you present here, not be) impressed with what we have done so far with the resources we have.

    If it came down to a forced move to Vox, what are you going to do, quit because no one is uber enough on Vox for your tastes?

    When we learned of the free xfers opening up to Vox from AB, we actually got excited. You know why? Because of the calibre of guilds on AB that could potentially come to Vox, and we could learn stuff from them. We were looking to engage with the people from AB who had raid experience to come help guide us and teach us, and help transform Vox into a competitive server.

    But people like you keep talking down to us like we are inbred, unwashed cousins that you want to have nothing to do with.

    Yes, I can imagine what you are going through. I have made a character on AB to experience what you are going through. And as I have REPEATEDLY stated, I support your cause to keep your server, your home. I, from Vox, have tried to do two things here: 1) Offer a welcoming hand to those that decide to come to our server, and 2) support those that choose to stay and fight the good fight of keeping their home.

    So, don't tell me that I don't have an opinion on this thread. My server is as affected as your server is. We weren't consulted on whether or not we wanted to take in AB players, and in the end, depending on what DBG decides to do, we may not have a choice if they decide to just merge the two. I have been doing my darnedest to put our best foot forward, and will continue to do so. If you are going to be mad at someone, be mad at DBG, where the fault lies. Not at Vox for trying to be helpful and supportive in your cause because "they aren't uber enough."
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  15. Jumbur Augur

    As far as I know, Ancient Dominion has decided to stay on AB, and wait and see how the fix will affect the server, before doing anything rash.
    While we feel a fullblown merger would be better than a transfer option, we are still holding out for a true AB-fix.
  16. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I agree with a lot in your post.
    But we've got to be honest and realistic:
    They didn't exactly promise any improvement and have even said that if there were any from this patch alone, we'd not "feel" it.
  17. Sissruukk Augur

    They should have still mentioned something in patch notes, though, to say what it was they were doing. At least communicate with you all better.
  18. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    The important thing is that you are feeling progress.
    But being on guild progression boards would sure help your visibility too.

    It's not about the server - Vox is named only because, as you point out, the DB staff has thrown that server's name into the bucket.
    Actually, i think a "forced" move would be the best thing when thinking a SHORT-TERM "solution".
    (more like a short-term workaround)
    BUT that should be totally reversible too.
    No lost names, no lost houses/Layouts - stuff like this.

    Ignore him on that - that's more like frustration and anger speaking than himself.
    In-game he's far more likeable than in that post ;)

    I do, and i am sure many others do as well - or would, if they read the official forums.

    But as it is hard for ME to give any qualified input on Vox and it's community,
    even if you have experienced SOME issues from being a guest to our server,
    i seriously doubt you can even imagine the frustration that's been building up.

    Right, he shouldn't have.
    And i kind of doubt he meant it in the bullying way - it kind of wouldn't match how i got to know him in-game, even if we're not "so close" that i could say i "know" him if you know what i mean.

    Right, you weren't asked.
    You were even "slighted" in a way by DB by them stating that "the reason" to name your server was "exactly the low population" on that server.
    But no:
    Even if you "have to" suffer along with us to some extent, you are FAR from being affected "as AB is"!

    Cannot agree more!!!
    When a dog gets mad, he bites at a lot of things he wouldn't normally do.
    And a lot of us ARE mad, angry, full of frustration and venting here a bit.
    But yes, we should be more careful whom we attack:
    Not Vox nor it's population is our adversary here, it's whoever was responsible for the decisions that led to these underlying problems which cause the very visible ones.
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  19. D'Moron New Member

    I stumbled on this thread by accident and thought that I could provide my 2p - different because I am F2P.

    I have 11 toons (no more allowed) on Bayle and 4 toons on Vox, and mostly play on Vox. The ping for Bayle is 60-80ms and Vox is 170-210ms as I am UK based atm.
    Once the US population (I think) starts logging on to Vox in the early UK evening, the lag does increase, but not the ping. Although I have seen the ping on Vox as high as 330ms.
    An example of this is that when triggering the instant cast of "JBoots" I frequently get a 1-2sec freeze-frame while running.

    I am not in favour of a server merge as I have no room for all of these toons on Vox (15), and I believe that because lag has a direct relationship to population and activity, the problem will not go away ... it will migrate with the population. The only real solution is the repair/refit of the server as detailed by DB, or move to a replacement server.
  20. Thancra Augur

    Pretty sure all guilds decided to stay on AB but not because we are patient and are fine waiting for the long term solution to arrive, it's because the alternative of single transfer is awfull. Retirement is actually better than this solution for a good amount of people.

    That is probably the case (though noone can be 100% sure, as players) but then it's a problem related to AB, we field less people in our primetime than most US servers at their primetime. The huge problem we're suffering atm would not be as bad on a US based server.
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