Antonius Bayle Server: Free Transfers to Vox Available

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Kable Lorekeeper

    Since you won't do a server merger cause its hard work, at least give us 50% off memebership and next expansion flagged for this server. I know you don't play on AB server so you couldn't even understand what we are going through. We know SOE/DB history with fixing things it never happens unless its a expolit then it gets full attention.

    You have really put us in a bind no one wants to leave but in end result we may have or outright just quit. At the end of the day AB guild gonna have to make a serious choice.
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  2. Zortex Journeyman

    We just want a fixed server or a Merge with The Rathe.
  3. Venedar Journeyman

    We dont want a merge or servertransfer. I consider AB a healthy server with 4 raiding guilds. We just want a working server. AB is a great option for us EU players or US players that want to play on a euro server. We dont want 3-4x more ping and if we want that we choose to play on a US server.
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  4. Gwadar New Member

    I honestly don't understand your offer for individuals to move to Vox when you reply the following regarding server merge:

    Merging server will most definately increase ping for a number of players currently on AB

    Isn't it the same ping then that you are offering us by moving to the Vox server?
    So what makes your offer different than a server merge?
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  5. Igniz Augur

    It's less work for them
  6. Aurelio Lorekeeper

    The difference is, that this is an individual choice of the player and not forced on all:
    higher ping/ less lag, or lower ping / high lag.

    But it's not really a solution and creates other issues, tearing apart communities etc.

    I know that with a ping of 240 EQ is playable but it's big difference when you are used to a ping around 40. I know some US players consider a ping above 200 as unplayable. :)

    Back then, when we had still enrage of mobs, it really was a difference if you played with high or low ping.

    The preferable solution would be a euro server with low ping and non of the lag issues we had since dez last year.

    I biggest complain sofar is, why did it take so long time till DBG responded to our issues. Their communication skills are serious lacking. And that's why noone really buys their "we will fix it". And this has been avoidable.
  7. Zortex Journeyman

    I miss SoE... They at least responded orderly to are issues. Anyways, hopefully DB will listen to us before more people quit more and more people are quitting the game in my guild Sacred Phoenix, nearly everyday now...
  8. eliandra Elder

    they don t care ... in fact they answer us because in 2 or 3 months new add on .... and no one will buy on AB with this broken server .
    after 8 months , they begin to try to fix the problem ....
  9. heruthemonk Lorekeeper

    Thanks for at least communicating with us about the issue, a little more transparency really doesn't hurt.

    I hope the over zealous in this thread dont dissuade you from posting more updates about the issue? I'm sure you have a project plan for remedying the server, it would be great if you could share the expected time line?

    Honestly without a working AB server or a migration to a working server the EU population within EQ will diminish.
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  10. Yinla Augur

    Sorry I thought you had already started doing things, something has happened over the last couple of days to make the server much worse.
  11. Yinla Augur

    Will tomorrows patch help stop the housing corruption issues on AB? Much as we love having Woebot around, I'm sure he is sick of the right of us and our empty guild hall.

    Can you give us some idea of a timeline? We know things change but a rough idea would be helpful.

    Are you aiming to have the issues ironed out by the launch of the next expansion?
  12. Thancra Augur

    Who is that "we"? Did you read the posts here? You're pretty much alone on this and no, it's not "healthy" right now.
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  13. Sloegin New Member

    I for one am delighted that a dialogue has been initiated and that things appear to be moving forward. I will say that I am concerned that Prathan's warning that the changes that are going in on Wednesday are just the start of the process will be overlooked and that many will be expecting an instant cure. If AB can be preserved then obviously that would be a great solution but now the process has started I do think it is important that we exercise a little patience. Equally I would hope that DB now realise the strength of feeling and the reasons for that strength of feeling and place more emphasis on communication with the AB community over this issue than they have done so in the past.
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  14. Jumbur Augur

    Im personally in favor of a fix, rather than a merger or transfers from AB.

    A free transfer to AB when the fix is(eventually) done, might be a good idea though. We need to regain the players that already transferred.
  15. Thancra Augur

    Of course I think we all agree a fix is the best solution but a fix now, not in 6 months and that seems to be the way they chose. The problem is in 6 months with those problems, there won't be 4 guilds anymore and even less people than now so that's very wrong and naive to consider the server healthy.

    The advantage of a merge is an instant fix at the cost of some increased ping that won't affect your game performance really. Current lag will for sure affect your gameplay performance, your whole guild performance and will affect the survivability of the structures that make people play: the guilds. If they start to fold, you won't see the leaving players again.

    A free transfer to AB from other servers is actually a great idea, can we have that?
  16. Jumbur Augur

    I consider a merger a sub-optimal emergency fix, and while it will temporarily help us keep players that are literately days from quitting, it will still be a worse long term solution, than waiting six months for a fix. Especially now, where it looks like AB will gradually improve for each patch.
    I know that AB-players have already shown an enormous amount of patience, and that it might seem unfair to demand even more patience from us, but this exactly what we need to do right now. Why stop right before the finish-line!(well, at least we know there is a finish-line! :p )

    I think AB can recover from this! :)

    I think it is a good sign that DBG is thinking long term, it shows that everquest is doing fine and that DBG believes in the European Community...:D
  17. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Depending on the problems itself, it's understandable why neither promises about an ETA are made nor how long we have to suffer the current state. However ...

    Is there some kind of list about the issues, their technical background and planned solutions? I am the type of person who wants to understand *why* something's wrong so I can either live with the problems (accept) or work around (= avoid) them.
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  18. eliandra Elder

    Note that this update's changes won't necessarily make a night/day difference. This is merely the first step in an incremental process of improving performance on AB.

    jumbur , where did you seen AB gradually improve ? for me it was worst every week ... read the quote from dev : "first step" in "process of improving" : soon new add on annoncement .
    do you remember one or 2 years ago when we need 15 times to zone with deco /impossible to zone (was when epic retelling was in game with new ornament , the quest you need to zone in 16 old zone !!! ) , was repaired just before new add on !!!if i remember well was a 30 page tread about this .

    in fact AB have pb since a long time , not only 8 months
  19. eliandra Elder

  20. Jumbur Augur

    I haven't seen any improvement yet, but if I understand it correctly then next patch will be the first step towards improvement.

    This shows that DBG is willing to put significant time and effort into getting AB up on its feet again. "Reworking core architecture" is probably a pretty big deal, since they want to spread it across that many patches. That means they are willing to spend a lot of resources just for one "specialty server" in order to give us the best gaming experience in the long term, rather than take the "cheap" option and merge us.
    They might suck at fast communication, but this shows they at least takes the european community seriously.

    When was the last time they "reworked core architecture" for the sake of a single server?

    AB will probably get just as much dev-attention now, as the TLP-servers got last year...
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