Antonius Bayle Server: Free Transfers to Vox Available

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Yinla Augur

    AB players deserve to know what the plan is for fixing the server and what the planned timeline is.

    If the server cannot be fixed in a timely manner the AB community should be moved as a whole to a different server, either by way of a merger or to a fresh server. Progression servers keep popping up so it can't be too hard to set up a temporary server to transfer all the AB players to while the AB server is fixed.

    If there is so much work to be done in changing the systems wouldn't it be easier and faster to do it on an empty server where it can be taken up and down multiple times a day.

    The AB players aren't being difficult we want our server fixed and the community intact at the end of it. So what if the ping is higher for a couple of months at least we will have a playable server in the mean time.

    How long before the next part of the fix goes live on AB? a month with the next patch?
  2. Razgadz Journeyman

    Many here are talking about Raid guilds and their problems with moving to another server - maybe its time to also talk about us non Raider :
    Do you honestly believe i'd even consider moving my chars to another server myself ?
    Lets have a look :
    I Have 4 Accounts with about 8 Characters 100+ ( yes i do play quite a bit )
    Putting aside that i would leave my friends behind from different guilds -my task would be to move each of the characters individually while hopeing that packing and unpacking the house + the guild(s) will be successfull as well.
    Alot of work just because DBG wasnt able to fix the damn Server for months - that makes me think - wtf i'm paying them for ?

    Just shut down AB
    Move the People to a new AB on US Site
    Fix the Server
    Move People back to fixed AB

    no individual moves - nothings needs to be done by the customers
    no character names have to be changed as it is not a server merge
    DBG can take the time needed to fix the server

    more latency for non-US players

    Isn't that hard to do - and people will do fine with the added latency while the fix is done ... hell i played/raided on Xegony for quite some time before moving to AB and had no problem with that.


    Razgadz and his toon army
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  3. Thancra Augur

    I keep seeing people talking about how bad the latency would be on a US server, to play. Well it's not, if you're a good player it won't change your performance, if you're less good it won't either.

    You can play, raid, zone, use abilities without seeing any real difference.
  4. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Yes, latency DOES affect your gameplay.
    see this earlier post for a report on first-hand experience
    and PLEASE stop saying it does not make ANY difference, ok?

    Yes one CAN play with a high ping.
    No it does not have anything to do with being a "good player" or not.
    But rather with how "twitchy" your class is.

    High ping is BEARABLE for a short-term duration.
    Especially when that's the "only cost" for getting rid of the worst problems.
    But please, STOP making it sound as if it doesn't make a difference at all.
    It DOES!
  5. Thancra Augur

    I stand by my words because I experienced it for many years. It does not make any meaningfull difference in how you're playing the game. If you were doing things right, you won't make them worst with a little bit of additional ms.You will be able to do exactly the same thing as before, as efficiently as before.

    I'm playing one of the class that has to spam the most abilities and I confirm it changes strictly nothing on your overall performance. You can keep pretending the opposite if you like but reality doesn't change to fit your view, sorry.
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  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    You sound on these last two pages as if you've "bought the truth" as we say where i come from.
    It fine - you have your experiences/expectations and others have theirs.
    You argue with "reality" i with physics - cannot change the laws of physics, Jim! - and my OWN experiences.
    There are multiple reasons why i play on AB, of which ping is just one and - that much i grant you - a minor one.
    But totally dismissing it is just plain stupid - sorry that i have to be so blunt.

    Be that as it may:
    I am with you insofar as a move to a different server would likely keep the community intact far better than to sit it out on AB.
    But it is NOT a "solution" you try to sell it off as - it is at best a workaround.
    If i were willing to play on a high-ping server i'd probably be playing on FV where my friend that i originally started to play EQ with had his initial characters on.
    We decided back then quite knowingly on AB as our common server.
    Nothing has changed that has caused us to make that decision.
    If anything, MORE reasons have been added in favor of AB over time.

    As i have repeatedly said:
    A server-move to the US (since they claim that the physical location were "the issue") is acceptable.
    IF temporarily and 100% reversible.
    Like the "new" cluster in the US and copying AB over to there while the netherland environment is fixed, as Yinla and others have suggested above.
    But in the long run, even you will most likely "miss" the low ping.
    Even though in the short run that will be far outweighted - especially for you it seems - by the seemingly problem-free raiding in the meantime.

    One thing you overlook in your eagerness to promote the move though:
    OTHER SERVERS (Vox with their low population too) have ALSO reported the very same "problems" with chat and zoning.
    Only that for THEM it if far less (but still!) noticeable - guess why?
    inter-server latency.
    So even a server-move does not make the problem "go away", only less noticeable.
    They STILL need to fix the underlying issue.
  7. Pfaffe Journeyman

    Apparantly I'm playing the same class on AB and on Xegony.

    The ping on AB = 55 ish
    Ping on US-server = 180 ish

    The performance of the US server is much better for me than AB.

    On Xegony I DON'T experience:
    - up to 5 mins tell lag
    - up to 10 mins zoning
    - message an error has accured logging into the server
    - NPC nukes landing before the cast message appears
    - taking minutes to do 1 step in raid tool
    - 10 mins waiting in char select before any of my chars even appears
    - 5 mins screen freezing after selected a char before the zone loading even starts
    - raid effects landing 30 secs ish before even getting the warning
    - connection loss for up to 20%
    - client breakdowns on logging
    - client freezing on zoning so that you have to force a client breakdown (after 15 mins waiting)
    - denied zoning into the attempted zone
    - several attempts to kick the logged in player (offline trader)

    But guess what ..... there is a server around that has ALL of the issues mentioned above but has only 1/3rd of the ping of Xegony.

    I have to contradict Thancra. I really do feel a significant change in game performance on a higher ping server - the overall performance is a drastic change to the better on a higher ping server than playing on AB.
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  8. Pfaffe Journeyman

    Sorry, I forgot about:

    - having to rebuild Great Guild Hall once every 2 weeks
    - loosing housing once every week

    And since the patch on wednesday - AB went worse AGAIN
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  9. Thancra Augur

    I didn't buy the truth, I'm simply using facts to make my opinion and not the other way around. Is it the regular reminder of facts that I based my opinion on that bothers you?
    Words have a meaning, when I say it doesn't affect your performance in a meaningfull way, the word is there for a reason and that's not to say it does 0 difference to have a higher ping.

    I didn't overlook anything, I talked about it in my previous posts, you just chose to ignore it or didn't read me correctly (again?).
    Currently what we experience is totally different in its magnitude compared to what happens on other servers.
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  10. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    What bothers me is that your INTERPRETATION of "facts" is presented as the only possible interpretation.
    Ignoring or dismissing any differing interpretations/conclusions as invalid.
    Your seemingly total inability to put yourself into other's shoes to see their argument.
    In short: the bullying way your posts come across at.

    I've said above that you have SOME point in what you're saying.
    Claiming though that your conclusion is the "be all end all" is what bothers and irks me.
    Besides, your "facts" are merely empiric/subjective anyways.
    So they're not "fact" but assumptions (not sure if that word is correct here: speaking of logic in the scientific sense) you base your thesis on.

    You are right and i am wrong, in your eyes.
    I can live with that and still have a different view.
    So do us all a favor and let's not get into that further, or if you have to lets move it to "private conversations".
    This dispute has nothing to do with the thread as such, as i agreed with the key point of your argument and only added some additional conditions to your "solution" as REQUIRED - to ME (and others that feel like me).
  11. eliandra Elder

    don t know what they did in patch wednesday , but server is worst than ever ... now everytime , not only during raid time ...
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  12. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    If you read above, i conceded that a server move would "eliminate" the IMPORTANT problems (not really, but make them far, FAR less noticeable).
    So yes:
    Instead of getting a cast message AFTER the spell lands, you get it at about the same time - yay!
    Sure, instead of GINA firing triggers AFTER the auras have disappeared (or whatever) you have a chance to react in time still.
    raiding will be "greatly improved".
    COMPARED to what we face HERE, TODAY.
    There cannot be an argument about that, and there is not.
    Is "high ping" vs. "the problems lsited above" the far, far lesser evil?
    Sure it is!
    Again no argument about that.

    It's not the "be all, end all".
    Its a START, a workaround, a "LIFELINE" perhaps even.
    To prevent people rage-quitting over all that.
    Not a SOLUTION.
    They've stated that the problem "is with the physical location of AB".
    Other (US-based!) servers STILL report the same issues, only at a far less noticeable level.
    So the problem is existant even on US servers, and i can already hear the angry voices when the "same" effects are experienced there - comparisons to AB will be drawn and all that.

    High ping is NOT "the reason" to stay on AB in it's present state and location.
    High ping is ONE of quite a few reasons to move BACK, in a 100% reversible way..

    What the "ping argument" is all about:
    All things being the same, which is preferable (and a noticeable improvement on your gameplay)?
    The high-ping or the low-ping server?
    Some say it doesn't make a difference.
    Others say that it does.
    Who is right?
    That very much depends on the experiences the individual has made for himself.

    A server-MERGE, by nature, is a final thing.
    They do not want that, they expressly stated so.
    I am actually happy about that, because i do not want that either.

    A server-COPY (a "better" physical location) CAN be temporary, is 100% reversible.
    A COPY on a cluster in the US can be built (replication/standby-databse) "offline" and the switch be done during a downtime by exchanging IPs.
    That would "buy" them all the time they need to fix the "real" (physical) AB location or whatever.
    Insofar i am with both you and Thancra.

    It is when this is sold off as a "solution" that i am on the barricades.
    Especially if made in a non-reversible way (i.e. the proposed MERGE).
    Because it isn't - and that is a fact (in Thancra's use of the word) too!
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  13. Arraden Augur

    I'm glad you said this, Zhaunil.
    Because this is exactly what I've been trying to point out.
    Facts based on one's own experiences are opinions, not facts.
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  14. Uxtalzon Augur

    Right now...

    An unknown error occurred while trying to join the server. Topkek. Finally got in after 15 minutes. Takes 3 minutes to zone anywhere, though. Fantastic.

    It's a serious question, though: what's the plan if these "fixes" don't improve server quality? Are we supposed to believe there's now an effort to fix AB after being ignored largely for two years by a company and producer who have shown themselves to care less about the game than we do?
  15. Seldom Augur

    It's common sense to grasp AB being fixed is best solution. It's also common sense to understand this issue has already been going on far too long and if it was easy fixable it'd probably be done lol. Have no clue why a couple keep bringing that up and making it a vocal point. It makes far more sense to go with an immediate impact good solution that is easily do-able and would take what seems to be little resources(server merge). Breaking up community with individual moves isn't good. Having or hoping folks stay on extremely unstable server while hoping a fix comes isn't good and is only going to lead to further loss of player base. If they want to dedicate time and resources to fixing the Euro server, great. If they can't even remotely put a realistic time table on it though just merge. Debating this stuff is silly. Server merge is excellent solution versus current dilemma, especially if it were to one with a small Euro community. Fixing AB server is excellent solution, especially if it were next patch(not holding my breath). I suggest some of you stay on track and look at trying to push for the most convenient and amazing solutions for community and Daybreak versus unlikely scenarios. At this point AB being fixed seems highly unlikely(would love to be wrong on this and I'm 100% positive all pushing for immediate server merge would)
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  16. Fehu Journeyman

    1. a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something
    I would argue if you have the experience you know, you're not just having an opinion.
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  17. Gwadar New Member

    And server crashed
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  18. Gwadar New Member

    Hellish lag, extreme long zoning with a server crash on top doesn't look good for raids on Sunday
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  19. Diptera Augur

    I'm in the UK, played for many years on the US servers before migrating to AB. The lower ping makes a significant, noticeable difference in gameplay. To state otherwise is disingenuous at best.

    You can keep pretending the opposite if you like but reality doesn't change to fit your view, sorry.
  20. heruthemonk Lorekeeper

    Not complete crash POK and GGH maybe ? we lost 3/4 of our raid force , and people have lost pets etc. Anyway lag is crazy again -

    Bring AB down
    Copy DATA (or send HDD to US)
    Load shard on US infrastructure
    Fix AB

    Only solution to this awful service -

    I played and Raided in the states on Emarr for years , even on dial up, its far better than current performance of AB during raid hours.
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