Alchemy potion restrictions changes

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ngreth Thergn, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Malokhan Elder

    Berty is an easy mode boss with out the potions. I'm not sure why you are crying that these will trivialize the encounter, it's already trivial for any raiding guild that has properly geared up. If the potions allow guilds with lowering attendance (all of them on Agnarr), or guilds that just need a bit of a crutch to clear the content, then great. They got to see and clear PoTime! The whole damn reason for the TLPs is to see and clear the old content. Stop whining about such a trivial thing.

    IMO, they distillates are decent, the cool down limits over abuse. It's a small helping hand if it's needed when the RNG thumps ya on the noggin.
  2. Kahna Augur

    Yes but, in the actual game, the number of people who enjoy playing a cleric does not equal the number of clerics needed on a raid. Clerics are needed 2-1 compared to other classes, and there just aren't that many clerics in the game. (Main shaman and druids are winning any popularity contests either.) Most guilds are going to need to box clerics in order to make up the difference. These potions ease the cleric requirement, meaning the Joe The Necro can leave his cleric box at home and just focus on playing the class he enjoys. Win for Joe, and win for Joe's guild, and the game as a whole, because now Joe is less likely to get burned out.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Clerics are needed for 1 thing... ch rots. Everything else is just a bonus.

    As long as there are no ch pots then were gonna need clerics.
  4. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    I wish all I was needed for was CH rotations.
  5. discordkitty Augur

    Least favorite part of playing a cleric.

  6. Golgothird Journeyman

    The statement you are making here is that these potions reduce the entire game to auto-attack and AFK.

    Are you for real? Are you just bored and trolling or genuinely trying to be taken seriously? Because news flash: this kind of comical hyperbole guarantees that no one is going to do anything but roll their eyes at the nonsense you're posting.

    Today I learned that potions with a one minute cooldown (in the case of cure potions) or a two minute cooldown (in the case of the healing ones) allow everyone to afk. All our raid strategies now make sense to me. I recall fondly how, when we were doing PoP on Ragefire, we would maximize our efficiency on The Rathe Council by having all the clerics log out while tanks kept themselves up for 45 minutes using these Celestial healing potions alone.

    Then, when we fought Coirnav, we didn't bother bringing DPS classes. We just had all the casters pop haste potions and melee the adds and the boss down.

    Oh yes, and on Rallos Zek, his devastating single target damage was completely negated by having the tanks pop a Divine Healing potion every time they got below 50%. Lucky for us Rallos only swings once every two minutes!

    And oh yes, there was Uqua. We didn't even bother doing the gas chamber events properly, we just randomly clicked keys in the door and healed through the AOEs. And if anyone died, we simply laughed at the mobs, had the wizards pop clarity potions and one shot them with Mana Burn. Luckily, since cooldowns apparently don't exist, the wizards were able to cast Mana Burn over and over.

    Oh yes, and of course, there was Tacvi. We considered having tanks on the Mastruqs that flurry for 4k and could one-round them, but we decided to take the low risk approach of saving our tanks (and cleric mana) for the bosses. So we had naked enchanters tank the Mastruqs using nothing but tash and Divine Healing potions, which they were able to click between Tash casts for maximum efficiency.

    You can stop now. Your participation in this thread is no longer needed.
  7. GeauxTigers Elder

    Simple, try something like Cazic Thule in time or even Saryrn or Terris-thule - the fight goes from 'we must mitigate this raid damage' to 'afk auto and potion on cooldown' if you really think they have no impact you are just disillusioned.
  8. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Fits in perfectly with how TLP's have been thus far.

    The biggest disappointment I had when returning to EQ via the TLP is just how easy they've made everything. From AFK farming to killing raid bosses.... everything on EQ TLP is Netflix-friendly.
  9. GeauxTigers Elder

    My only point was the change was made because it's out of era, things that are out of era tend to trend to being too powerful.
  10. Febb Augur

    I don't know if anyone has caught this yet but XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX don't have expansions set.

    It should be,

    XVI - Veil of Alaris
    XVII - Rain of Fear
    XVIII - The Darkened Sea
    XIX - Ring of Scale
  11. Gidono Augur

    I noticed this as well and set them correctly on allakhazam. I also noticed the Distillate of Spirituality potions have expansions set incorrectly in Ngreth's post. They should be

    • Distillate of Spirituality XVII - Rain of Fear
    • Distillate of Spirituality XVIII - The Darkened Sea
    • Distillate of Spirituality XIX - Ring of Scale
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    yeah it should, BUT they are also restricted by component availability (I'm fairly certain) so I haven't stressed about it yet.
    Hrm. I made this list form a query... so they may be off.
  13. Feznik Elder

    If only spells were named like this, think how much time it would save the developers on naming spells!

    Meteor Comet I
    Meteor Comet 2
    Meteor Comet 3
    Meteor Comet 4

    I know its because it adds to the lore, but if the choice is between having more resources (i.e. saving time on naming spells/discs), then I personally prefer developer time saved over lore of naming spells.
  14. trollivesmatter Journeyman

    After the removal of all the distillates and the DB store pots, the one thing that you could say was consistent in the lengthy forum thread about that, was that the Celestial Healing X potion was pretty much the only one that was OP in the PoP expansion.
    I'm struggling to understand the logic from DB, that after the era police removal of these potions, reason being they are out of era, you're solution is to leave the potion that was most frequently cited as being the main offender, in the expansion it was deemed to be OP for?

    In the future, I really hope you guys can put a leash on the Era Police and avoid knee jerk reactions to things like this. There was no emergency situation in regard to OP potions, the rush to save TLP's from out of era potions resulted in several ridiculously long patch days and an end result that really isn't much different than what we started with.
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  15. taliefer Augur

    can anyone tell me what the actual, tangible results were from all this alchemy mess?

    before the change, we could buy potions off the cash store that scaled approximately every 5 levels, and were roughly equivalent to player cast spells, and in some cases still not as good. clarity for example is a level 26 spell, and even the level 50 potion gave less mana regen. some distilates were available if the components were found in available zones.

    after the change, we can buy potions that scale with level (once the bug they introduced with all this is fixed of course, since EQ) only now instead of just clicking on the potion, you have to do some mouse acrobats and click the little "claim reward" button that appears when you inspect the item. some distillates are available if the components are found in available zones, with the exception of spirituality, which is now locked until luclin.

    this seems to have caused a whole lot of confusion and hassle just to get a 3 mana per tick potion off TLPs before luclin. maybe im missing something
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  16. Silinius Augur

    Hey Ngreth,

    Found an issue with Bottle of Health pots on Cornaiv as well. If this is duplicate to the many other issues reported, please disregard - didn't read through every post.

    Issue: Buff isn't giving any additional HP / AC
    Repro Details:
    Level/Class - 37 Monk
    Purchased Bottle of Health from DB store, obtained potion and used -> No change to health once buff applied. When hovering over buff it says: Bottle of Health II-II. Clicking on buff icon, Spell Effect says: Increases your maxiumum hit points by up to 0 and your Armor class by up to 0 for up to 4:00:00.
  17. Zipe Lorekeeper

    I understand all this changes but they are pretty senseless for us in Phinigel because the mats are not dropping... For example:
    Curzon is needed to craft:
    Distillate of Spirituality XII - The Serpent's Spine
    I have never seen it drop. It's flagged as SoF in allakazam. I guess that makes sense since the other XI-XII potions that need Curzon are flagged as SoF.
    Happens the same for Lucidem and rank XI potions, not dropping.

    I am more concerned now for Sunshard Powder. We have been using Tonic of Benefit Affinity V, which requires Powder of Ro. But that's obsolete at lvl 75. We were hoping for the lvl 75 Tonics (Tonic of Benefit Affinity VI) to be available on TBS launch because of Sunshard Powder dropping, but I haven't seen any drop.

    Will we have to make Tonic of Benefit Affinity V again? That totally sucks if I have to go to previous expansions to farm Powder of Ro. It would make more sense to farm current content (TSS/TBS) in order to get the materials (Sunshard Powder) to craft current content focus Tonics.
    But lso, what will happen on SoF and lvl 80? Will Tonic of Benefit Affinity VII be available? It requires Aderirse Bur, flagged as SoF in allakazam... crossing fingers.

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