2017 Summer New Progression Server Ruleset?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by snailish, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Soltara Augur

    Agree 100%. No thanks to doing classic-velious ever again. It was fun but enough is enough. Ill stay on Phinny but am cautiously happy for people who want a second shot at these servers.
  2. Deadshade Augur

    Well if you'd be worried that means that you are convinced that the majority doesn't think like you and, on the contrary, would love to replay Classic to Velious again as soon as the opportunity appears .

    If it was really so, then it is obvious that Daybreak simply must open a second TLP because it is a win-win for them .
    They'd win those on Phinny who were at risk to leave but if they change to the new TLP they are guaranteed to stay at least 1 or 2 years longer .
    And they'd win all those thousands who already left RG,LJ and Phinny plus those who missed their release .
    An opening of a new TLP was always a huge success sofar what leads me to think that people who come to EQ in 2015 or in 2017 come in their crushing majority to replay exactly this part which had a particular charm - namely Classic to Velious (perhaps up to PoP for some) .
    And frankly, who would want to play with mercs, shrouds and all this Live .... again ?
    If EQ has a still a future it is probably only in releasing TLPs every 2 or 3 years .

    I only wonder how long this magic of additionnal revenues can work . Considering that there were several hundreds thousands players playing EQ between 99 and 2002/2003 it can work for a pretty long time provided that Daybreak is good at communication, rule set creativity and promotion .
  3. Bandages Elder

    I believe they don't want to diminish their already existing TLP servers, but rather draw people in who got left behind for whatever reason, and stopped playing. My guess is they will start it in one of the early era, such as Kunark or Velious so that people who stopped playing during those eras can rejoin and enjoy. Otherwise it will be an exact clone of Phinigel. And since the population that left, most of them didn't really have the ability to keep up with the unlocks, I predict there will be 6 month unlocks. That's my prediction.
  4. Ootax Augur

    The communication and promotion part they are not very good at. Also you can only keep doing the same thing over and over before people get tired of it. There is no guarantee that another phinny reboot will be a success. If they're going after the RF/LJ crowd that quit, many of them went to phinny. That leaves whoever missed out on these servers and wants to play and whoever is tired of phinny. Don't know if that is a large population or not guess we'll find out, but I don't see a ton of people posting anywhere looking for another TLP restart.
  5. Strawberry Augur

    I don't think it will keep working. Phinny didn't necessarily work because it was classic, it worked more because it limits boxing, so phinny ended up having a better community than any other server overnight.

    As far as how many times they can milk the feeling of nostalgia, I don't think it's endless, eventually you tapped the well dry, each time you get less players.

    Especially classic can not be tapped endlessly, there is still a pool of players who started in PoP+ that's more interesting to target probably. But they have to be careful not to overmilk classic and destroy phinni in the process.

    Also, relaunching classic servers over and over will make people on previous classic servers feel like it's pointless to play because it has become a game of server hopping every 5 minutes to the latest server.

  6. Xanathol Augur

    Nah I disagree with that. Phinny brought all the classic feel back with original drops and quests and changes as expansions unlocked. We're talking original CT & PoM. Folks like me that 'missed the boat' not realizing it was truly original content are just waiting for that next server to start anew.

    As far as taking from other TLP servers, if people decide to move to a new TLP server when it opens from an existing one, then the existing one isn't offering what interest those people anyhow. It wouldn't be right to hold those folks hostage to a server they aren't exactly thrilled with just because some there are. Open the new server and let the players decide.
  7. Ootax Augur

    This isn't true, Phinny is far from Classic or original EQ. Sure there where a few things they added but if it's not even close to original EQ. Besides that there is only so many times you can keep doing it before people will just stop playing. And you're not holding someone hostage by not opening up a server, if that where the case then you'd have to open up a server what everyone feels their ideal server is.

    However I don't think many people will jump from Phinny to the new one, you may have some that that play both but people will only play Classic-Velious so much before they get tired of it, you're already starting to see people post about that.

    There is only a limited amount of people that will come back for a new TLP, just because they had hundred of thousand's of subscribers at one time doesn't mean they still play or even want to play or haven't already played one of the TLP's and have no desire to come back. That's why you can only do it so many times before the well runs dry, it's not an unlimited resource to tap in to.
  8. Hdizzle Augur

    If they released a ragefire clone with instancing, I think it would be VERY tempting to a lot of people who quit playing as well as those on Ragefire and Lockjaw. They seriously might have to just say "Our bad, we should have pushed back rage and lockjaw and told you guys we were going to work on instancing classic raids."

    However they do it this round, I hope its the last round for a while, a looong while, like several years. Let these servers play out or theres no point to investing time on a toon if players are constantly looking over their should for the next new server that's going to destroy their current server's population.
  9. NoWay Augur

    This will ruin Phinny all the have-not's will flood the new server in hopes to be on top.
  10. Galdous Augur

    Only way I would even think about leaving Phinigel is if the server is truly a no box and at minimum severely limiting on krono. At minimum it can only be krono purchased on that toon when made on that server and not transferable to other servers and vice versa.
  11. jordune Augur

    i would Love to see a new tlp server with the FV rule set, instanced raiding as well as boxing allowed. mabby do something odd as i stated before, do a limited boxing server.. limit it to six toons
    boxing benefits dbg, more acounts in game is more revenue for dbg.
    boxing benefits people who have limited time to play due to rl concerns as well ( im a long haul trucker for instance. i box because i wanna Play, not log in and lfg.)
    i could deal with kronos but.. bleh no Motm.
    let smaller guilds play and not be feeders to one or two big guilds..
    its why alot of us came to the tlp server in the 1st place
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  12. Machen Augur

    18 guilds with Aten Ha Ra kills on Phinny, are there really any have-nots?
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  13. Canofpepsi Lorekeeper

    pretty sure a progression server will be released every year ish. helps dbg pay the bills
  14. Machen Augur

    Except that it won't, if they release one every year.
  15. Galdous Augur

    I dont think boxing benefits dbg as much as you think it does. I have tried to get a few of my old friends to try eq again and one of the 3 main reasons they spout is one person dominating entire area's with 7-8 toons. Individual long term casual players have dropped massively over the years with the stigma of entire box teams taking up the entire of the game content. We have many many box servers and even this true box server. I say we finally need a strict one toon per player ruleset.
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  16. Ootax Augur

    It won't help every year. There is only so much that they can tap in to. It's not like they had a subscriber base like WoW, not even close to that. I'd be surprised if a phinny clone in mid summer would even be in that much demand simply because they've done the same thing to one extent seven times already. I don't see it effecting phinny to much either.

    People on phinny are happy, you don't see a lot phinny needs this or phinny needs that posts all the time and the population and number of guilds raiding speaks for itself. There may be people that play on both servers but I don't see a new TLP coming even close to what phinny has population wise.
  17. Tinytinker Augur

    I am strongly against the idea of one toon per player. People like to level alts. If they can't, they get bored and lose interest in playing.

    I also don't like the idea of going any stricter than true box. One, I don't think stricter boxing rules will prevent players from monopolizing mobs. You don't need to have a box crew to run a power leveling service or lock down drops, like fungi tunics. Project 1999 has very strict boxing rules and there seem to be no shortage of people getting into fights over camps. Two, I think stricter boxing rules will penalize friends and family members who play together.
  18. Hdizzle Augur

    They could probably get away with a Phinny clone one more time. The timing makes sense in regards to the fact there are people who don't like EQ past the Pop~OOW era and that's where Phinny will be when these open. Those players can take another ride through classic on the next ones and maybe get a shot at some open world targets on a lower populated server.
  19. Galdous Augur

    I'd agree with you if we did not have so many people breaking the rules on this server. This is suppose to be a more strict boxing server but I truly believe more people then not blatantly cheat using software for multiple toons. It goes against what was sold to players as a means of a limiter which was requiring a more old school style setup for boxing when that is not the case. People are using many third party programs that make boxing a snap to stream pcs to your main one.

    There are so many different boxing servers around so why not for once allow those who enjoy grouping with 4 other people instead of 1-2 people and a possy of 60's supplying every buff. And as you said yourself p1999 does very well but yet I have never seen a single thread the 2 years I played on p1999 about people having issues playing with friends and family. Its time imo to put the community back into a EQ server.
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  20. Tinytinker Augur

    Right now legitimate players are getting randomly disconnected by true box code. I'd hate to imagine the glitches that players would encounter if Daybreak used code to ban all boxing whatsoever. I dislike solutions, like IP restrictions, and in my experience, no boxing rules bring out the worst in people. When you have no boxing, you have to deal with people going on witch hunts, falsely reporting players for boxing, and following them around in game. I am okay with true box, because it promotes grouping and tolerates both play styles (boxing and accommodates those people who are only playing one character).

    I also don't think totally banning boxing will retain people who dislike boxers monopolizing content. From what I have seen, many of these players also get upset by single players running druid and bard power level groups, farming fungi tunics, and selling epics. They also do not like guilds selling loot rights. If boxing goes away, they will still have to contend with other forms of content monopolization they don't like and other Daybreak elements they'll probably see as anti community.

    Rather than ban boxing outright, I think Daybreak should crack down on cheating software, enforce the play nice play, and include game mechanics that foster or give a sense of community.

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