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  1. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Is that on one target or multiple?
  2. jflusson Well-Known Player

    I would also say that precision is not worth modding over might either. i ran a hybrid spec of balancing sps into prec and might, and then one in just full might with the leftovers in prec and that was a lot better.

    basically, might over prec even if you plan on using weapons mixed in.
  3. jflusson Well-Known Player

    one target
  4. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    7k single target dps is impressive. Was that with a troll or just by yourself? Were you using Heat Vision? Mines? Phantom taps?
  5. jflusson Well-Known Player

    on a sparring target. using dazed power interactions, had emp and vortex in there , sticky bomb.
  6. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Thanks for the info, gonna do some experiments and see what I can come up with.
  7. jflusson Well-Known Player

    are you going for hybrid or pftt?
  8. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    I'm trying to make hybrid work although I've been pretty succesful with an Explosive Shot clipping pftt style rotation.
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  9. jflusson Well-Known Player

    Gotcha. I would say for hybrid to compete with your pftt your going to have to use stealth in your rotation. that's really the only way I was able to find something competitive.
  10. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    I considered Vortex but given it doesn't exploit dazed I went with Cryo Foam. I seem to be doing ok power wise so do you think it's worth losing Cryo Foam & adding Vortex?

    For the record, I'm running pftt with Taser, Cryo, EMP (switching to PD at boss fights), Sticky Bomb, Photon & BB & generally seem to be kinda middling in raids.

    I gave up on hybrid as was getting spanked in alerts.
  11. Penryn Loyal Player

    Vortex Cannon does exploit Dazed.

    Are you seeing something different?
  12. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    My bad, sorry...the reason I didn't put it in my rotation was cos it doesn't exploit electric...
  13. Penryn Loyal Player

    Some thoughts:
    1. You may want to consider swapping out Bunker Buster. Bunker Buster is best used against dangerous mob groups that will live long enough to absorb Bunker Buster's full damage output. Given its very high SC cost and the poor SC regeneration rate for PftT builds, that means you may only use it a couple of times in an instance.

    Bunker Buster has its uses, but you may want to consider using something else with more utility.

    2. How much use are you getting out of Photon Blast? It is a net damage output loss if you use it against something that is above 35% health.

    3. It looks like you are using a lot of ranged abilities - especially when you swap EMP with Dart. Ranged abilities do less damage than close-range abilities. If you want to increase your damage output, you need to get in closer and use more damaging abilities.
  14. Revafall Well-Known Player

    Really nice post!
  15. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    I had considered losing BB & going with AG as is suggested. I can't really say anything other than I like BB & I have the head mod! But I will give AG a go as the problem with the 100% supercharge is that I end up somewhat saving it.

    I'm finding Photon Blast pretty useful on adds & when boss is below 35%. I'm not using it in every rotation. This might sound silly & it can probably be deceptive when I'm not the only dps in the group but it looks like it does a reasonable amount of damage when looking at npc's health bars. I might switch it out though in order to utilise Vortex Cannon.

    Understood re the ranged abilities. I would prefer field over foam but noted how you mentioned it's usefulness had somewhat diminished from whence it started. The cooldown is also probably a factor. Generally speaking also I think I'm just feeling my way into the revamp in a way similar to running a new raid, as in reluctant to get too close, whereas in a week or so I'll probably be way closer to bosses than I have any business being.
  16. Revafall Well-Known Player

    Hey guys so now that it actually matters to to parse your dps, is it bad to go by the damage overall, and instead worry about how much damage you do per second? Because I can crank out 290k damage with my own built electricity loadout on 3 sparring targets in 30 seconds, but I can only get around 240k out with a gadgets loadout, does this stuff actually matter?

    My gadgets loadout rotation was:
    Statis field - Fear gas - paralyzing dart - Sticky bomb - x3 gauss grenade (and then repeat)

    superpowered with max crit and 175 sp into might and power. 199 cr.
  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    Most people generally go by "damage per second" and not "overall damage." On a 30 second parse, you'd say "I saw 8105/s overall with this rotation".

    For me, a constant rotation of Cryo-Foam -> Paralyzing Dart -> Sticky Bomb -> Gauss Grenade gives 8800/s on a 30 second parse. The rotation you posted is giving me ~7700/s.

    Are you using a melee or ranged rotation on your Electricity character? That makes a big difference too. Gadgets melee builds parse much higher than what you'll see with a strict ranged loadout.
  18. Penryn Loyal Player

    The damage component on Cryo-Field wasn't reduced, just the SC regeneration/hit counter aspect of the power. It is still a very good 12 second damage aura if you can get in close enough to use it. Cryo-Field went from being blatantly overpowered to being a little more reasonable.

    Other melee options include Implosion Mine, Thermite Mine, and Stealth. Implosion Mine is cheap and has a high burst component to it. You just have to be a little more mindful of your engagement ranges when using the mine abilities.

    Don't be afraid to put a shielding ability on your loadout. I've been alternating between having Decoy, Distract, and Neural Neutralizer on my build as the situation demands. Distract is very handy for sending the bad guys off to kill someone else. Decoy draws the aggro of everything around you. Neural Neutralizer potentially gives you a 12 second shield. Don't discount your own survivability and utility of your abilities when going for a more dangerous build.

    I encourage people to try out all of Gadgets abilities and even the Iconic ones. See what you feel comfortable playing and is performing well. After that, see if you can improve your build by changing something.
  19. Xibo Loyal Player

    As you said, i lunge in, plantes mines and apply PD and EMP without jump back and repeat. Exactly like a 1-2-3-4 rotation. But i did not test Implosion Mine, PD, EMP.
  20. Xibo Loyal Player

    1 or 3 targets?

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