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  1. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    From what I've seen it depends on your weapon to ability ratio. If you're just clipping a fast 2 hold combo then you're probably better off maxing out Might/Power first and only putting the leftovers into Precision. Even more so if you aren't using the weapon buff.

    With longer combos (3 inputs clipped) I would split my SP between Precision and Might/Power, and with even longer combos or WM combos I would max out Precision first.
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  2. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    Awesome, thank you. I had put 101 into Might/Power & 100 into Precision so looks like that was the way to go.
  3. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    I agree with Penryn, best try out what works for you. Loupblanc said that there are diminishing returns on Might and Precision but it's actually the opposite. Those SP innates are on exponential curves which means you get more the more you invest. The percentage milestone were added to make mixed specs viable compared to single specs which are really good. So both ways are viable, it just depends on your build and personal preferences. A balanced spec is a safe bet if you're using both weapons and abilities often. If you lean more towards one or the other it may be appropriate to lean that way with your SP as well.
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  4. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    I like Taser Pull more than GG visually but I guess going from it all being about EMP & thus AoE, I'm a bit apprehensive going single target.

    Maybe more Might then.

    The kicker is my generator mods/gear mods are currently all Might or have Might in them so I am maybe a bit top heavy in Might in that regard. I guess it's a lot easier to play around with the SP allocation to see the results & then if extra Precision helps maybe think about changing some of the Mods.
  5. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    This makes a lot of sense. I am essentially following the hybrid rotation Pen outlined in the first page, with the only difference being the weapon & the additional 2 powers. The 2 additional powers are probably more damage orientated than Distract & AG so this probably leads more to a Might focus.

    Completely unrelated but seen you in War Torn Village last week doing bounties. Always kinds neat seeing someone who talks a lot of sense on forums.
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  6. Penryn Loyal Player

    Generally an AoE loadout is going to parse about 50% of its normal damage range in a single-target situation. If you know the fight is going to consist of a single target, it can be worth temporarily swapping some powers around. Those single-target powers can parse higher than the AoE build in the same situation depending on the rotation.

    As Crimson Mayhem pointed out, speccing heavily into Precision favors Weapon Mastery or longer weapon combos. Shorter non-WM builds tend to favor Might/Power more.

    I'm in the same situation on Live. All of my mods and base mods are Might. I'm a bit apprehensive about switching over to all Precision for a weapon build. I've spent the last couple of days seeing what I can do with Play from the Tray builds.
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  7. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    That's a stat I didn't know!

    I think I'll keep the basis of the hybrid build & tinker with the SP allocation. I have a 2nd dps armoury which I'll probably make a ranged pftt build for boss fights, & taking into account what you said above, try to work Tazer Pull, PD & Sticky Bomb into the rotation.

    You mentioned Heat Vision probably doesn't work for me thematically but are all the Iconic Powers somewhat viable? Thinking specifically of Batarangs
  8. Predicament Well-Known Player

    QQ, this whole time i thought the reason cryo field caused us to lose stealth was because each tick was generating a hit so it acted like an attack. Tested early this morning and cryo field still takes you out of stealth :-(
  9. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    My bad. I have edited accordingly.

    But is the true gain exponential? In that for the amount of time you gain an additional Skill Point to add to your Might and Power, the stat gain from earning additional gear will be greater than the stat gain from the one additional Skill Point?
  10. Penryn Loyal Player

    If you're trying to max your damage output for the scoreboard with an AoE build, you always want to be hitting two or more targets. Hitting multiple targets gives you a 200% damage division pool. If you're only hitting single target on an AoE build, you're only getting damage from a 100% pool. That's what I meant by the "50% effectiveness" on the AoE build for single-target situation.

    Since players can't just overpower mob groups anymore, sometimes you have to focus fire the most dangerous NPC in the group first. That can be difficult to do on AoE build. Taser Pull, Photon Blast, Heat Vision, and Sticky Bomb (with its unique damage division) help out in those situations.

    Some Iconic powers are better than others. Amazonian Deflection is a situational OHKO-stopper. Hard Light Shield is great for shield-heavy builds. Freezing Breath is cheaper than Cryo-Foam if you want to inflict a quick long-range Frostbite setup. Heat Vision does great single-target damage. Neo Venom Boost is a great Supercharge. It boosts Defense by 100% and all Damage output by 45% for 15 seconds. Robot Sidekick does better damage than Suppressor Turret if you are in melee range.

    Batarang Multi-Shot isn't terrible anymore. It sets up the Dazed power interaction and does appropriate damage for its power cost. The major downside with it is the range. You have to be in Vortex Cannon range if you want the batarangs to hit. If you want to play at melee or mid-range, Batarang Multi-Shot is a viable power.
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  11. Penryn Loyal Player

    I don't like that feature either. It makes it harder to use Stealth on a Damage role build if you're also using Cryo-Field.
  12. Predicament Well-Known Player

    I love this guide and had a request for more work from you, yes im a jerk for asking but much love <3, is there a ways you can add damage values of movement modes and iconics?
  13. Penryn Loyal Player

    The original plan was to add Iconic abilities as an appendix. I was hoping to do that before Revamp launch, but ran out of time.

    I'm hoping to get back to that after I do some more Gadgets Damage Role rotation testing.
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  14. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    This is great info for gadgets & beyond, explained in a really simple way.

    You had a big act to follow. I'm sure he's looking on with interest & will be very pleased with his choice.

    Thanks very much again. Making the revamp less daunting.
  15. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Not sure what you mean. It's exponential in that each further SP you spend in a given innate will give you a higher stat return than before. Like, at 5 SP you may get +3 of a (hypothetical) stat for each new SP, at 100 SP you may get +30, at 170 you may get +70 of that stat for each new SP invested. The maximum you can get from each innate is balanced to be proportional to the current top gear and will (probably) be increased in the future so that you can always get a certain percentage of your total stats from your SP investments.

    The percentage milestones at 5, 10 etc make it so that mixed specs are viable because without them you would get much lower returns if you split up your SP versus dumping them all into one stat.

    Ha, I hope you didn't see me die in five second intervals then... When you're on villain side feel free to hit me up anytime, I'm always up to run something or just help out with some theory ;)
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  16. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    Haha, actually I think I died a couple of times being a try hard against a gadgets villain :)

    The offer is much appreciated, although my 2 villains are both level 12, rage & light which were predominantly created to use crimson & amber mist auras. They will get some love eventually but considering there are a few toons higher up the pecking order to try to find new loadouts for...
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  17. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    Extremely disappointed you can't have supressor turret and bat drone out at the same time post-revamp. Question, how much of a benefit using Super-strength as a Weapons Expert? Is it just me or using weapons just feels sluggish?
  18. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Superstrength only increases Weaponization which is the stat used for smashing and throwing objects. I haven't noticed any changes to weapon timings so that may just be your personal perception or lag. Maybe try a couple different weapon types to see which feels good to you.
  19. Penryn Loyal Player

    Some guide updates for today:
    -Removed the [Usable While Controlled] tag from Gauss Grenade. It lost its UWC status at some point recently.
    -Added the [Usable While Controlled] tag to Asphyxiation Gas and Battle Drone. That is a very welcome addition to Battle Drone.

    Battle Display appears like it should have the [Usable While Controlled] tag, but the power bugs out if you try to activate it.

    Bunker Buster is the only Gadgets supercharge that cannot be activated while under the influence of a control effect.

    I started researching the Iconic Abilities appendix today.
  20. Penryn Loyal Player

    I finished writing up descriptions for most of the Iconic abilities. They've been added to the two posts at the top of Page #2:

    Amazonian Deflection is an insanely good situational shield. The base damage numbers on Heat Vision are very good.

    I'll have to research Word of Power, Clownbox, and Pheromone Bloom at a later time. The adjustment to Cryo-Field has made testing Supercharges very time-consuming. Researching all of the components of Word of Power is going to require a large number of casts.

    Are there any requests on what should be added next to the guide? Do people want to see more Damage role rotations?
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