Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

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  1. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    One thing I’ve been working on for years is a style that’s wearing an almost irresponsible amount of weapons and there’s one slot that is missing a weapon. The shoulders. Is there a way to make a shoulder style that is a knife or a series of explosives of something similar that’s actually strapped to the upper arm?
    included an image for context and in case anyone has other ideas for style requests that might help with the irresponsible amount of weapons idea.
  2. I00III0 Active Player

    Please make a 'feet' piece of gear that looks like a pair of roller skates. Also, please make a Roller Skates/Blades movement.
  3. I00III0 Active Player

    Please could you make a back piece "cloak" that is is excessive in length (enough to wrap around the body), and has a life of its own. For example, I want the cloak to automatically wrap around my whole body when I'm standing still, and then behave like a normal cloak when I'm moving. It should be long enough to cover the feet completely.
  4. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    first thought is excessively long but angles so it looks like you’re holding it when standing or have it flap more so it doesn’t fall through the environment.
    you are definitely right though. Some of the coolest characters in history had irresponsibility long capes.
  5. I00III0 Active Player

    Yes, I don't want to hold it. I want it to flap on the floor, or trail behind, and perhaps a litte of my feet can be seen. In my mind, the cloak is similar to what Marvel's Cloak (Cloak and Dagger) wears. I know this is DCUO, but I don't know enough of the DC characters to give you a DC example.
  6. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    to help with the pitch, Alan Scott wore an irresponsibly long cape in the past. The cape did have a high collar, but it was so excessively long at one point that he had to hold the end even as he flew through the air. I’d post a picture but I’m on my phone right now.
  7. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    here we go. If this helps the request, specifically if it helps convince DC to let Dimensional Ink do it, a DC example of an unnecessarily long cape.
    Perhaps a version with the collar up and another with it down, like Ra’s’ cape in the game. Only with Alan Scott’s late-nineties to early-oughties cape
    why is it clearly unnecessarily long?
    -him having clearly sat on it but it still reaching almost to touch the floor
    -the cape going out of control like that when all he’s doing is catching someone that’s fainting
    -him having to hold it while flying next to someone.
    -having to hold it while hovering next to someone

    a cape like this please

  8. Wonder Boi Well-Known Player

    A Batgirl / Catwoman type Cowl that we can have hair visually out the back of it. - A pair of bombshell boots without the heel for male characters. This would be amazing.
  9. Ambassador of Krypton Well-Known Player

    Something inspired by Brother Warth would be cool. More in general, a style that makes you look like a novice or something like that. TBH Vesture of Proselyte style set does the trick quite fine, but the Indigo Tribe emblem on the chest makes it impossible to wear other emblems. Why not, Brother Warth's face style would be cool too. Also, how a bout a new personality that will make you pose like him when resting?
  10. AmbrosiaStar Level 30

    How about a Bat Woman Style? I have a Bat Woman character and have to use the half v wing head style with the valiant face style to have something that at least resembles a Bat Woman cowl.
    Can we have a Bat Woman Style!!!!
  11. AmbrosiaStar Level 30

    Make all the Lantern color rings available. I have a Star Sapphire character and a Blue Lantern that I would love to have rings and powers for!!!!
  12. sebfm Well-Known Player

    With the addition of the Modified Enhanced Beyond High-Tech chest style (which is a real nice idea), I would ask for :

    an A.R.G.U.S chest with the emblem big and centered.
    a Gotham Knight chest without the Nightwing emblem but customisable as the new Modified Beyond chest :)


    EDIT :

    And with the addition of the Batman inspired mask as a Doctor Fate's daily reward, hopes are endless :

    Maybe a come back for the Classic Batman/Superman/WonderWoman emblems :)
  13. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    There's several waist styles that would show more weapons around the waist, so that's one thing you can look into. From knives, to pistols, to grenades, you have a few options there.

    But me personally, I want to see them do an Iconic Style Set for the Grim Knight:



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  14. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    I’ve recently switched to the Argus belt that is just extra magazines.
    The absolute zero guns clip with the leg guns. The lethal zealot or whatever it is with the knives,the belt looks weird.
    I do admit I haven’t tried the new belt you’re talking about with the single gun and they’re aces.

    That is a style I’ve wanted also since the character’s release. Even if they cut it down to just a massive 90s gun and that RG-6 on the back the way they do with having 2 swords on the back.
    but ultimately yes. That’s the basic idea I’m looking for. Like an irresponsible amount of weapons.
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  15. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Oooh.... wait... I just remembered.... you can use the Gotham's Outlaw (Red Hood Inspired Style) Back Style to have 4 pistols carried on your back! I mean... it's something, anyway. :)

    Or if you're feeling more villainous, you could do the Punchline Back Style to have a backpack full of explosive goodies! ;)
  16. X13-KING Well-Known Player

    Can we please get new weapon style packs based on the Star Sapphire and Ultraviolet Lantern Corps.
    Just like how the (green, red, blue, yellow)energy weapon pecks are based on the Green Lantern, Red Lantern, Blue Lantern, and Sinestro Corps.
  17. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    I will look at the Punchline style. I like the rifle more than the pistols and grenades. In roughly an hour (depending on when I get off work) I’ll try the Punchline back and belt. I’ll put them in the costume contest for votes on which is better.
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  18. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Used Vengeful Surgeon instead of Gotham Outlaw because it has explosives and 2 pistols. Posted though. 3 front and back, 2 with just the back. Since the Surgeon style can’t be seen from the front I saw no reason to include the front view.
  19. HalJordan Active Player

    This would be really cool.
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  20. HalJordan Active Player

    A new Sinestro or Sinestro Corps style is definitely needed because Disciple of Parallax doesn't cut it anymore with the yellow emblem and t-shirt style. I'm talking about the original comic accurate black/white logo and a full non t-shirt style chest. Perhaps an enhanced black/white Sinestro Corps Emblem to go with it as a separate item maybe? Also a skin style and hairstyle to go with it would be nicesince you currently cannot replicate Sinestro's eyes or skin/build ingame. [IMG]
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