Tell us what costume styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by Mepps, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Lightning Striike New Player

    I would like to see more underwear styles for male characters like briefs and others (maybe some skimpier underwear styles), and also would like to see the classic robin (the one with the green briefs), more cosmic boy outfits ( like the one with the black briefs and open chest), 90s superboy themed pants, boots and gloves and glasses, classic Garth aqualad ( the one with the blue briefs), a Kyle Rayner hairstyle, classic starfire outfit, classic nightwing outfit ( the one with the open chest), and more slimline and short sleeve slimline and maybe some sleeveless slimline shirt styles. And also more galaxy, universe, black hole, solar system, and portal looking emblems. And more shorts styles.
  2. LLSmoothJ Active Player

    Haven't been on the forums in a while, but is the thread that tracks the style requests made still around or did it get deleted. At any case...

    I would like to see the styles from pre-refreshed characters to be available. For example, Batwoman's boots before she got the new model, and Wonder Girl's "favorite jeans."
  3. 7Zefi7 New Player

    Some ponytail hairstyles for male characters. A samurai man bun for example.
    Like the one Geralt of rivia uses in Witcher 3.

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  4. 7Zefi7 New Player

  5. 7Zefi7 New Player

    And a witcher inspired scabbard backstyle.

  6. Minksie New Player

    Would really love to see Animal skins updated like how base Human skins were
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  7. Apophyllix New Player

    Aztek style? Plastic man style? Bizzaro style? Calander man style? Phantom zone material? Murder machine style?
  8. Apophyllix New Player

    Oh, and kitsune tails for waist style, and fantail like chicken etc for bird people styles
  9. MarchogGlas New Player

    I think the game is missing slimline suit designs that are more simple and basic, and can be used for any sort of classic superhero design. And I especially would want these sort of slimline suits to have emblems be larger like with the Stalwart Defender's top.
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  10. MarchogGlas New Player

    Also, Some Tokusatsu Themed Suits and Accessories. Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Metal Heroes, that sort of thing.
  11. The Messiah New Player

    A would love an Impulse style based around Bart Allen for male toons and Irey West for female toons with a new hair style that has the Irey pigtails with the little lightning bolt hair clips. Could be a fun Future Speedsters Time Capsule style.
  12. DcHarleyQ New Player

    Please make a design inspired by this goth/vamp style and hairstyle.

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  13. Angel 04 New Player

    Desaad style
  14. Minksie New Player

    Really hoping for Redesigned Animal skins, similar to how Cheetah’s redesign is
  15. thedemonocus Loyal Player

  16. DoomBunny New Player

    Please please PLEASE make a bunny tail for the belt slot to go with the bunny ears from the spring collection.
  17. bigworm882001 New Player

    I would love to get the classic Captain Marvel/Shazam costume.
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  18. Victor Bell New Player

    How about an Indiana jones/laura croft artifact hunter with artifacts for the power set? and physical weapons of whip and gun or sword. But 2 weapons, because he is only human...Fast travel artifact or mount hourse or motorcycle.
    Another Wishlist would be travel power leaping or teleport like in chamipons. it is suprisingly fun. DCUO is much more indept so having a pudgy hero could be fun too.PLEASE put a vote and you will see many will agree with me.
  19. Victor Bell New Player

    Pets that point to special trinkets quest.beast boy actual transform into a gorila or day off clothing.
    Hats !! Baseball hats are the prime when i make a child hero, even if its just DC content hats, there could be 100's.
    Why is it if I pay 500 points to "unlock" a costume I also have to pay replay points to use the "unlocked" item set?
    For me the creation part is just as relavent to FUN as any game play. I often spend 30 minutes or more in "creating" a new character.
    Magic items/weapons that are usable as powers! Just imagin!! Using a tank with multiple weapons/items power sets.
    I play tabletop games often. I have a character that is a favorite that is far from being normal. He is along the bang baby type.
    short story : he was in a car accident and wheelchair bound before the exposure to bang baby chemicals. He is now invulnerable and they discover a cure to make him walk again.
    a series of shots to his spine. so hes bitter and fights crime from a wheelchair, he has earth control so he can manipullate the minerals in his legs or cover them in stone to ambulate.
    So his secret ID is a school age kid that know STATIC and goes to school there with him.
  20. The Nature Troll New Player

    more robot themes, big or small, bulky metal. Mech suit style, foot logo style. larger logo shirts, grundy style gear like over grown limbs. ooh movement style that drops coins , and one that drops cash. clown sanity is the largest alt toon, more large alt toons to wear as you fight? bring this game back to being fun. put a price cap in the broker.