Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by oasenhoheit, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. MsMamba New Player

    Pumpkin themed weapons for the upcoming halloween event!
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  2. Amazon Committed Player

    Current Weapon Styles

    Dual Wield – Fans, Sai’s, Batons
    Hand blasters- Highly transparent auras or swirling fonts of power….something that doesn’t obscure them, but indicates eldritch/meta energy is contained within.
    One handed- Standard Broadsword, long sword,
    Staff- Ivy covered Staff, goats head skull topped staff, gargoyle topped staff, staff with crystal ball, Spear, Broom
    Shield- Medusa head, with glowing eyes, skull shield, animal hide shield.

    Iconic Styles
    Jokers Long Barrel Pistols
    Huntress Cross Bows
    Wonder Woman’s Shield
    Penguins umbrella ( rifle)
    Mr freeze’s cryo gun
    Green Arrows Bow

    New weapons

    Wand/Sceptre- like zatanna and adds, so much potential for something different here
    Energy Ring(s)- some things else that indicated oure energy discharge most meta and magic toons have pure energy discharges, we need some variety.
    Spear/Javelin- Similar to GodOfWar2, different to staff with lots of jabs

    Alternate Weapon Animations/Blending

    Feral MA- Catwoman-Cheetahs in Catwoman solo.
    Alternate MA with spins kicks and hurricane kicks like NPC’s in WT
    Sword and Shield- adds in seeds of rot
    Fast Brawl- Ursa/Zod
    Two face Rifle- two face legends
    One handed and Rifle-Deathstroke
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  3. Fireaga New Player

    I would really really really like to see whips as weapons. It just has so much potential, just think how awsome they would look as energy style!!!
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  4. Articex New Player

    REDO frozen fiery volatic and cerebral

    they lack versatility and epicness

    and make the quantum style
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  5. UMBRA Well-Known Player

    Yes, yes it is.

    And something like that would be very cool to have :cool:
  6. DuxGregis New Player

    im not to sure about weapon styles but with the styles we have now they should be more detailed to if you have The League of assassins sword style then you should have a sheathe that would go somewhere like the back or the waist just like the sharpshooters back where its a gun bag. If that makes any
  7. N4TURALKILLER New Player

    I would like a metal chair for 2 handed. This way my wrestling character MajLeeHandsome will be truly complete!
  8. N4TURALKILLER New Player

    A giant spoon too
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  9. Giggles Loyal Player

    I want the Jokers Crowbar for one hander, first and foremost.

    Then I want Harley's mallet for 2 hander and Two Faces pistols from the Mercy hospital duo.

    Call it the "signature weapons pack" and done.
  10. XODUIS Committed Player

    Two ico
    We already have two of those iconics, we have nightwings dual wield but you havs to start tge game out with DW. And green arrow bow also from start. i think yoy can get the Atlantean staff but im not sure
  11. XODUIS Committed Player

    PS how about an active sheath and holsters to put our weapons in. Rifles, staff, two handed, and shiels go on back. one handed, dual pistol on holsters on thighs. brawling on hands (already exists but just being through) and Dual Wield could go on thighs or back. Bow on back and HB on hands (already exists) PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN
  12. oLIGHTNINGo New Player

    Yes before any weapon style we need holsters people! So we can always see our weapons, like guns can be in holsters with sword. The shield and larger weapina can be on your back. How badass will that be? We need that before anything. But dont get me wrong, everyone has had great ideas.
  13. Citizen Zero New Player

    Catwoman's Whip (so yea a whip, would be nice)
    Cyborg's blaster (a use-able one/Rifle Style)
    Aquaman's Trident (Staff Style)
    Glowing Fists (Brawler or Martial Arts Style)
    Laser Gun or Lightsaber
  14. Blight Committed Player



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  15. BlackIce Level 30

    As someone already wrote before, we need some 1-H swords, like a broadsword, long sword and Gladius. We already have 3 or 4 neat looking Katanas, but no good looking real swords, only some fantasy swords, which have no real counterpart in history.

    Also what about some Fencing Style weapons for 1-H a good looking Rapier
    and for Dual Wield rapier and parrying dagger or "main-gauche".

    For Staff Style i would like to have a halberd.

    For 2-H a good looking Claymore.

    Please no more fantasy style medieval weapons.
    We already have some nice looking knight armour styles so give us some real knight weapons to use with this armour styles.
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  16. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    Novelty weapons, balloon swords.
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  17. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    OH! Can we get dual pistols that look like the original NES Duck Hunt guns!?
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  18. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    I like those styles that look realistic, so many of the ideas in this thread would be great for me. The two big things I want though are Daggers (as either a dual wield or martial arts skin) and a Kusarigama/Chain Sickle (not sure that second one is possible though :) ). Other than that, real life guns, swords, axes, pole weapons are all great, wouldn't say no to a claw type weapon for MA or Brawl (something that looks similar to the Tech Ninja gloves - nothing over the top), a simple handblaster weapon that only appears as a coloured circle on the characters palms.
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  19. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Street sign (stop sign, no parking...)
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  20. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    This, I wish I had a staff that was just a big stick and/or a straight spear with a very small tip.I dont like all the ones that look like weird lamp posts lol.The bat and talon staffs are my fave cause they ain't too fancy. I started my toon with DW so I can't get the basic staff style like my alt has, dang.
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