Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by oasenhoheit, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    Then we could yell "SPOON!!!" when we started fighting! Best battle cry ever!!
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  2. Fatal Phantom New Player

    Two Handed: Needs more massive swords and executioner axes.
    1 Hand and Duel weild gun blades like from FF8. Lightsabers.
    Pistols/ Rifle- A weapon that just has the BANG! flag pop out of it.

    Would like to see some more Clothing styles with weapons attached. Example. Katanas or greatswords on back or waist. Slinged rifles on back. Knives on legs or boots. Grenades on chests. Things like that.

    Also expanding on the gunblade suggestion, i think that would be a cool idea for future weapon capabilities. Where as you do weapon damage you also get small might based damage for every hit to promote more use of weapons/less power used or you get them from perfectly timed button presses to avoid button spammers. Could also be used to help with P.I.s Like gunblade would ignite. Or magic infused would give bad karma, or poison would give dazeing or something along those lines.
  3. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    As allready mentioned, some more realistic and classic sword-styles would be great. Too many fantastic and hudge swords ingame and too many axe-styles. How about some more blades of different sizes and shapes, which fit more for a knight-themed character?

    Some more fun-styles would be music instruments (drum-sticks, guitar) and sports-gear like tennis-racket, hockey-stick etc.

    There could be different packages:

    - food like bananas, fish, baguette, household articles like broom, mop, pan and spatula, gardening tools

    - sports gear and music instruments

    - umbrealla rifle and one handed, whip, crossbow dual pistols, crowbar one handed, ww-shield etc.
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  4. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    If by new weapon style you mean new weapon:

    but new weapon styles from already used weapons:

    HB Duel Cyborg-type Gauntlets

    But since Sony Owns the right to this is it to much to ask for sony-characters inspired weapons such as:

    GOW: Sword of Olympus or Kratos' Bow gauntlests (brawling) etc chains of olympus(DW)
    Rachet and Clank's guns
    Guns from Resistance for rifels and DP
    Bat-a-rangs (MA)
    Sly Cooper's staff

    But plz a God Of War Inspired weapons set would be my dream ...
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  5. Fatal Phantom New Player

    Not for the two handed. All it has is hammers. The only good big sword is the glass claymore and 1 handed has bigger swords than the two handed.
  6. Elusian Loyal Player

    As TF2 fan I would like to see:

    Wrench (1H)

    Mackerel (1H)

    Syringe Gun (Rifle)

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  7. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    It's a personal preference, because my toon is a hobo, but could we please have more "junk" and "low-tech" weapon styles. I love the trashcan lid shield, the tree-branch bow, the 2x4 2-handed, the flintlock pistols - more of those, please.
    Admittedly I haven't collected every weapon style in-game, so maybe some of these are available somewhere, but how about:
    - brawling manacles with pieces of chain hanging off of them
    - staff pitchfork
    - 1-handed torch
    - rifle - rusty kalashnikov, mended with tape
    - 1-handed crowbar (that might be available, since Legends Joker has it)
    - slingshot bow
    - oh and if we were to have a 1-h or 2-h fish, we should also have Dual Wield or Martial Arts ones...
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  8. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    You're right. Was thinking of one-handed and forgot about two-handed, which mostly has hammers.
  9. goldwatch New Player

    i do not care about the style but i want to see some blood in this game when i attack human i want to see some blood out from him and when i sewning my sword some real cut in the body
  10. PureDarkness Dedicated Player

    Ok... So:
    Iconics: WW shield, OceanMaster staff, Joker's Pistols, Scarecrow Butcher knives DW, 2face rifle, Penguin's umbrella 1h, Harley's Hammer 2h, Huntress Crossbow for Bow, Killer Crock Brawling/MA (banded), Lex Luthor HB.
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  11. dyslexia Active Player

    1st & foremost VENDORS VENDORS VENDORS for all tiers of weapons like central city.
    Other than that, as other have mentioned, iconic character themed weapons.
    As much as I dislike 2 hand, Harley's hammer, also dual pop guns for her style .
    Maybe dual bang flag guns for mista j. For those saying crowbar, there is one, barbed wire wrapped crowbar is available from home turf instances.
    Mr. freeze's rifle, complete with hoses going to the backpack.
    Wrist mounted blasters in the style of deadshot.
    Perhaps a set of gator skinned claws for m/a for croc.
    Plain metallic wrist guantlets for brawling wonder woman style.
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  12. TMadness New Player

    Are you looking for new weapons or just new weapon styles?
  13. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    It's styles which I'm after, not new combat-styles with completely new weapons.
    But feel free to share your ideas about new weapons, if you want to. :)
  14. Trolljoe New Player

    Iconic Weapons: Jokers Pistols, Two-faces double barrel shotgun, Catwomans Whip, ect. The giveaway weapons That Facebook awarded during game launch is a good place to start. Harleys Hammer, gunbrella.
    Gangland Weapon style. Tommy Gun, Baseball bat, crowbar (one handed), tire irons (dual wield)
    Ninja Weapons style: Would look great with some of the theme sets
    Iconic Armor Sets: Weapons designed to have the same style as the different tier armor. Weapons that look like they were designed for Metallos Maul, or Jokers Punchline would be great.
    Star labs or Lex corp weapon sets and have them sold by venders outside Starlabs and lex corp would be cool.
    brainiac weapon styles. We been wulping on him for a while, and we got some armor types from him, now we need weapons tech from him.
    My biggest wants are a Tommy gun like Two-Face, And I don't know how to work it, but a Wrecking Ball for my Tank
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  15. TMadness New Player

  16. TMadness New Player




    None of this artwork belongs to me.
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  17. GROBLEN New Player

    This may have been mentioned already, but I'd really like to see some back or shoulder mounted weapons like Lex Luthor uses. How cool would it be if the Avatar Bombardier back piece was actually functional? :)
  18. Wonder Womann Level 30

    Wonder Woman's -Shield

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  19. John New Player

    I want a whole new fighting style like martial arts and brawling how about Boxing?
  20. Bobburt Committed Player

    More swords, less hammers.
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