Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by oasenhoheit, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    Fish themed weapons
  2. Magician Dedicated Player

    Magic Wand!!!
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  3. Tactix New Player

    One Handed-Old-school Stiletto switchblade,Lamp,Small Tree/Branch,Old Makeshift wooden sword,a stick(branch with no leaf),a straw,a purse,a belt,Curling iron,straighting iron,large comb/brush,a foldable chair(collapsed or open),electric shaver,A sunflower,Boquet of Flowers,A Large lollipop,a briefcase

    Duel wield- Old-school Stiletto switchblades,Lamps,Small Tree/Branch,Old Makeshift wooden swords,sticks(branches with no leaves),Straws,Purses,belts,Curling irons,straighting irons,large combs/brush,foldable chairs(collapsed or open),electric shaver,2 sunflowers,Boquets of Flowers,2 Large Lollipops,2 briefcase

    Dual pistols-Soda Bottles,Uzis,Mac-11s,Lugers,Pistols with Silencers,Plain Revolvers,2 twigs, 2 stiff tube socks(odor seemingly rising off of it),blow dryers,Tubes of Toothpaste,electric Drills,Gargoyles on a perch(similiar to ones found in gotham) with its mouth open

    Staff-Giant Bone,a long giant stick,a straw,a large lollipop,Large Toothbrush,

    Two-Handed-Giant Bone,a roll a way suitcase,a large lollipop,Large Toothbrush

    Rifle-2 Liter Soda Bottle,Gatling Gun,M16/M4 with/out grenade launcher/sight,a lamp,a missle/torpedo with the tip of it open(maybe with a glow radiating from it?),a large stiff tube sock(odor seemingly rising off of it), a large camera,a lollipop,Large tube of Tootpast,A large toothbrush, a shark with its mouth open

    Hand Blaster- Translucent(?) Hands(Bones are slightly visible through skin), Ooze/goo covered Power-colored hands,

    Shield-mirror,a portrait/painting,a laptop

    Martial Arts-Robot fists,Shoes,bee hives
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  4. Little Sister New Player

    I'd like to see more weapons with slight animations, like the fire / electric ones.

    As for totally new weapons, maybe nunchaku? idk
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  5. Larfleeze New Player

    I would really just like if they did a better job scaling some of the weapons in this game.

    I mean ****, there's 1 handers like Barbarian Sword and Insect Sword that are significantly larger than any 2 hander in the game.
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  6. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Things I would like that we've already been told cannot happen (yet): Whip, Nunchaku, Chains, Flail, etc.

    New weapons I'd like to see that are more possible: Giant Shuriken, Spear (different from staff!), and Daggers

    Ideas I've liked so far in this thread: Switching weapons with hotkey, holsters, the option to keep our weapons visible at all times (like brawling),
  7. Scarlet Morrigan Active Player

    I would like to see some old school weapons
    1h - something like a American Cavalry Saber
    rifle - something like a winchester model 1873
    DP - like a pair of classic colt revolvers (and a dual pistol holster waist style might be nice too)
    A crossbow might be nice, but would that fall under bow or rifle?
    Maybe a classic scottish claymore for the 2handers?
    or more traditional maces or battleaxes that have a middle ages look for the 1h and 2h crowd.

    while the idea of a "sonic screwdriver" seems cool, i don't see it being a good weapon choice.
    and some styles for HB that are not big tech gloves might be nice.
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  8. Larfleeze New Player

    Since just about day one and I had Huntress / Joker unlocked in legends I've been wanting a weapon switch button. I'de even go so far as to sacrifice a 6th power on a good portion of my toons to replace it with a weapon switch button. I suppose you could argue that it takes less than 10 seconds to switch weapons in combat, but that's still a long amount of downtime.
  9. ChuckMtlQc New Player

    I have a big request in connection with weapon styles.

    Since you work hard on providing nice weapon styles,
    And we work hard to acquire the good looking styles for our heroes/villains,

    It would be necessary that the style ARE RETAINED when we switch weapons.
    Ive got a Dual Wielding hero controller and I’ve added the Bow as fully skilled secondary weapon.
    I often change between the two (dps vs ctrl fighting style, or depending on the mission), and well, styles go out the window everytime.
    I get stuck with the default style of the weapon I’ve equiped, even if I’ve locked the style in my Style Tab.

    This, I believe, would go a long way in providing players with a sense of personalization of their characters.
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  10. LuizFelipeSoares95 New Player

    Energy weapons! could have the option to change the color of our powers, as in the game Champions Online ... Take a look at this game, you will have many ideas of weapons, powers and travel powers (movements)
  11. Kage Spirit New Player

    My top suggestions would be a jacket like Black Cannery's or even like Zatanna, but not as a chest but as a back so we can put on any chest style underneath it. or even have a cowl that will cover the entire head or at least most of it but keep the back open so female toons can have their hair out and still be shown like a Barbra Gorden Bat girl. i mean im sure most people that make iconic toons or at least styles that resemble iconic toons (like me) would see where i am going with this.
  12. dcuo gamer Committed Player

    You know, before you release a new weapon, how about you tweak the old original powers SORCERY and NATURE!! Pretty please with sugar. It takes you little to know time to nerf sorcery whenever pvp players get together to campaign against it or whenever the devs feel like it.
  13. UMBRA Well-Known Player

    Beam katanas




    Medieval looking hand blasters



    Hand blasters that look like animal heads


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  14. Quantum Edge Loyal Player

    An offshoot of bow, crossbow!
  15. Blackz Star Level 30

    Dual Wield Guitars!!!
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  16. Flair Well-Known Player

    The only thing I really want here is an electric/acoustic guitar 1h style. I actually made a Sorc toon named Mixolydian the first day the game launched and I've been waiting for a guitar to smash villains el Kabong style ever since!
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  17. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    That's Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet :p
  18. JayJay2515 New Player

    Uzi style for Dual Pistols, devs should be ashamed this isn't already in-game.

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  19. thelostczarnian New Player

    a one handed sharpened hook
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  20. RADIOHULK New Player

    Lightsaber in star wars~
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