Tell the Devs what Weapon Styles you would like to see next!

Discussion in 'Developer Discussions' started by oasenhoheit, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Fools Fire Loyal Player

    Shield - A grandfather clock face w/roman numerals that tell the actual local time of the user.
    Hand Blasters - Firestorm's molecular effect.
    Staff - A Twizzler
    Dual Pistols - Joker's Laughing Fish
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  2. Echephyle New Player

    Funny how they have an ak47 instead of an m16, being a game that largely takes place in america
  3. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Two Handed Katana, MA41 Rifle
  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are watching this thread. Make it good!
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  5. Dametria Loyal Player

    To the OP...You are welcome :D
  6. John New Player

    A wand it could be a 1handed weapon

    or an entirely new weapon
  7. Nemisor Committed Player

    a brawl style with cybernetic arms (like Jax of MK) or a single arm ( cable)
    a SONIC SCREWDRIVER for 1 hand ( go nicely with quantum ;))
    a hocky stick for 2 hand
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  8. DamageControl Committed Player

    Dr. Who's screwdriver :)
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  9. Rumour Committed Player

    Quivers that can be placed on the side of the thighs. Also give us the option of either putting both quivers on or just one thigh.

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  10. Spindle New Player

    I think there are more than enough styles in game already to choose from, and honestly don't think we need more.

    Personally I'd just like to see our weapons in holsters, scabbards, or mounted on our backs when not in use (shield comes to mind)... or have the option to have it always appear in our hands. Also, I'm curious as to why one week my weapon style is the one I chose, then the next week it keeps reverting back to the style of the weapon equipped? :confused:
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  11. Archsprite Well-Known Player

    I like the idea of having a toggle for weapon visibility... but could have some issues:
    • I have it set to always appear in-hand, but I am activating something, which causes my hands to be in a bad position to handle weapon...(i.e. gathering exobit with staff equipped)

    I think the weapon style is remembered for your active weapon, but if you change weapons, the style is not retained for the prior weapon.
  12. John New Player

    I would just like a football or basketball jersey
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  13. John New Player

    Better yet make it a football ranged weapon or a basket ball ranged weapon
  14. Minnion Devoted Player

    I'd like a Bazooka/rocket launcher weapon, you know for blowing stuff up from range... We could even have Jokers Iconic rocket launcher from the opening cut-scene as a style even.
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  15. myandria Loyal Player

    Hmm... ok here are my ideas...

    Two-Handed: lightpole, railroad tie, train track, pool cue.
    Dual Wield: police batons, tazers, turntables, skateboards, water guns (that shoot acid), staple guns, hot glue guns, spray paint cans, insect repellent cans, pool cues, hot cast iron pans.
    Staff: yardstick, surfboard, oversized pencil, double-ended rake, farmer's pitchfork, standing fan.
    Brawling: rose bushes (with poisonous thorns), cement gloves, pillows (that emit a debuff gas when they hit), scissors (like Edward Scissorhands), game controllers.

    Some ammo I would like to see: CD's, triangle rulers, vinyl records, marbles, exploding sticky caltrops, thumbtacks, cue balls, poker chips, VHS tapes.

    This will do for now.. will think of some others in a bit.
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  16. Minnion Devoted Player

    Pool cue staff weapon.
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  17. PureDarkness Dedicated Player

    Iconics: WW Shield, Aquaman Staff, Huntress DP, Nightwing DW, 2Face Rifle, Penguin's Umbrella 1h, Harley's Hammer 2h, Green Arrow Bow, etc.
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  18. Rickajamesbeeoch New Player

    I would like a one hander for my Villain Drunk Stepdad.....he needs bottle of liquor as his one handed weapon
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  19. PureDarkness Dedicated Player

    Kitchen: butcher's knife 1h, giant pan 2h, fork & knife DW, spatula staff, etc.
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  20. PureDarkness Dedicated Player

    Improve the existing weapon styles (Fiery, Frozen, Voltaic & Psychic) to better ones.
    Use the weapons used for those to create new skins: cosmic, glowing, chrome (well, like u did with the suits...), summertime water ones, etc.

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