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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. Tilz Loyal Player

    Just putting some Powercosts in here

    High Powercosts

    Avalanche: 500
    --> Can'T really test the powercost with a soda, but it seems about right

    Forst Blast: 500

    Icebash: 300
    --> Powercostreduction und now moving to medium costs

    Wintry Tempest: 500

    Medium Powercosts

    Bitter Winds: 300

    Ice Boulder Strike: 300

    Ice Boulder: 300

    Impaling Ice: 300

    Reflection: 300

    Resonating Gale: 300

    Snow Devil: 300

    Winterward: 300

    Low Powercosts

    Arctic Gust: 150
    --> can't be tested, but looks around fine.

    Frost Slam: 150

    Frost Snipe: 150

    Inescapable Storm: 150

    Snowball: 150

    P.S testing alone. Would be possible for the cast/dovetail powers with a troll together.
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  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    So how do you activate Ice Armor now? I can't find the original Ice notes.
  3. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    It activates automatically whenever you use a [Shield] power. Its duration is actually longer than the shield duration so you can keep it active easily even if you don't have your shields up all the time. You get +13.5% Defense from it in Tank stance (Tank gear also has +10% Defense over other roles) and +25% Defense in Damage stance.
  4. Black Jaq Devoted Player

  5. cease94 Active Player

    a follow up on this, the problem turned out to not be with just the Ice Elemental but with every other form change such as the dog form by the Elixer and not with just Super_Speed but with every other movement.

    going out of the form to the original role is what causes it and it gets fixed when u get knocked out or by changing a gear of equipment.
  6. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Finally got around to doing a raid on test, and, it was a disaster.

    We ran oly and beat it, sure, but the struggle to stay alive as the tank was ridiculous. Not really the healers fault either, ice tanks are currently getting hit too hard for 175 cr. We tried with 2 tanks, they just took turns dying. I tried respeccing my sp for more def, noticed a small difference but was still a squish ball. We tried both one and two healers, it went better with two (obviously), and eventually decided one tank is better then 2.

    Ice tank needs a buff, mainly more damage absorption. It does just fine in smaller group content but when you get to raids it becomes a slushie. Maybe give ice tanks a 25% defense buff for being in tank role along with the 85% for not blocking? Somewhere along those lines anyway I think will put ice more where it needs to be.
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  7. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Judging from your first impression in a has been a revelation hasn't it been? Glad to know I wasn't the only one experiencing this.
  8. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Lol yes I did a complete 180. It seemed fine in small group content, I assumed that it would carry over to raids, but after that Oly run, hell no. It needs work.
  9. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    So feedback on tanking. Wow, where do I start. I will post footage by tomorrow morning.

    I guess my overall initial impressions. Ice tanking in normal duos and alerts, is fine and very smooth to play with. But in raids, it's a chaotic experience. There's simply not much room to solo tank a lot of NPCs. As a Ice tank you have to depend on crowd control from the controller or yourself to give yourself some breathing room, your shields get broken easily (before the 6 second duration) even with high dominance (shields are now mostly dominance according to the developers), and you have to depend on your healing supercharge a Impaling Ice plus weapon combos are a plus.

    It just feels very squishy and uncomfortable and most importantly very vulnerable. Like you can actually need 2 tanks now for content, not because of mechanics but because of the inability and lack of stats for one tank to take. I managed to barely solo tank Olympus reg but even that was a bit rough in some areas, it was a huge challenge. The bosses in the AF3 Olympus raid are simply not programmed to take advantage of counters as well.

    Three shields are just not cutting it in my opinion. You either need to increase their potency or tighten up the rotation of shields. Right now by correctly rotating the three shields without breaking, you have a 6-8 second period without a shield regardless. That is scary to tank around. With the way healing and tanking has been changed, if this hits live in the future....players will definitely feel a state of being essentially...nerfed. I wanted to avoid using that word...but that is what best describes the situation that I am seeing.

    The three second cooldown on Escapable Storm is not needed. Just change it back to 1 second like Snow Ball is. The three seconds in my opinion still feels sluggish when adds can pop up instantly when you're trying to pull them away from the group.
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  10. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Also Darkseid.

    If controllers could actually stun, that might help the tank taking so much damage on adds. Not a solution by any means but part of how this game currently fits together.
  11. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Where are you seeing these numbers? T3 T8 Typhon? I'd like to test my Mental character there, as Mental damage is poor.
  12. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    I wanted to see how Ice does so I created an Ice toon an Test.
    Wow! double the damage of Mental; and I have no idea what I'm doing yet!
    Adds are burning too fast in Gotham. This needs to be nerfed.
    With Mental I was getting 4-5K per sec damage.
    With Ice 10-11K. Big difference!
  13. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Typhon's Monster Invasion Open World NPCS.
  14. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Right now, a tanks pulls overwrite a controllers stuns. I still think controllers should have the more dominant higher priority CC over tanks. I don't mind that a controller that stuns before I pull, as long as I have taunted the enemies, I'm good as a tank. That's just my opinion on that.
  15. 01 Cantore Level 30

    01BABY K / 190/292sp / I am using the translator.

    best regard.

    I've been playing many years of ice and I've never seen it that bad.

    1. Inescapable Storm: Still having 2 seconds more Cooldown As well as Frost Snipe, Bother to At the time of tanking raids with many adds.

    2. I do not understand why changing all the reuse time, they are all very long and it is complicated to make a good rotation. Incomoda for the tank and a lot of dps, since we always use 1 SC and some powers of over time, but if the cooldown is too long we will need more powers and the need to remove others, it must be taken into account that there are only 6 Powers. I wish they did not change the cooldown.
    3. The ice shields do not work properly.
    • My stats in tets server:
    Dominance: 5127
    Restoration: 7462
    healt: 19462
    • Shield resistance
    Incoming punch:9k-10k. The numbers are accurate and tested more than once. Against a boss of a solitary who makes you an attack that drops exactly half of your health.

    Resistance damage by shield.
    Reflection: 3841
    Winter Ward: 8116
    Shatter Restraints: 1334

    These numbers do not fit the stats, They could explain well the resistance of the shields and how they affect the stats in them, Not only did they remove a shield, they also reduced the resistance of the other shields. As I understand the shields endure the sum of dominace and restoration. But currently in the tets they do not resist even the amount of dominance.

    4. They eliminated the resistance of Bitter Winds being the second best shield of the ice by the little time of cooldawn 12seg. It would be better to eliminate the resistance of a breaker that is more than 20sec.
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  16. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Working with Rokyn, we wanted to see what the damage cap values were for different shielding powers at different dom/resto numbers. Here are the results:

    Test #1
    Dominance: 2508
    Restoration: 3082
    Reflect Damage Cap: 1780
    Winter Ward Damage Cap: 3761
    Shatter Restraints Damage Cap: 618

    Test #2
    Dominance: 4423
    Restoration: 5424
    Reflect Damage Cap: 3137
    Winter Ward Damage Cap: 6630
    Shatter Restraints Damage Cap: 1090

    Test #3
    Dominance: 6490
    Restoration: 8067
    Reflect Damage Cap: 4622
    Winter Ward Damage Cap: 9768
    Shatter Restraints Damage Cap: 1606
  17. Harlequin Devoted Player

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  18. spack2k Steadfast Player

    just by looking at those numbers it seems WW dmg cap is 150% dom while SR dmg cap is 20% resto and Reflect dmg cap is 33% of (dom+resto).
  19. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Tanks pulls should have priority. As a player that runs all roles. A controller can stun/CC before & after the pull. The tanks job is to move/pull npc's into place and keep them there. It is called teamwork.
  20. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    This right here is exactly why we need a break down on stats and what they do within each testing update.
    This is total BS if you ask me. DCUO wants the content tested and yet fails to give testers the proper tools to test with.

    DCUO.....................How about fixing my car but you cannot use any tools.
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