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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. Moja Developer

    Please use this thread for feedback specific to Ice powers in version 1.1 of the revamp. For general combat feedback (not specific to Ice), please use this updated overview thread instead.

    When posting feedback, please include your character name, level/CR, and skill points.

    Updated changes:
    • Cold Snap has been removed.
    • Shatter Restraints now grants a shield.
  2. Dead Reckon Well-Known Player

    So we are losing a power?
  3. Bose Well-Known Player

    Power regeneration is passive now. You don't need a power to activate power regen
  4. eanur Well-Known Player

    We have lost the skill that was only for our power regen it had no other loss. Plus unless i'm mistaken we have now got a 3rd shield so I would call this a win-win.
  5. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Losing the power regeneration ability and shatter restraints now is a shield again. I don't really see anything to complain about. Imagining weapon power regen is still the same (slightly buffed), an ice tank with ice armor should strategically be able to keep themselves shielded most of the time while rarely having to ever block, which means they can do more on the offensive side and supply some damage.

    I'd call that a gain, not a loss.
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  6. Dead Reckon Well-Known Player


    I agree it is a win getting a 3rd shield back as long as the cool down is not long and we can rotate them. And yes they are taking away the power regain. But cold snap was not a power regain until they changed it with the last update. Why not just change it back to what it used to be before the last changes?
  7. Dead Reckon Well-Known Player

    And I will be testing this time and I'm only focusing on the tanking side of the changes.
  8. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    I don't like how Wintery Tempest and Ice Bash both take almost your entire bar to cast. Ones a buff and ones an area DOT. If I want to cast the AOE and buff my attacks, it takes my entire bar and can't cast anything else. Some of us like using only powers. If you make it where we HAVE to use weapons, people will be pissed.

    Also, the new power regen is weaksauce. Again, I want to use my powers ONLY and there are others like that. I like being independent when I'm doing solo content. currently, it sucks.
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  9. Pults Loyal Player

    Not sure if this was brought up last time but if you set up the PI on adds and use one of the supercharges it encases and often deals no damage where's if the PI isn't active it basically one-shot adds - which I asume was the initial intent - making it a "biggun" for ice.
  10. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    ice bash is a buff for your weapon attacks now, so if your playing from the tray it doesn't make sense to use it.

    The newer Power-regen is also supposed to be based off of How much Power you got. More Power=More regeneration.

    I can't really say on the Newer Regeneration abilities and that's because we don't got a big amount of SP to properly test some of these changes out.
  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I am curious about spending into might and power would change the tray only. When I was testing the T1 mental I have if I worked my rotation right I was rewarded with 7 to 9 powers before I lost my bar and had to Regen with my weapon. I have 275 so on my main, it would be nice to try. But this round of testing is still for the content and leveling with roles secondary.
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  12. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Some of the Ice moves need to be changed to benefit from enemies being frostbitten, in particular these two moves are useless:
    Frost Slam.

    There's also too many PI application powers as well, I'll go ahead and list them:
    Impaling Ice grants frostbite PI.
    Wintry tempest grants frostbite PI.
    Ice Boulder, and Ice boulder strike grants the PI.
    Resonating Gale also grants the Frostbite PI.

    That's literally 5 PI applications which is a bit too much for my taste.

    Another big concern most of these powers benefit from Frostbitten enemies, but they are mostly interruptable:
    Interruptable, but benefit from frostbitten enemies:
    Frost blast.
    Arctic gust.
    Glacier flash.
    Non interruptable:
    Snowball (AOE)
    Bitter winds(close range)
    Frost Snipe(Single target)
    Freeze-ray(Supercharge, single target)
    Blizzard( Supercharge, aoe)
    Snow devil(haven't tested, but heard bad things about it)

    TL;DR This means if Ice players want to DPS and not be interrupted; This means they'll be forced to use Snowball, bitter winds, and possibly snow-devil. Thus making some loadouts very limited.

    And finally, may I ask why did Resonating gale become a Pull? Most of the ice players would suffice with using inescapable storm.

    Resonating gale on Live would benefit from enemies being frostbitten and was a DPS move for a long time, so seeing it being a pull when it wasn't asked for; concerns me.

    Thanks in advance: Jacob dragonhunter.
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  13. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Edit: I was wrong about my feedback above, a lot more got changed then I expected.

    Main concerns so far: 5 PI applicators, and interruptablity.
  14. TimYam New Player

    My feedback about the revamp is

    Are u guys try to change the whole ice dps play style?
    Currently most ice dps use:

    1. Wintery Tempest
    2. Ice Bash
    3. Cold Snap
    4. Arctic gust
    5. Avalanche or Reflect
    6. Supercharge (Ice elemental or Blizzard)

    This loadout allow the player freely move around the boss or target for both long and mid range attack.
    Frostbitten as a buff to increase damage when active

    This playstyle is flexible and I vey enjoy this way

    After the change, no buff on ice bash or Wintery tempest (bitter wind), and if use long range Avalanche or Frost Slam have a long
    Cast time and cool down which will change the play style of ice dps

    So my questions is:

    1. Is Ice Dps Loadout became 12345 style loadout or Something?
    2. Is Frostbitten still give buff?
    3. Will Avalanche change cooldown time?

    I be play this game for 3 years, I never post anything on this forum, but this revamp made me very unhappy. The reason is
    I test most of the power in this game, and only ice dps(also ice tanking) loadout is the only style I like to play this game. I very like this game and I only play one character, and I don't want to quit this game because this revamp force me to change the way I play....

    I understand the development team work hard on this revamp, plz keep up the good work and take ur time to do this right.

    Can we have a NPC give us thing like Mod and Armoury on test
    and setup a test bot in war room for dps

    Again Thank you for all the work u done
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  15. spack2k Steadfast Player

    why is diversity a problem? ppl can choose between 5 powers which one they want to use for applying PI...
  16. eanur Well-Known Player

    Ok just finished my first stint of testing (may do some more later) on my ice villain level 19 and figured I would post feedback quickly so far. Some are the same as last time but as I did a couple more levels I found some more points:

    1) Firstly same as last time Inescapable storm as much as the cool down issue has been fixed I would still like it be switched in the list with resonating gale. I know these skills are not similar but allowing a new player to have the main pull skill as soon as he can start tanking at level 10 would greatly benefit him in learning his role

    2) once again same as last time frost slam is still a useless skill under the new revamp. I like the skill early on but with no power interaction and the 12 second cool down to it completely nullifies the powers usefulness. This can be changed to 6 seconds and im still not sure if the power is going to have a use.

    3) New thing I noticed and I guess its more general to all powers but ill just post in here but you can now longer see in the power description menu how much a supercharge costs. I know you trying to simplify texts in this new revamp but it was useful knowing which skills was 100% and which was 25%.

    4) Just to let you Dev's know that cold snap is still in my load out Menu with its description but I cant equip it. I understand you guys got rid of the power just think you may of overlooked this part.

    5) when I got to level 18 I unlocked Impaling ice power which I was curious about cause its my supercharge generator and a PI inflictor so I wanted to fit it into my load out. Unfortunately my enthusiasm lasted about 2 mins of combat when I figured it was only doing 55 dmg for 1 hit with a pretty long cool down of I think 12 seconds where as all my other skills which inflict my PI hit for a couple hundred. Its only first impressions here but I don't see its usefulness even on a supercharge load out when its dmg is low and it has a long cool down. Maybe I would actually lose dmg in the long run.

    6) Finally for my last point I still am noticing that as I level up and unlock a new power it still does not tell me what new power I have unlocked without me having to actually go into the Ice menu and look it up. Surely our UI can support a little message for each lvl telling us we have unlocked a new power

    Thanks and will post again when I test more
  17. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Alright here's some feedback on the next stage of testing.

    1) I still believe there's an inconsistency when it comes to the shields. I'm trying to understand why Winter Ward has a 20 second cool down and a 6 second duration compared to something like Reflect with a 12 second cool down and 6 second duration. And winter ward is no longer a breakout so why the long cool down? Shatter being changed to a shield is nice and the 20 second cool down makes sense since it's a breakout. But atm an Ice Tank will have a rough time in challenging content with only 3 shields to rotate, if those shields gets stripped or broken Ice Tank will only have its Ice Armor to depend on and a healer to keep them alive. That's rough in my opinion.

    2) Is Frost Slam supposed to be a heavy hitter? The cool down is long for what used to be a former quick CC option with an instant cool down.

    3) Ice Elemental has been fixed and the bugs from the last 1.0 version have been addressed so good job there.

    4) It seems like abilities like Ice Boulder are doing more damage than something like Snow Ball (with the PI even so).

    5) Ice Bash has a heavy power cost and 6 second duration, just wondering if this is intentional.

    6) Why was Bitter Winds changed to be a non shield, just wondering? It has a 12 second cool down and it used to have a 6 second duration. In my opinion perfect for a shield and it does damage too for people who want to focus on Battle Tanks.
  18. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    I'm assuming that might be part of the promotion of weaponization that's now a dps socket bonus as well as a secondary stat when you spec for might or prec in your sp.
  19. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    With all due respect, could you explain what are the thoughts behind all the changes to Ice tanking and the PI removals?

    As feedback:

    The new power mechanic is just not 100% making it for me due to the power costs of some powers.
    I use Ice bash clipped with wintry tempest and boom I only have 5% power left. Try to use snowball once and completely out of power.
    Where did the "You can play from the tray" went?

    I mean to be honest I think everyone was happy when they said you guys would remove all the damage from AM and WM but what you left us with it's just like playing Legends PVE. Not that I completely dislike it but it was fun to play from the tray. Removing all the power interactions was just sad in my opinion.

    For the tank side. I'm glad we got a shield back, but I'd be happier if we had the tanking mechanic left as it was. I still don't see the reason behind all the changes, most people enjoyed Ice tanking as it was.

    The pull cooldown even when it's reduced it's still too long. You see as an example let me give you Throne of the dead ( normal or elite) where 2 sets of adds come from different directions, there is no way I can pull the both sets of adds with that 3 second cooldown. This is even more present in things like survival mode where you also have to pull from different locations, sometimes for some reason an add gets imune and I can't pull it then I got to recast the pull but when you got a 3 second cooldown it makes a big difference. The pull was perfect as it was, there is not a reason of why pulls shoudln't be spamable.

    There is also a huge discrepancy with your old thinking:

    When atomic came out it had the power regen ability in tank role. People complained a lot back then, and you decided to remove it.
    Personally I don't mind at all, but just let me tell you with all due respect you're making tanks a little to invicible. I've soloed alerts before any kind of power regen as many powers, and with all the power regen going on it's going to make tanks able to solo alerts all the time. Which personally I don't mind but I don't think you intend that. (Proof in my youtube channel if intrested)

    Changing the old chore mechanics it's not going to be positive for most of the playerbase

    Chaning how the tanking goes with Ice, it's not going to be positive for most of the already tanks. I can't only imagine if you ever change rage without having the rage crash or things like that.
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  20. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Question: What's gonna happen to the accelerated cold snap white mod? I know people that paid money for that mod.
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