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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Well to be far I said "I can do about 2 rotations before I run out of power" So yeah It might be bugged.

    2 rotations aren't generally enough to complete any content outside of tier 1 possibly.
  2. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Out of context, but I like your sig.
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  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    From spord's response in the other thread. What we have is intended. :\

  4. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    Yes, but controllers are suppose to control. Before power regen, all controllers were really were batteries. Even at the expense of lacking debuffs or holds. I play a controller and I don't want to spend all my time casing 1 or 2 powers over and over again. After all, if we try to debuff and control the mobs we will run out of power and can't be a battery.
  5. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Hi, guys! As was well explained by all earlier. The costs of the powers are exaggerated!
    When I did my character before evolving, I still did a level 30 loadout, the same one I was using on the server before for testing! And I used it perfectly!
    When I used the equipment and went to CR 165, what was not my scare to see that when using only two of the powers of my loadout my power bar was already empty?
    Which shows that the cost is very much as you go up from CR!
    So it's no use having 22,000 power as I am now with CR 175, that even so my bar is empty only when using two or three powers!
    In this way it has no regeneration, no weapon, no controller that will be able to withstand with the DPs in the game!
    It will return to hell where the controllers will be expelled for not maintaining power etc.
    But all this talk that "we can use powers freely" becomes a joke in seeing this!
    I was able to do a loadout where I could only use power around 80% of the time! But it was the most embarrassing thing! Since I basically only use two powers! The rest is armor and supercharg ...
    If I want to use multiple powers it will be impossible! Because my power bar goes away depending on power with only one power! Even the use of a weapon does not help!
    I am extremely disappointed ...
  6. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I'll need to hop back on test and mess with the DPS more, but the power costs greatly vary. I assume the ones that were meant to be played with weapon clipping cost more due to power back from weapon combos. Some powers seem to be in favor of tray spam due to extremely low power cost.

    I played ice tank the other night and had no issues keeping myself shielded and powered as long as maintained weapon activity, so that's fine in my opinion, unless you want to battle tank and use ice bash.
  7. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    In the tests I did with the tank I had no complaints! Tank powers are ok!
    The expenses too!
    Sai wasting power on everything that is place and that's fine!
    The problem here is the DPS!
    The DPS is being destroyed with this system !!
    Go ahead for me ... just in the Bruce Wayne duo I think I tested a 10 loadouts disferentes on the final boss! Out my various tests on Typhon with guns, without guns, with WM, without WM.
    I'll record some videos and then show them here!
    The costs are absurd! It has power going almost all its bar!
    Other than that same power when you were still at level 30 (at the beginning of this same test). They did not have these expenses!
    This clearly shows that it is an error caused by increased CR.
    And that should be reviewed ... I advise everyone to create a character and before equipping their gears, still with the initial gear, mount a loadout and then test, and then do the same test with the final gears already placed!
  8. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Tested out the DPS more heavily today. A tray build is possible but for me....I had to involve some weapon clipping to get some powerback. This is during solo and duo play. I was using a cheap power like Arctic Gust as a spamming power, set up Bitter Winds to deal extra damage to PIed enemies, and Impaling Ice to take advantage of the PI applicator and extra supercharge. If I had enough power and the situation was right, I would use Frost Blast to finish off with a large hit. My other two slots were reserved for my supercharge and Glacier Flash. It was smooth to run with but I had to involve weapon clipping in there to get some extra power. I haven't been able to run a raid but I'm hoping in a raid....that I won't have to use a weapon if I didn't want to.

    Regarding supercharges, the only useful one I noticed was Ice Elemental with its strong precision combos and damage bonus. Blizzard was basically just a long DoT and the damage wasn't enough in my opinion. One tick of Frost Blast can equate Blizzard's total damage summed up. Deep Freeze hits hard but again, same damage as Frost Blast. Freeze Ray was about the same for me as Blizzard. So overall I believe these should be looked at again in my opinion.

    I don't even use Wintry Tempest or Ice Bash since their power cost is already too high. If I was running a pure DoT build I would consider Tempest. Ice Elemental is definitely a plus for precision builds due to the increase in weapon DPS.
  9. Canadian Justice Well-Known Player

    Based off today's Power Cost post I did some testing.

    Power: 25796
    Might: 9125
    Precision: 9986
    CR: 173

    Used Synth 6 mods in my gear, Might for the red slots, Power for the yellow, Health for the blue.
    Generator had 4 power 6.2 mods in it.
    Using staff with full weapon mastery.
    20 points in Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Might. 78 points in power.

    Compared to Electricity, a much better selection of low cost powers. Also, having only one PI to worry about allows for a much greater sense of freedom in choosing what powers you want to use.

    Overall I felt fairly vulnerable while dpsing. I remember tank classes having much better juggle and knock-up/ knock-back capabilities.

    Very few of the powers felt useless, with only Frostblast sticking out. While the damage potential is huge, it just feels sluggish. Maybe it could get the animation sped up like Fireburst and be made mobile too? With AM boosted damage no longer being an issue, I think this power (Frostblast) needs a second look.
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  10. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Hi, guys! As promised, I did the video where I show the difference between power expenditure as your CR increase equipment!
    Just an addendum to the video I forgot to show in the video, in tests 2 and 3 I had spent the skill points, different from test 1!
  11. Moja Developer

    Blizzard should be hitting much hard than Deep Freeze if every tick lands. It gets 12 hits, so multiply the fly-text damage by 12 to get a comparison between those powers. Same thing for Freeze Ray.
    Shatter Restraints is supposed to cost 0 power. No bug there but thanks for the report! J

    Some upcoming changes:
    All weapon buffs reduced cost to Medium (300 base cost)
    Frostblast changed to mobile cast
    Snow Devil increased duration and cooldown (you can still have 2 of them out about half the time – this isn’t a bug J)
    Ice Elemental will use Brawling attacks

    No promises for when any of this will hit test.

    Thanks for the feedback!
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  12. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    So nothing on the PI's being changed to Low power?

    This is gonna be troublesome like I said in the prior thread: All the PI applications for ice are Medium to Big power-cost.

    You changed one of the PI applications for mental,to be a low power cost it'd be greatly appreciated if you do that for ice.
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  13. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Yes, it's working as intended. As an example, with my personal stats....Blizzard ticked for 12 times (3000 average each non crit tick) for a total of 36,000 damage. Freeze Ray ticked for 11 times (3800 average each non crit tick) for a total of 41,800 damage. Deep Freeze ticked for one time (20,000 non crit tick) for a total of 20,000 damage. Those were my results. One tick of Frost Blast was 23,000 for me and one cast of Avalanche were 5 ticks of 4000 for a total of 20,000 damage.

    Frost Blast being mobile now is great, thanks for that change. Weapon Buff cost being reduced is good too. Ice Elemental weapon combos though aren't as strong as before...must be because of the Brawling change? I just see regular weapon attack numbers. Snow Devil cooldown change to 12 seconds was nice too and the fact that you can have 2 out for a bit....means two DoT type ticks stacking in the background for that short time.

    A bit more feedback though.

    • Ice Boulder Strike has a relatively shorter cooldown than Frost Slam. It does more damage than Frost Slam and is ranged. Even Resonating Gale does 3 ticks of 3500 damage which is comparable to Frost Slam.
    • Why is there a long cooldown to Frost Slam? Is it because of the CC effect? It does decent damage yes, but I think this move should be on the more spammable side of things.
    • Bitter Winds does 13 ticks of 1300 damage with PI. Wintry Tempest does 12 ticks of 1500 damage. Yet Wintry Tempest costs more power? Is that intended?
    • One MAJOR concern that I keep running into and I keep talking about is Winter Ward's cooldown. If Reflection and Winter Ward have the same shield strength and the same duration of 6 seconds, why does Winter Ward have a longer cooldown (20 seconds) than Reflection (12 seconds)? Was it because it hasn't been updated from where it's at on Live (since it used to be a breakout)? There were moments in the raid where I didn't have a shield ready to use due to this gap...even with a third shield around.
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  14. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    For laughable banter, I actually got destroyed in KCT's first corridor. The group with me were probably dying from laughter. I jumped in in the big room of adds popped a pull and my shield and little did I know a millisecond later, my HP was at 0. My tank though was around the 166 level (so you can imagine the stats there). I was doing better with just Zod in the first room since I was just focusing on doing counters which helped a ton and I had solid healers to carry me through. But mid-way through the fight I DCed and I was having internet issues.

    That has been the only raid I have been able to run the past two days. But that was my experience with tanking in the new Stats Revamp. I hope to get a complete raid in by tomorrow hopefully.
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  15. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Isn't Ice still supposed to get the Defense buff?
  16. cease94 Active Player

    Bug report, Role: tank
    Character: Harambe
    Movement: super_speed

    getting out of the Ice Elemental disables Speed Force, u can no longer double jump or move faster till u relog.
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  17. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    What about the tests I did on auto cost of power based on CR? Even shown in the video above?
    No comment?
    Are not there any mistakes there?
    Since the cost of doing the powers is increasing exorbitantly according to your CR?o_O
  18. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    I've had the same experience with Acrobatics. Returning from Ice Elemental disables Zip Lines and Rocket Gliding.
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  19. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    This is something else I noticed! Our defense has become static!
    We no longer have defensive buffs when using our powers!
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  20. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    We get a Def buff automatically from Ice Armor though when using any Shield.
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