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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. TrueColors Well-Known Player

    I don't want to be forced to use Iconic powers, this is what that sounds like. To improve survivability you are pushing us to use iconic powers, which I have never been a fan of. I am sure response will be you don't have to use it, but then why suggest it? I have not had to use an iconic ability to play as my ice character since launch, why make it a suggestion now?

  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Unless there is something you can take to up shield strength. Like if HLS became an innate that boosted shield length and damage received.
  3. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Here's another video with alert footage with a bit of DPS and tank footage.

    I still have the concern and feeling that I feel weaker as a tank on test server than I do on Live.

    I don't have footage atm, but running a relatively simple instance like KCT....I couldn't tank all the adds in the first corridor nor in the second boss room as well as I could on Live. Even the shield caps on test server are significantly weaker according to the numbers that me and Penryn came up with. It's like the enemies stayed the same in incoming damage but we as players got weaker. Do you know if this is intended or can anything be worked make Ice tanks much more stronger? Like increasing the shield cap or healing-in or something?
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  4. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I am curious, the changes to pulls and long cooldowns is it because you feel we spam it too much and it trivialises the content?
  5. Dead Reckon Well-Known Player

    It is the same thing post over and over again. Ice Tanks are not able to survive on test as we do on live. This needs to be addressed. Because us Tanks are in short supply and if Ice gets broken, then there will be less tanks around. I know I will not switch powers. So please look at this.
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  6. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    I have not commented much about the tank because I've always been ground tank and now atomic. I'm getting used to the power. And I'm not sure how ice is at live! But what can I say that as a tank in general I am feeling very weak ...
    I have the feeling that I am a "stronger DPS ..."

    Another thing that still bothers me is the subject I addressed earlier on the excessive spending of power! Based on CR. Where even I posted a video! This has really bothered me a lot! I see no logic in this! The percentage of power expenditure is unbalanced! And if it is not corrected now, in the future it will arrive an hour that we will not be able to use a power without spending all the bar of power!
    And with that the game will break!o_O
  7. Tarif Committed Player

    You Devs need to be very very careful with some of the mechanic changes you make. I have supported this game since beta, and I am not amused right now, at some of the things Im reading for the changes you have planned. If you make changes that do not respect the wishes of your continued customers, you will lose many of us. I am in a 200+ member league, nearly all of us legendary members each month, and we spend alot of money in game on the market place for replays and additional gear, offers, and supplies. I havnt heard one positive thing lately from any older player in the past month as they have read the forums and played on test. You are being warned by players on many fronts in these forums...are you even paying attention??? You are about to lose ALOT of long standing players and customers if some of these changes change the gameplay too drastically. Im telling you with all honesty, some of us are on our last nerve. To me, the best thing you have announced of late, is removing the CR differential to make stats matter again. That is the only thing that borderlines a sense of fairness to people that have put in the work for their characters. No one I know, is going to wait a year or a year and a half again for you, while you keep promising to address and "FiX" more changes that you decide to make, and that we feel once again ruins the dynamic of the game we have helped to grow. Im not the only voice speaking out, but by all means, check my account, and see how much money I spend on this game. You should really be paying attention when your oldest supporters are laying things out like this on such a magnitude.
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  8. bmce84 Loyal Player

    I really don't see why they could feel that way unless they felt content was trivial to begin with. As a tank your job is to pull and hold adds, you shouldn't have to dps, give power or heal and if what you think is correct, then the issue isn't the tank but the content.
  9. bmce84 Loyal Player

    As I thought, the differential is still in place and with stats it makes everything worst. Game seems to have 2 different differentials now with CR being the first one but after you reach it then stats take over and messes everything up. Also beating content doesn't equal fun, DWF wasn't fun for most and we did it because we had no choice if we wanted the best gear, right now playing on test isn't fun at all with all the trouble we're having. You keep trying to make support roles into DPS and will eventually just end up killing the DPS role all together (raid video is an example of how bad the dps role is doing). You guys keep saying you're listening yet all your changes are still within your plans and don't reflect the general feeling that stats matters isn't working as it should and that statement is evidence that the system isn't since the differential is still in place, at this point I feel like we're back at the WM days eventually changing back into AM, and seems like what Avair said a month ago are just words now.

    I think you guys need to just take a moment and speak to us as a whole, tell us what the real goal is and what you really expect and stop making us jump through hoops, I don't want another WM situation where the system ended up being scrapped after just a couple of months in favor of AM.
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  10. Moja Developer

    Just to be clear and stop the spread of misinformation: CR Differential is GONE. CR is just a reflection of the item level of your equipped gear (and doesn't include other sources of stats such as mods and skill points). It's an estimate of your baseline strength, not a part of any in-game calculations. Think of it like your level.
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  11. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Then a question, how should I fare at CR 175 with VIII mods and 170 SP against an enemy like Pengbot as compared to Felix Faust?, because so far not a single update has been given about content difficulty other than what you said about adjusting CR suggested levels, but that doesn't change the fact that it feels like we just don't have enough power against enemies who are supposed to be weaker compared to your CR, and I use solo bosses because if we have issues against solo bosses we wont be able to proceed in the game.
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  12. Moja Developer

    We are reducing the health of Solo Bosses to help with this issue. Let us know how you fare after the change (it will be in a later build).
  13. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Is Hibernation supposed to heal my HP bar back to 100% in DPS role? I spec'd into No restoration or Dominance and My health was fully restored by this supercharge.

    Is This intended or not?
  14. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Be careful with that. If the bosses just fall over so fast that mechanics can be ignored, that takes all the fun out of it.
  15. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Ok I'll wait for that change then.
  16. bmce84 Loyal Player

    They are solo bosses, just how many mechanics do they need anyway.
  17. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Would you rather they just stand there and do nothing? Just because it is solo content doesn't mean they should be static loot pinatas.
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  18. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Feedback on damage of the abilities within ice:

    • Ice boulder strike is doing more damage then every other ability in ice. I compared Ice boulder's DPS output to the likes of: Snowball, Arctic gust, frost-snipe, and even Frost-blast.
    • Ice boulder strike rivals the damage output of Frost-blast, which is disappointing. Frost-blast has a big chance of getting interrupted and takes a while to cast; the damage it puts out even with might and power mods is not worth the risk.
    • It feels like I can't sustain my power with any Ability that deals additional damage outside of Arctic gust, and You get interrupted way too often for Arctic gust.
    • Snow-devil's damage output is weird and off at the same time. Bitter-winds is doing 1800 damage, Snow-Devil is only hitting for 400's. Snow devil is also weird because It's based off of Combat-rating(Orange Numbers) In the Era of Stats-matter Pets need to be scaled to might or another stat. One plus point for Snow-devil is that it does agro enemies, but at the sametime the description doesn't describe this so I don't know if this is intended.
    • There are 5 Powers within ice that inflict frostbite to enemies, the majority of them have a medium power cost rating. One of them should be changed to have a low power cost to be more effective for Solo and Duo Content.
    • There's only 5 powers that take advantage of frostbite, two none-interruptable abilities and 3 interruptable abilities. This can strike as a major problem in solo content, you'll be limited on loadouts if you like being relatively safe.
    • Overall: I can still complete Content like Seeing Shades with ice fairly well, but the damage feels off in a lot of areas. If I'm risking getting interrupted from Frost-blast and Arctic gust, I should see better numbers. Arctic gust is comparable to snow-ball's damage(Snowball is safe) Frost-blast is comparable to Ice boulderstrike(Ice boulderstrike is also safe)
  19. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Can you please explain how Pet Damage works now then ? I believe all we currently have access to is Snow Devil and the Mass Hysteria Illusions, but it would be nice to know for testing purposes.

    Is it based on our Might now ? Precision ? Some sort of combo ?

    Thanks in advance for your response.
  20. Moja Developer

    Are you referring to Ice Boulder Strike or Ice Boulder (thrown damage)?
    Ice Boulder Strike should be considerably lower than Frost Blast (less than half).
    Ice Boulder thrown damage will be much closer, because it accounts for the time it took to summon the boulder as well.

    Could you post your stats for that Snow Devil test? That seems off.

    Pets still derive their stats from your CR.
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