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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. spord Developer

    Please use this thread for feedback specific to Atomic powers.

    For general combat feedback (not specific to Atomic), please use this updated overview thread instead.

    For a power cost overview, go here.

    What else has changed beyond global balance changes:

    Quark-Gluon Aura
    • Now refreshes after 1 full Atomic Combo in DPS Role (like Tank Role)
    • Activation no longer deals damage or triggers a group breakout
    • Removed crit and might buff
    • Tank Role healing is now 1% of max Health
    Atomic Combos
    • Now deal more damage while the Quark-Gluon is active (as a power interaction)
    • No longer vulnerable to counters, do not counter attack, and cost a small amount of power to use
    • Tank Role healing is now 15% of max Dom
    Unleash Antimatter
    • Now a supercharge generating midrange AoE that sets up the Dazed power interaction
    Atom-Powered Assault
    • Now a precision buff and no longer procs damage
    Anti-Matter Bomb (was Subatomic Substitution)
    • New low cost ranged AoE that deals more damage to Dazed enemies
  2. Harlequin Devoted Player

    DO NOT LIKE. Being able to counter using the combos added a small skill cap to the power. Now we will have to break our combos to use our weapon instead.
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  3. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I think I'm with you on this one. Although I would love to NOT be countered when using combos (I just hate it lol) getting countered and countering took some skill and made the game more involved. Isn't that what the revamp is about? Balance and skill. But.... to make it fair to those who disagree with me then maybe make some combos able to counter/be countered.
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  4. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Removing the counter windows will make Atomic so much more usable for PvP. I know, I know too soon to be talking about that. Seriously though I never liked tray abilities being given the ability to counter. As someone who played all parts of the game, they have caused me so many headaches in the past.
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  5. Elite DamageX Well-Known Player

    Absolutely great on the counter
    When surrounded by adds there was no way to stop the counter while tanking........great news
    Do not like the thought of might an crit buff being removed.
    Are the combos going precision instead of might?
    If thats the case then I retract comment about might an crit buff and think the precision buff will work great with this.
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  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Reminder: these threads are specifically for testing feedback.
  7. spord Developer

    Is there a piece of content you can't get through with Atomic but can Ice on PC Test? And is it because of the combo healing?
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  8. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Just ran Iceberg as CR166 Atomic, full-on Might + all crits, combo loadout. I despise the loss of the ability to counter using combo powers. That change absolutely changes the combo play style for the worse and makes it completely unfun. Having to choose which combo starter to pop to counter enemies contributed to smart gameplay. Please reconsider this change.

    On a positive note, stuff absolutely melted with this spec. I did have power issues but I was half expecting that with zero SP spent in Power (as an experiment to see how much power combos ate up) and only two Might/Power VIII mods, no mainframe mods installed. Changing up the spec for more power will help alleviate that but I'm leaning towards not really liking combo presses costing power, either. Maybe heavily reduce or eliminate the power cost of combo presses if the aura is up?

    I did notice that Beta Surge's range was pretty short, far shorter than Nuclear Burst. Intended?
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  9. spord Developer

    Beta Surge is a midrange fatter cone and yes it is intended.
  10. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Bravo...I am now even more excited to test HL once the changes hit. Combos doing counters has needed to be changed for years.
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  11. eanur Well-Known Player

    Finally been waiting for this power to hit test its my mains power on test and I tank mainly so im going to mainly focus on the tanking side of it in this testing. Just want to get a few points/questions out the way before I start properly testing tomorrow:

    1) does the critical healing chance and magnitude skills in the skill point trees count towards out own healing our combo's do to ourselves?

    2) I cant remember what the skill is called but it seems we have lost our basic group breakout skill that also gave a small heal. I don't know why this happened but since this is the case can you look into the shield in this round of testing? I know on live it acts as a healer shield that breaks after 2 seconds and when it does break or ran out it would interrupt any animation you was in. This was annoying when you was in the middle of doing a combo and you get interrupted out of it and you lose your rhythm. Since we lost one tanking skill it would help if we can get this shield skill looked at.

    3) I mentioned early on in the original testing thread when the new ice came on test that their pull skill was slightly too late and people should be able to learn to use the pull at an earlier level when they first start tanking (roughly around level 10). On ice their pull is level 15 but I just notice atomic finally gets their pull at level 28 which is way too long to wait for your main pull. The funny thing is you guys have kept the uppercut skill which apart from it looks cool no one ever really used it and yet you got rid of a tank breakout skill and put the pull at level 28 and the uppercut at level 9
  12. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    is it okay if we report issues that are effecting PVP or is this something that should be reported at a later time?

    An example would be, Atomic in DPS role is healing for an unbalanced amount on Test at this time.
  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    PvP adjustments are not the focus right now, but it doesn't hurt anything to share thoughts like this. We'll get to them later on.
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  14. spord Developer

    1) No crit healing does not affect percentage heals
    2) There is still a group breakout (Neutrino Blast). In the stat revamp all shields are working the same, no healer shield vs tank shield, and lasts 6 seconds or until it takes the amount of damage to break it. The shields are no longer broken by some number of hits.
    3) The first Atomic pull is at level 13
  15. light FX Steadfast Player

    Im testing it now and after reading what is above and what im seeing on test all i can say is the combo powers will be OP compared to the other powers if it goes live like this. The power cost issue is so much better compared to mental/ice. I dont want to struggle with power. With mental and ice it was a big issue. With atomic specced for power and and gen mods for power and all of that its a huge difference compared to those other powers. Its way off. So i like that i wasnt struggling with power but all the powers should be like this as far as power usage and cost. Its very unbalanced compared to mental and ice.
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  16. BigAl Devoted Player

    Alright, so I understand what I am reading, the Geiger Mechanic is gone? And Subatomic Substitution is gone? I actually used that, but oh well.
  17. eanur Well-Known Player

    Ok that's frustrating but fair enough since you have mentioned its % based I understand. . Its kinda frustrating that as a tank you have to spend 20 skill points on non-tank specific buffs before you can unlock the tank stats further down.

    Managed to get on live and its the Unleash Anti-matter power that we have lost (I did not read update notes fully) which is not the chosen skill I would of loved to get changed to a damage power but oh well if the shield is now working better then on live this does make up for the -1 tank power. Any chance though at still looking at the shield interrupting our combo's when it runs out or breaks?
  18. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    Note: Everything I tested was in tank stance

    I really like the change to combos are now not vulnerable to counters. That's probably one of the best changes I've encountered. It's so much easier to counter bosses/adds.

    I did all of the Typhon solo's in tank stance. It didn't feel too long or too drawn out. I didn't use my HT trinkets as I didn't want to skew how the runs went.

    I will say, something probably not related to atomic specifically, but I was getting juggled like crazy, while in tank stance. It would be nice if we got some extra control resistance while in tank stance. The amount we get right now, doesn't seem like it's enough, or even working. It makes using combos, very difficult when more than 2 adds are around you.

    I did end up getting countered twice, while in Typhon's area. Once by a satyr and once by a gorgon. I was mid combo with Atom Splitter and got knocked over as if I was countered. I have no idea how to replicate it. It didn't happen in the duo I ran, or when testing different loadouts in the area.

    The loadout I ran, which is very close to what I used on live: Atomic Reorganization, Proton Remedy, Energize, Neutrino Blast, Atom Splitter, Thermochemical Explosion. I did try out some supercharges as well as take out Neutrino Blast, and add Unleash Anti-Matter. I didn't feel like either was worth it as none of the damaging supers I used, were worth having. They didn't do enough damage to keep on my bar. It almost felt like a waste. I removed UAM and replaced it with NB and put back Energize.

    I didn't feel too stressed on power. I would do a few combos, then switch to a weapon combo, and then go back to combo'ing. I didn't mind mixing in weapon attacks.

    Overall, it wasn't too bad. It was nice being able to do all of the solo's in tank stance and it not feel like a total drag. The real test will be in raids :)
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  19. Penryn Loyal Player

    Rokyn asked me to post damage cap shielding numbers for Density:

    His Stats:
    Health: 25111
    Defense: 22274
    Restoration: 8326
    Dominance: 6733

    Density: 8685 damage cap
  20. BigAl Devoted Player

    This power is good, and from the few minutes I tested it, has gotten better. But I tested only a little, and its still early in the process.
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