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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I second this. Reducing the power cost of combos would be great though, a lot of people like atomic and rage because you can choose to play with combos and other powers.
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  2. MrChiCity0884 Active Player

    Yes its nerf ed on live bcuz I use solo think gom with only 1 healer but now I'm getting killed easily... I lose my healing ability and I take helps damage I hope they ddn mess up when they put the power on test...I'm still hoping it was just a few bad healers but idk 179sp 200sp shld have healed me fine
  3. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Looking at the Power Abilities you get at the Levels I think Atomic Reorganization needs to be given before Level 10. It being a Tank Pull needs to be given at or before the Tank Role is given at level 10.
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  4. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    And incredible to see this discussion as among several problems one is basically unanimous in all comments:
    The self cost of powers!
    Are not they listening to the unanimous dislike of the players about this?o_O
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  5. The Anxient Loyal Player

    They do not care.
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  6. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    It seems they're bent on trying to keep these cooldowns and power costs. I already know for a fact it won't be welcomed with open arms when it reaches live server. Just a repeat of GU 36 and 47 (no I'm not saying the game will die). All they have to do is convert both those aspects into what we currently have on live server, and I think the revamp will be a huge success.

    But what I saw on test today disappointed me. It wasn't fun, it was straining and tedious trying to stay alive as atomic tank, waiting on cooldowns or having to swap to weapons to build power cause the trolls can only throw instant power dump every 3 seconds.
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  7. bmce84 Loyal Player

    People hate to see he word "nerf", I know I got some hate recently because of it, but if devs don't want to change their view of how powers should be which clearly isn't resonating with us, the end result will be content nerfed again because powers just aren't good enough to handle it as "intended".
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  8. light FX Steadfast Player

    At this point i am totally lost on what this revamp is supposed to be and what its supposed to accomplish.
    I love atomic dps and tanking on live atm. So much fun. Fluid and fast paced, except for the interruptions :p And how it plays on test is such a drastic change from live. I too am very disappointed. We keep telling them that slowing down the combat pace is not something any of us want but they seem intent on doing it. Not sure why.

    What i experienced with atomic on test simply wasnt fun at all. It was slow, tedious, and boring. I dont want to be critical but i just cant understand why its being changed to this. What is it accomplishing? Other then making me strongly dislike the combat and game play. I even tested dpsing w/out comboing and found i did way more dmg w/out using the combos. So why have the combos at all then? We need some of these questions answered. Cause atomic tanking went from super fun to extremely boring. All of this is becoming very frustrating because of what u mentioned above. Past updates and history repeating itself. I stayed through those other updates but know i wont be staying through this 1 if it ends up very similar. We need some clarity on the vision of this whole thing imo.

    People always wanna say no1 likes change. Imo this isnt what this is for me. I simply dislike what its been changed too. If i dislike the game play and combat and im not having fun then why am i playing? I know the final build is a long way off but for me whats on test atm needs some serious reworking.
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  9. spord Developer

    Yes this is intended. Combos from super powers are treated as super powers and not as weapon attacks.
  10. spord Developer

    Yes, thanks for the reports. I'll let the engineering team know as this is not something I can fix on my end.
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  11. Rokyn Dedicated Player


    After thinking about it a bit more and analyzing the data. Is the reason that I feel weaker as a tank is because of my stats (with level 175 gear) compared to something like Olympus (level 189)?

    But then when I go attack mobs of adds in New Genesis (from the NGN raid) (level 120), I cannot hold my own for more than 5 seconds. That applies to Atomic and Ice tanking as well. Let me know what you guys are willing to do or least figure out a compromise. For a long time veteran tank like myself, this version of tanking just feels significantly weaker.
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  12. Leet Active Player

  13. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    So, tanking a raid, vs solo/duo/alert instances, is not fun and wow. I feel like a dps with zero survivability.

    I had a very hard time tanking GoM. At 176, I didn't think I'd feel like a wet paper bag, but yeah, I felt like I was just off the ship trying to fight my way through this raid.

    The amount of times I was CC'd, was ridiculous. Idk why as a tank, I'm constantly knocked around. I had a hard time getting my combos off b/c I kept getting knocked out of them, by anything and EVERYTHING. I ran a breakout trinket and a group breakout. That wasn't enough.

    The whole pace of the raid felt incredibly slow only being able to take one set of adds at a time. I get things are changing but holy crap. Not only do they die slower, but you can barely survive tanking two sets of adds. Not even a whole hallway. JUST TWO SETS. It's a boring way to play, for me and it slows the whole pace of the raid down. I'd like the option if my raid group can handle it, to be able to to do that. It's disappointing not being able to b/c of how the mechanics are for each of the power sets, not b/c of my actual ability.

    The amount of self heals you get back is not enough. I didn't have much of a problem with power. What I had a problem with was surviving. Trying to live off of counters didn't work either, and that shouldn't be your main source of survivability. That doesn't even work when the trend seems to be making bosses not counterable. Blocking didn't work, and was pointless in most instances, unless I could actually get a counter off.

    I tried tanking both the harpy and minotaur on the second boss fight, and I got destroyed. Harpy is the hardest out of the 4, I figured taking two would be fine. I was wrong. I tried to survive off of counter both bosses, that didn't work. I didn't feel like a tank. I felt like a dps trying to tank. I didn't have a way to survive, at all. I would get knocked around, break out, get a counter, then die. Rinse, repeat. I can't imagine anyone would find that way of tanking to be fun.

    The CD on both the range AOE pull and single target taunt are still too long. There were some instance where I need to grab one set of adds, pulled, and couldn't pull again, due to the CD. I just got to watch an add take out a group member. I really wish they'd go back to how they are currently.

    Overall, I had zero fun. I don't like the changes to atomic, nor do I like being tossed around endlessly. It was like being stuck in the CC event for an hour. Never again.
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  14. Nemesir Well-Known Player

    Couple of points that needs some adjustments based on actual Tanking gameplay tests:

    - Self-Heals must be adjusted/increased to be able to Tank consistently.
    - CC strength/duration must be adjusted/increased to be able to avoid getting juggled and tossed around.
    - Cooldown on group pull/single taunt must be adjusted/decreased to be able to do Crowd Control effectively.

    Note: Just an inquiry out of curiosity, is there a new deal on Atomic's defense buff on Test Server right now?
  15. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    u get 170 free
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  16. krytine Loyal Player

    Yes it does but if we had a close range one while a second tank is tuanting we could use the upper cut to maintain that boss where he is
  17. krytine Loyal Player

    Anfew things i have noticed that could be a good imporvement.
    1. Raise the self heals from the 15% of your dom to 30
    2. Restore the 2% health from attacking from 1%
    3. Fractor make it a block break or juggle move to it ( kind of an old school street fighter thing is alland a single tuant to open up options for duel tanks
    4. Reduse proton remedy power cost by about 25% and its cool down should be about 8 seconds
    5.i am not seeing the stats boost to defense when i activate my aura but maybe i am just to slow to see them
  18. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    why does everyone keep thinking there's a defense buff from the aura. there was never one.
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  19. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    Tanking and healing are terrible with atomic and electric. Cooldowns and general ability weaknesses make support painful. Try again guys and gals. Please drop cooldowns and powercost on heals and pulls to a reasonable number. It cant be said enough so i will say again this simply isnt fun or enjoyable as is.
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  20. light FX Steadfast Player

    I rarely agree with ya :p but this^ is spot on. Couldnt be described better. I pretty much had the same experience.
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