Sorry, but we aren't looking for a solo healer

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  1. Moneybags118 New Player

    As a Troll, I HATE solo healing. I rarely complete A&B with a solo healer. 9 times out of 10 the only healer in the room gets one shotted by Hank and the whole group goes down. I cannot comprehend why people don;t understand the purpose of a second healer. It's like they're trying to fit a square block in a round hole and blaming the troll or the tank for the block's shape.

    Like what is this I don't even.
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  2. Statman New Player

    Maybe people just don't have faith in DPS players they don't know. I don't blame them for that really, there are some truly horrible ones out there that wouldn't be able to work in a 2-2-2-2 set up if they had to, let alone with 3 DPS for certain situations.

    That said, I also hate solo healing. I'd refuse it almost (maybe that's why I'm not a high level player, that and I don't really care about being one, lol).
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  3. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Solo healing is the way of the game. And its a sad state. The Rage power I feel is not helping at all.

    The way the game is going its becoming a quick run, rather than a team game.

    Many of us play to relax, to let go the facts that our kids our getting rubbish grades, to let go the facts our family our making our life hell, to let go that we have troubles in our life, we log in to have fun.

    However, we cannot do that anymore. What with the 3 trolls, 1 healer, 1 or no tanks, its all about finishing levels as quickly as we can then complain that these levels are too easy !

    GET A GRIP RUINERS ! Ruiners being the people who don't see these programs as games but chores. Not just this game EVERY GAME OUT THERE !

    You cannot enjoy any MP game anymore, as its simply not a game, its a chore.

    Every multiplayer game you are involved in nowadays is very rarely enjoyable, as it is no longer a game. Its a mission, a task, it becomes the very thing you are trying to escape when you log in.

    You are not answering to your missus, you are not answering to your kids, you find yourself answering to complete strangers, and yet, it all feels the same. Its a "yes dear" situation, but rather than give these strangers your hard earned money, you are giving the companies this money to gain the same kind of hassle you get at home !

    An answer exists, its called beer, and I will always invest in this marvel !
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  4. MattTheViolator New Player

    I had the exact same experience with EO last night. I shout for Dox and they bring me on. 30 seconds later another healer shows up and tells me to go DPS because he can solo heal. The raid lead says we are running 2 healers and dude straight quits because he wanted no part of it. We killed EO and everyone was still standing at the end. If the DPS can do their jobs then there is no reason not to have 2 healers
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  5. T20thoughts New Player

    People play for fun. Healing isn't terribly hard at the moment, and once you're overgeared you're either playing out of a sense of completionism or Just For Fun. And some just find solohealing to be more fun. So really, while I don't mind duo-healing, I don't blame those who only want to solo.
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  6. the solowing Steadfast Player

    speaking from personal experience 2 healing tends to get boring, when you have a safety net, solo healing requires you to be more aware, since you essentially the link that holds the chain togather. Im not going to lie, ive done that exact same thing when i offer to solo heal, and they invite another healer anyway, solo healing is our preference if you prefer 2 healers that's fine but dont complain about us leaving for wanting to solo heal it
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  7. the solowing Steadfast Player

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  8. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    To each their own. I prefer to heal with a buddy so I don't PUG often and when I do, it's with the knowledge that they may want me to solo it. And that's fine, but if they start referring to me as "healer" instead of by name, the Ting Tings play in my head and I let them know, that's not my name. Lol but, that's just my own hubris problems. ^.^
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  9. Zeikial Committed Player

    I solo heal alerts
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  10. Vodka Committed Player

    Hehe, I'd love to see healers scoreboard chasing more than DPS. "Look at my heal out! Look at it!"

    Heck, I don't mind more healers. Less work for me running around trying to find the people who stray too far from my range.
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  11. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    I'll take another healer over a 4th Dps or 3rd troll any day. Nothing requires that much of any role IMO.
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  12. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    I love this post !!
  13. HardlineHero Committed Player

    One of the reasons a lot of airplanes don't go down is because of redundant systems. Backup plans like having two healers in a group is a good thing.
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  14. Jeazy Baby Dedicated Player

    Personally I like armories :). When I am running on my nature dps we always have a solo healer with is. If the healer goes down, or is locked out of the fight, or is jailed, or crashes, or has to poop. In the press of a button, POOOFF, im a healer with 5100+ resto here to save the day. :)
  15. Peacemakaz Committed Player

    Well, from your point of view, it may be "why shouldn't you run two healers..." but for people who like to beat raids quicker, and from a healing point of view, it may not always be the best option.

    Running with two healers, from a healing point of view, can make the raid pretty dull. On my Sorcery healer, with over 5k resto, my heals over time can keep a group alive for the majority of the raids, meaning if there were 2 healers with heals over time going...You would barely be doing anything.

    From a dps point of view who wants the burn to always be as high as possible, since people are already beating raids with no healer, what would be the benefit of running two? When running an extra dps can shave off a significant amount of time from the raid.

    Maybe if the raids required two healers, but the game doesn't because the community overwhelmingly wants easy content. Two healers to me is kind of like two tanks. On one hand "why not", but on the other hand, what reason could there possibly be to, when one can get the job done just as well.
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  16. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I hate solo healing myself, every time new gear comes out, it shows me why. I watch how people play in lower content and I knew if we weren't over geared, we would of failed. They play the same way in top end content. For me the pressure isn't worth it.
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  17. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    its because as a healer now most groups you pug with dont even ask you they just assume you want to solo heal the content and build acordingly. its a community problem and is only getting worse. most t5 content i perfer another healer just as a safty net but most people now days think its unneeded I agree you dont have to have two but it sure is alot less work
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  18. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    I'm pretty sure the devs are the only ones "playing as intended". Raids weren't MEANT to be done in 20 mins. In other MMO/RPG's dungeons can take hours, if it's your first time there, maybe an all nighter. The community has driven this game into a sinkhole. I'm sure the devs never accounted for the old table top "min-max'ers" who run glass cannons, & think everything needs to be done in 15 min. I applaud the slightly slower gameplay, that involves tactics communication & true teamwork. Also in many groups, hardships buld unit integrity. That's why league runs are a different creature. Also , do the support roles "throw in" for damage? Standing around not attacking anything, you're just as responsible for "lack of burn" as the DPS. I can heal, AND attack, moreso if there's another healer on the team. The devs have granted healers an INSANE amount of restoration in T5, & I for one think it was meant to encourage build, & playstyle exploration, not to turn players into healspam machines. & with this latest combat change I'm not sure it's going to get any better.
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  19. Dazuzi New Player

    The amount of topics like this one is staggering, and the way they're worded makes them look like really bad propaganda. If there's really this many people who want to do 2-2-2-2 setups or whatever, why is there so many topics whining about people not doing them? Are you trying to force everyone to do raids the way you want?

    If you want X kind of group; find like-minded people and do your raids. While you're doing that, remember that there's people who prefer different kind of setups, more optimized setups.

    And while we're on the subject: why would you take two healers, when there's barely need for one? Why not some other random number of healers? How about three healers? Four?
  20. thirty six Loyal Player

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen a healer leave the group once another healer gets invited. Freakin' divas
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